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This add-on used to be named Browser Search Box: Quick Insert Tag, Deck, Notetype. Check out these TheAnKing Videos: Anki: Better Searching Tools and Anki: How to Find Cards and Tags in the Browser . This add-on offers multiple search-related enhancements. 1. additional filter dialogs With this add-on when you type "tag:", "deck:", "note:", or "card:", etc. into the browser search bar a dialog opens that allows you to filter and insert a matching tag, deck, notetype, cardtype, etc. into the search bar. See the gif above. 2. extra dialog to narrow your search by date added/rated/edited There's also a custom dialog to make it easier to narrow your searches by date. In Anki you can limit your search by "date added" and "date rated" and since 2.1.28 by "date edited" and since 2.1.45 by "date introduced [=first learned]". But you can only search relative to today's date, e.g. to find cards rated on or after yesterday you would type in "rated:2". This gets less useful if you e.g. want so search for notes added during the first week of the semester which was from April, 15th to April, 19th ... For these cases this add-on offers a dialog where you can select absolute dates (like April, 15th) and the add-on will transform them so that Anki understands them. For older Anki versions (2.1.40 from 2021-02 or older) you could also adjust the position in the of the search bar in the browser and which buttons were shown around it. Anki 2.1.41 removed all buttons around the searchbar so my functionality is not really needed anymore. # other add-ons The add-on Extended Tag Add/Edit Dialog lets you use filter dialogs (as shown in the first screencast on top of this page) to insert tags into a note in the editor (in the Add Window, at the bottom of the Browser or in the Edit Current window). # Details For a full description read the info text on the right side of the add-on config dialog inside Anki. You can also view this config​.md file here. The config may contain settings that are no longer relevant on more recent Anki versions. The default shortcut to open the multi-line dialog is "Ctrl+t, s". You press "Ctrl+t", then release both keys and then press "s". On MacOS instead of "Ctrl+t" you use "Cmd+t". My mnemonic is "to search". BetterSearch also adds some special filter dialogs: - If you type in "all:" or "xx" a dialog opens that contains tags and decknames in one selection dialog. This might might be useful if you have many tags and many subdecks. This is inspired by the search on ankimobile. - if you type in "cfn:" a dialog opens where you can select a card of a certain note type so that you'll e.g. get ("card:Card 2" and "note:Basic (optional reversed card)"). "cfn" stands for "card from note". - there's a similar "ffn" (field from note) dialog. There are also shortcuts that open the filter dialogs directly (that you can adjust in the config), e.g. "Ctrl+H, T" opens the tag filer dialog in the browser even if the focus is not in the search box. By default a filter dialog that was opened by a shortcut runs the search. You can adjust this in the config and temporarily override this by pressing shift when you close the filter dialog. In the dialog you can go down with the down arrow or Ctrl+N and go up with the up arrow or Ctrl+H or Ctrl+P. This addon also works in the "Create Filtered Decks" window. # acknowledgements TheAnKing has helped with testing, ideas, and a fix for MacOS. The new name of this add-on was inspired by glutanimate's great add-on BetterTags. # bugs, feedback Use this version at your own risk. Please do not use reviews for bug reports or support requests. Properly troubleshooting an issue through reviews is nearly impossible because formatting is limited and I can't reply multiple times. If you find a bug let me know in the official anki support forum or on github. # Versions - 2023-03-20 2.1.50 or later: add filter dialog for flag colors - 2022-01-26 different menuView detection for better compatibility with other add-ons - 2021-12-05 fixes for Anki 2.1.50 (qt6) - 2021-11-22/2021-12-03 same newer add-on version for more (and older) anki versions. - 2021-08-05 2.1.45+: date dialog for introduced: and updated bundled section from the search manual, ... - 2021-07-10 fix for 2.1.45 - 2021-05-19 adjust for fastbar compatibility - 2021-05-18 first (experimental version) for 2.1.45+. Older versions of this add-on are not modified.. - 2021-02-13 update for 2.1.41. Some features were removed because they depended on features in Anki that were removed from Anki 2.1.41 (e.g. the filter button), some code reorganization - 2020-10-25: note-field/note-card options: fix ValueError, use parentheses and quotes less often, move cursor back for note-field between ** - 2020-09-13: fix for KeyError (github issue 14) - 2020-07-29: improve config.md - 2020-07-28: upload the version from 2020-07-25 for 2.1.26+ for Anki versions 2.1.22-25 which is the first release of the "major update" from 2020-07-23 for these anki versions - 2020-07-25 change default settings (and don't modify the search bar position in the browser), add a missing tooltip and shortcut - 2020-07-23 major update with a multi-line dialog, search terms are detected not only at the end of lines, new terms like field:, is:, prop:, option to move search bar down in the browser, ... - 2020-06-27 option for "ignore upper and lower case (case insensitive search)" (default is off), compatibility with Browser: search string to multi-line dialog - 2020-04-27 bugfix - 2020-04-19 added "cfn:" dialog (and cards dialog now only shows card names), added extra button to only insert current text, don't add * when it's not allowed in Anki 2.1.22, etc. - 2020-04-08 in the filter dialog if the search string exactly matches a list entry always put it first - 2020-04-07 include "tag:none", "deck:filtered"; add "*" when triggered by shortcuts from the browser, improve fuzzypanel - 2020-04-06 filter dialog also works in the "Create Filtered Decks" window (only for Anki 2.1.22 or later) - 2020-03-24 better positioning for filter dialog, remove night-mode specific code (only for Anki 2.1.22 or later) - 2020-01-22 another night mode fix - 2020-01-18 fix for exclude (#3); if dialog was opened with a shortcut: if Alt was pressed when closing the dialog prepend "-", night mode warning - 2020-01-12 by default add '*' to inserted tags, adjustable in the config. Don't add '*' if ctrl was pressed when closing the dialog. - 2020-01-12 direct shortcuts, night mode compatibility, remembers dialog size - 2020-01-11 initial release


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1677264754
on 1663086766
nice~ your solution is right for me!
on 1659669904
on 1647955071
Works great!
on 1641511428
on 1641263192
Amazing add-on!Thank you so much.
on 1633806494
I really miss the "filter" button which is not supported on newer anki versions... great addon, though, thank you!
on 1631029658
on 1628181525
Thanks for update! Just must have :3
on 1625772355
Searching through the large MCAT pre-made decks is now made very easy!
on 1625742298
Great!!! 😋

Typing tags and deck names and whatever by hand is no fun, let me tell you that!
on 1623280878
It's a very useful addition, thank you
can I limit the search to 2 fields? like Text and Extra, I know how to search in one field but I don't know how to search in 2 fields
Comment from author

Text:*searchterm* OR Extra:*Searchterm*

(Text:*searchterm* OR Extra:*searchterm*) rated:10
on 1621512653
i use this add-on like every minute .. so i really appreciate the update
on 1619900509
Very useful. Thank you very much.
on 1619390811
Not supported in most recent version of Anki (2.1.43)

EDIT: now supported
on 1617283019
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1616441638
on 1611905320
Thanks for continuous improvement!

edit: I'm amazed by how good it has become! It makes Anki so much better. I love the extended Search Dialog.

edit: It has gotten even more features since I upgraded Anki from 2.1.22 to 2.1.35. I appreciate your work.
on 1611051064
Does what it is supposed to do
on 1610902768
This add-on is absolutely awesome, thanks you really !
on 1608749662
I love the usability of this add on! Thank you.
on 1599097845
Works as expected. I do not know if it is possible, but it would be nice to make the popup window unobtrusive, so I could ignore it and just continue typing (like in a combo box)
on 1596379572
Great add on!
on 1595939982
one of the "must have" if study or do contents review in the browser. I wish i could double upvote this for making it available in older 2.1.22-2.125 version. Very understanding of the author
on 1595579625
best developer
on 1595065176
Amazing addon. I would love to see a feature which allows you to select multiple tags at once (maybe add a checklist next to the tags?).
Comment from author
Thanks. A checkbox next to each line sounds useful. I've added it to the todo list. But the add-on was never designed for this so this would require many changes. This is not a quick fix.
on 1592030681
There goes I, doofus that I am. All is well :)
on 1591756338
This seems very nice! Is there a way to tweak the code so that the addon activates only on certain conditions, e.g. only if I prepend the search with a "#" ?
EDIT: yes, that is a nice solution! thank you
EDIT2: really good addon! I use this all the time
Comment from author before post was edited
> Is there a way to tweak the code so that the addon activates only on certain conditions, e.g. only if I prepend the search with a "#" ?

No, not at the moment. The add-on was not designed for this so this would require multiple changes and some testing.

If you only need this add-on in the browser: You could disable the dialog for typed searches and when you want the dialog use shortcuts?
on 1590684491
Very useful! Makes finding relevant cards in the anking deck much quicker and easier.
on 1586471076
Update (2020-04-09): Everything now works perfectly on my MacBook. I use the addon countless times per day. Thank you for continuing to improve on it.


Update (2020-03-06) – two further notes for people on macOS:

* In my case, the panel was always in Nightmode, which I never use. Should that happen to you, too, then open the file `fuzzy_panel.py` and comment out or delete lines 115 to 174.

* Shortcuts such as `Ctrl+H, C` evidently do not work on macOS, so replace them with (e.g.) `Ctrl+5, C` (i.e. `⌘5, C`).

Again, many thanks.


Excellent. Very many thanks for this (and for all your other addons).

The panel’s size occupied too much space on my MacBook, so I replaced line 101 of `fuzzy_panel.py`by the following two lines:

Comment from author before post was edited
Thanks for the upvote and hint about MacOS shortcuts.

The latest version should work better with Anki's built-in night-mode. The code for setMinimumWidth was removed - instead the add-on now remembers your last window dimensions.

Could you update your review?
on 1585497287
on 1582971089
Makes the browser much handier to use. Thanks!
on 1580022734
UPDATE: Thank you for your reply!!! I have updated Anki and have downloaded the updated Add-on. The black/gray rows are still there, but at least I am able to see the text now! I'll download Anki 2.1.20 whenever it is released.

Now, on to the review! Thank you so much for making this add-on - when doing anki, any add-on that can save you a few minutes/seconds is absolutely worth it. This add-on allows me to search for tags within SECONDS and selectively unsuspend/suspend cards as I need.


Forgive me, I am having difficulty figuring out how to ask a question/report the problem on the forum. I will change my rating whenever I am able to get a response!

1) For some reason the dialog box that comes up whenever I input "tag:" or use the CTRL+H shortcut, is black/dark gray and virtually unreadable. I have the nightmode addon and have disabled the following:

-addon dialog
-browser package
-reviewer cards
-enable in dialogs.

My browser window is in normal colors, yet it is just the dialog box that pops up when I use this add-on that is black/dark gray. Furthermore, the text that I type in is black so I have no idea what I am typing.
Comment from author before post was edited
try the latest version or wait for 2.1.20 which has a good built-in night mode that also works with my add-on.
on 1578855591
Wonderful addon to quickly locate notes via a bevy of filters
on 1578835789
Amazing work, thanks!
on 1578763701
Love it! So helpful!