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Kate Roberts, Te yn y Grug (1959), Gofid (Cymraeg, Welsh)

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This deck contains the Welsh text of Kate Roberts’s short story Gofid from Te yn y Grug (1959), along with an English translation by Joseph P. Clancy (The World of Kate Roberts, 1991) and audio files for the Welsh text, read by Merfyn Pierce Jones (Sain CD, 2004). Each of these (Welsh text, English text, Welsh audio) serves as a front side for cards. The text was divided so that each cards is short enough. This means dividing sentences into more than one card. I tried to find the best compromise between usability and keeping the syntax intact. This deck was created by Júda Ronén.

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Cymraeg Wrth godi’r bore hwnnw, edrychasai Begw ymlaen at ddiwrnod-gwahanol-i-arfer, …
Saesneg On getting up that morning, Begw had been looking forward to a different-from-usual-day, …
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid
Cymraeg … a wincio arni oddi ar y stôl haearn, fod wedi — .
Saesneg … and winked at her from the iron stool, to be—.
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid
Cymraeg … a’i llygaid bron â mynd ar ôl y dagrau.
Saesneg … and her eyes were almost following the tears.
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid

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Well organised and a rare find. Learning Welsh is easier with translated texts, but Cymraeg isn't popular, so i'm grateful I managed to discover this!
Comment from author
Thanks, it makes me happy to hear that you find it useful :-)