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39 Sounds of Spanish IPA Flash Deck

5.88MB. 39 audio & 37 images. Updated 2018-12-04.
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Use this deck to study and learn the IPA for the sounds of Spanish speech. This deck will be continually updated.

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What sound does this symbol represent? /o̞u/
Phonetic Name Back Moving Vowelboucougar
Notes & Examples
What sound does this symbol represent? /w/
Phonetic Name Voiced Labio-Velar Approximantfuecuotalengua
Notes & Examples
What sound does this symbol represent? /p/
Phonetic Name Voiceless Bilabial Stoppapapiñasopa
Notes & Examples

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on 1598189125
There are various errors: wrong examples, phonemes which are not actually phonemes (like /ŋ/ and all the diphthongs), non-standard symbols, pronunciations of standalone sounds are sometimes wrong (mistaken with an english approximation); also, allophones are presented in a confused way.
on 1594240189
Nice and clean and clear pronunciations
on 1587748325
better than https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/97424047 due to sounds

edit: /#/ ist not a symbol for the Voiceless Palato-Alveolar Affricate, I think.

see here:

edit2: sometimes the closeness/openness is wrong
on 1566523390
An interesting deck for pronunciation!
on 1559610941
Good for beginning Spanish to learn sounds
on 1559329295
Very helpful for beginners and good review for intermediate/re-learning. A couple of visual files don't show up, but the deck is very well put together with mouth diagrams and audio for each new sound. Thanks.
on 1545094812
'Cuz Idahosa opened my ears to a whole new world that I didn't know existed.
on 1518048000
This helped me lose a lot of my accent and sound closer to a native spanish speaker. I wish I had used this before I tried learning any other Spanish as I had to break some bad habits of pronunciation. I now tell folks who are starting to learn that they should start here and get the pronunciation down pat. This will give you some vocabulary awareness also as you will hear sample words. I've also noticed that I can understand Spanish speakers a little better as I now know what words should sound like.