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toki pona ku (e nimi ilo)

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This is a master list of all the unique words in the toki pona language that includes new words from ku (The Toki Pona Dictionary) and a few helpful combination words compiled from the dictionary section in pu (Toki Pona: The Language of Good) merged with 2 other dictionaries I found online. For reference, here are the other dictionaries I merged with pu: I also pulled a couple definitions from jan Misali's video on ku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3p4-GFXrkM Note that the list and deck do not include country names and other proper nouns that had examples given in pu and ku, only the distinct toki pona words.

Sample (from 147 notes)

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Front lete
Back adjective: cold, cool, uncooked, rawnoun: coldverb: cool, chill
Front tenpo sike
Back noun: year
Front suno
Back noun: sun, light, brightness, radiance, light sourceadjective: solar, bright, radiantverb: light, shine, glow

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on 1675421715
pona pona pona to toki pona gode :OO
on 1642195797
Awesome compilation of many words and word combinations