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Maanee Books 1-2 (ป.1) ALL Vocabulary

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This deck was created to be used as a study aid for the first 2 books (year 1) of popular Maanee series and contains the complete vocabulary list. The Thai audio used is taken from "Learn Thai with Maanii Books" which can be found here: http://ressources.learn2speakthai.net/ Cards include vocabulary, vocabulary definitions, sentences using vocabulary for context, sentence translations and Thai audio for each sentence. Though not provided with this deck, phonetic transcription and slow speed audio is also available from the learn2speakthai.net website. Enjoy!

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Front one
Back หนึ่งมี เด็ก หนึ่ง คน   ซน จะ ขี่ ม้า One naughty child wanting to ride it.
Tags 22 ป.1
Front colour ; color
Back สีปูนา มี สี ดำ The crab is black.
Tags 06 ป.1
Front papaya
Back มะละกอมะละกอ และ มะพร้าว papayas, and coconuts.
Tags 26 ป.1

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