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NTC's Dictionary of Everyday American English Expressions

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Source: NTC's Dictionary of Everyday American English Expressions by Richard Spears MY OTHER ANKI DECKS This is a sample deck. For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id 01.07.036
Expression What are you talking about?You don’t know what you’re talking about.You don’t have a leg to stand on.You haven’t got a leg to stand on.You don’t know the first thing about it.You’re really stretching the truth.You’re way off base.You can lay that notion to rest.
Situation 36 Stating that someone is wrong
Topic Disagreeing
Id 01.06.029
Expression Do you know what I mean?Do you know what I’m talking about?Know what I mean?Does that make any sense?Am I making sense?Are you following me?Know what I’m saying?You know?Do you see what I mean?See what I mean?Don’t you see?Do you get the message?Do you get the picture?Get the message?Get the picture?Get my drift?Do you get it?Get it?Do you follow?Do you follow me?Dig? (slang)= Do you understand?Understand?Do you understand?Do you hear what I’m saying?Do you hear me?Do you see where I’m coming from?where I’m coming from = what my position isDo you agree?You’re with me, right?Are you with me on this?Do we see eye to eye on this?
Situation 29 Making sure you are understood
Topic Agreeing
Id 10.01.383
Expression Where will I find the ketchup?Do you carry diet root beer?What aisle is the canned salmon in?In what aisle is the frozen food?Can you tell me where I can find chocolate milk?Where is the chocolate milk?
Situation 383 Locating things in a supermarket
Topic Supermarkets

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