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U of U Anesthesia elective MS3 primer - Troy Beck

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Cards I made directly from the "anesthesia primer I was given to read at the beginning of my anesthesia clerkship in October 2018. They aren't perfect, but it covers most of the bare bone basics of anesthesia.

Sample (from 80 notes)

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Text EtomidatePros: {{c1::Least myocardial effect of the IV anesthetics}}Cons: {{c1::Pain on injections, adrenal suppression, myoclonus, nausea/vomiting}}
Text Esters are metabolized by {{c2::plasma esterases}} with one of the metabolites being {{c1::PABA}} which causes allergic reactions
Extra Patients with “ allergy to Novacaine” usually do well with amides for this reasonAll esters have only one “i” in name (procaine, tetracaine, novacaine)PABA is paramino benzoic acid. An ingredient in sunscreens
Text A useful indicator of anesthetic induction is the loss of the {{c1::Lash reflex}} 
Extra elicited by gently brushing the eyelashes and looking for eyelid motion

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