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Think Python Vocabulary

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Flashcards to accompany Downey's open source book, Think Python. Covers the vocabulary used in the book.

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Front A graphical representation of a set of variables and the values they refer to.
Back State Diagram
Front Something a variable can refer to. For now, you can use ____ and "value" interchangeably.
Back Object
Front A diagram that shows the classes in a program and the relationships between them.
Back Class Diagram

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on 1673993069
Helpful deck for learning python coding language along with book Think Python
on 1664133965
on 1636781894
Extensive coverage of the main points
on 1621797214
Many of the cards are fine but many have circular definitions or weird/narrow wording
on 1550768403
Wide range of python terms.
on 1539766647
Great deck.
on 1535897899
Good questions resembling the ones from the book.
on 1430870400
on 1406160000