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Slow German Podcasts

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The sub-decks in this deck are all derived from episodes of Slow German podcasts by Annik Rubens (slowgerman.com), who has kindly given me permission to share this deck. On the fronts of the cards are my English translations of Ms. Rubens' German. On the backs are Ms. Rubens' corresponding German. I study German with this deck by listening to the episodes over and over again and then using this deck to reinforce my grasp of what I hear in the podcasts. By listening to the podcasts I gain skill at understanding spoken German. By translating from English back to German with the deck I learn to produce the German. It is much more interesting than trying to learn from a list of words, even if they have sentences with them. Ms. Rubens tells an interesting story in each podcast and learning from this content is very engaging. Be forewarned, the English is sometimes quite awkward. In using the deck I have found it helpful to try to align the English with the German at times as closely as possible, in literal meaning and word order. Otherwise, with a more natural translation, it can be too difficult to derive the original German. The backs of some of the cards also have a "Hints" fields with content. In here I have put notes about the German in the sentence that I have found helpful.

Sample (from 549 notes)

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Ordering 145
Front There were no free, democratic elections.
Back Es gab keine freien, demokratischen Wahlen.
Ordering 165
Front He criticized slavery.
Back Er kritisierte die Sklaverei.
Ordering 55
Front that were produced in the year before the Berlinale.
Back die im Jahr vor der Berlinale produziert wurden

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