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Auto Markdown

0.85MB. Updated 2019-06-18. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This add-on was developed to bring the Markdown functionality provided by Power Format Pack to Anki 2.1. It is not a port of Power Format Pack, nor is it backwards compatible with fields generated by Power Format Pack. Note: a lot of the other functionality provided by Power Format Pack is available between Mini Format Pack, Add Table, and, Add Hyperlink. See github.com to contribute. There are two ways to use this add-on: automatic mode and manual mode. Editing of the generated HTML is prevented in both cases. Automatic mode To indicate that a field should be automatically converted to and from HTML when losing and gaining focus, go to Tools -> Manage Note Types -> Fields for the note type in question and click the checkbox: Automatic mode demo: Manual mode In this mode, you toggle between Markdown and HTML using the button or its shortcut. The shortcut defaults to Ctrl + M and can be changed in the configuration. Manual mode demo: HISTORY


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1592212995
First of all good job to the creator, it seems to work well. I however won't be using it because it adds lots of blank lines between blocks. E.g. If you have some text then a list, instead of about half a line gap between blocks, there is a full line gap. Makes questions very spaced out. I decided not to use it after trying it out, I rather put in the effort to manually tweak the HTML. Really wanted to like it as I love markdown and use it alot. Was hoping I could just style away these problems, but with a beauty like this added to your question: <p data-original-markdown="YE5hbWVgICoqdGhlKiogZm9sbG93aW5nOjxkaXY+Jm5ic3A7ICZuYnNwOyZuYnNwOzwvZGl2PjxkaXY+MTIzNDEzNDMxMjQzNDxicj48L2Rpdj48ZGl2PnZzPGJyPjwvZGl2PjxkaXY+Jm5ic3A7ICZuYnNwOzwvZGl2PjxkaXY+Jm5ic3A7Zm9vID0gYXNkZiBzZGthZmxrZHNhZjxicj48L2Rpdj48ZGl2Pjxicj48ZGl2PjxkaXY+MS4gTW9vIENvd3M8L2Rpdj48ZGl2PjIuIFllcyBQbGVhc2U8L2Rpdj48L2Rpdj48L2Rpdj48ZGl2Pjxicj48L2Rpdj4="> It looks like to me something unique is being encoded into each question. Instead of making your deck leaner, you making it more verbose and take up more size, and more messy behind the scenes. I was expecting a container like <div class="auto-markdown">, then again I dont know the implementation details, and I am sure the plug developer has good reasons why he had to go that route. Cheers! PS sorry for thumbs down, I dont want to mark it as bad, just not suitable for me.
on 1592124838
works great and the auto focus is a nice touch to preview quickly
on 1592061957
Thank you for this add on; unfortunately, there is no table support as far as I can tell. In another comment you reference the Add Table add on, but this is a one time thing that doesn't allow dynamic editing of the markdown.
on 1591975941
on 1591793671
Thank you for creating this add-on. It helps so much when creating card and notes.
on 1590586879
This makes Anki feel 10x more modern. No more typing raw html! Thanks so much.
on 1590325031
great, the auto convert is nice for markdown user
on 1589539493
No highlight for python and cpp
on 1588475049
Works for me.
on 1588116744
I've wanted this for so long!
on 1587299018
code snippets look better in night mode during reviews when I add this to the styling

.nightMode .codehilite {
background-color: #2f2f31 !important;

.nightMode .linenodiv {
background-color: #2f2f31 !important;
on 1584466639
Nice and good to use.
Is it able to work with cloze in code block and images?
Because not always but sometimes it makes cloze as text not cloze.
And Images doesn't convert either.
on 1583312130
Makes formatting much faster without having to rely on the mouse! Works well with MathJax if you escape everything twice, but still has issues with uploading images.
on 1582885147
Great add-on for rapidly adding pre-formatted cards.

Few issues are:
- not supporting CSS classes for pygments-formatted code, which mess with night mode;
- poor tables support.
on 1582265223
Really helpful tool! I could copy my Markdown Note to Anki without any further actions.
on 1582137108
Great and easy-to-use addon! Only problem is that when toggling on the Markdown, it makes my pasted images disappear
on 1579363607
I think this is a really great idea! 👌
on 1578300258
Speeds up card-creation a lot and trains markdown syntax at the same time! Many thanks!!
on 1577741013
Super useful! Thank you!
on 1577325813
i not sure if it support latex equation. if it have this function. please tell my how to write latex euqation
on 1577177164
on 1576836459
Really want to like this but it appears their is no support for tables. Have tried markdown table syntax, the Power Format pack syntax and html table syntax. Markdown / Power Format syntax don't work at all and it appears the HTML table syntax is overwritten completely by this plugin so their is no support at all :(
Comment from author
Thanks for bring this to my attention! That's my fault for omitting the table extension. I'll update the add-on asap.
on 1576754331
Thank you, Really great.
on 1573301562
excellent!but,some style like “paraiso-light” doesn't work well,it can't bold code,otherwise,can you add "solarized-dark/light" style?
on 1572529825
Effective, easy to use, and highly recommended!
on 1571316246
It's a bit unfortunate that the default manual shortcut (ctrl+M) is also used for mathjax inlining, but it's changeable, and it works fine.
on 1571104944
Working nicely for me so far on Linux (Kubuntu 18.04). (For those who might be wondering, you just have to add an extra escape character to your MathJax delimiters before triggering Markdown rendering for the MathJax to coexist with the Markdown on the same card -- i.e. use \\( and \\) as your raw-text delimiters rather than \( and \). And if you're using Cloze cards, be sure that you add the clozure on the Markdown-formatted text (sp?) *after* the Markdown has been rendered, not before.)
on 1570945353
Please update for night mode and macOS Catalina.
on 1567641862
Completely useless.
I lost my time.
Comment from author
Hey, it would be great if you could be more constructive with your feedback. You didn't find it useful or a bug prevented you from using it? Cheers
on 1561388845
Great way to use Markdown in Anki app.
on 1560157720
possible to trigger the auto markdown to all the fields?
Comment from author
Hey, can you expand on this a little? Do you mean that you would like an option for all fields to be auto markdown by default? If possible, it would be great if you could raise it as an issue on GitHub.
on 1560105257
Can't use Anki without this addon. Make life a tad easier
on 1558820023
It works as intended
on 1557357907
Very useful, exactly what I was searching for
on 1556865405
It's a good replacement for the old Power Tools plugin.
on 1556622935
Works well, thanks.
on 1555473484
Thank you very much for this addon. Great support.
on 1552719913
Very useful