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APA's Planning History Timeline for AICP

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The American Planning Association's Planning History Timeline taken from https://www.planning.org/timeline/. This deck uses cloze deletion and is a big help for the American Institute of Certified Planners Exam. Permission was granted from APA to share this resource.

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Text {{c1::Moses}} Comes to Power {{c3::1924}}{{c1::Robert Moses}} was named chairman of the New York State Council of Parks. This, along with positions as commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks, commissioner of the New York City Planning Commission, and chairman of the New York State Power Authority, among many others, made {{c1::Moses}} one of the most influential and powerful people in urban development. {{c1::Moses}} has been praised for greatly increasing the amount of {{c4::parkland}} in New York City and helping revive the region after the Great Depression. He also has been criticized for being an {{c2::autocrat}} and encouraging {{c2::racial segregation}} with his developments.
Extra Robert Moses with Battery Bridge model.
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Text {{c1::Euclid v. Ambler}} Tackles {{c3::Zoning }} {{c2::1926}}In the case of {{c1::Village of Euclid, Ohio, v. Ambler Realty Co}}., the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the {{c1::village of Euclid}} did not infringe on the rights of {{c1::Ambler Realty}} by establishing its {{c3::zoning ordinance}}. The ruling more broadly affirmed the constituationality of {{c3::zoning}} and led to the growth of {{c3::zoning ordinances}} across the United States.
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Text {{c1::HOLC's Redlining Maps}} {{c2::1935}}The Federal Home Loan Bank Board commissioned the {{c1::Home Owners' Loan Corporation}} to appraise real estate risk levels in 239 cities. The {{c1::HOLC}}'s security maps consistently graded African American neighborhoods as "hazardous." These maps, along with similar resources developed by private firms, institutionalized the already existant practice of "{{c1::redlining}}," or refusing to give mortgage loans in areas where mostly African Americans lived.
Extra 1938 Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC) “Residential Security” map of Atlanta, with areas of the city color-coded by risk level.
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