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5000 German words sorted by frequency

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I got this deck from Anki but I can't find it anymore. There are some corrections and improvements, but it's basically the original. I also improved the HTML

Sample (from 3708 notes)

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GermanEntry langfristig
GermanSampleSentence Die Regierung muss langfristige Entscheidungen treffen.
Rank 1936
EnglishMeaning long-term
RoughEnglishSentence The government has to make long-term decisions.
GermanEntry gültig
GermanSampleSentence Der Fahrschein ist eine Stunde lang gültig.
Rank 3092
EnglishMeaning valid
RoughEnglishSentence The ticket is valid for one hour.
GermanEntry auswirken (sich) (auf etwakk)
GermanSampleSentence Sonnenschein wirkt sich positiv auf die Stimmung aus.
Rank 2502
EnglishMeaning to have an effect
RoughEnglishSentence Sunshine has a positive effect on the mood.

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This helped me a lot! TYVM!!!