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Fast_Track3000 (source: www.wordfrequency.info)

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This deck is meant primarily to help entry-level Japanese learners to master elementary English vocabulary. The selection of the words is based on the most frequently used 3000 words of COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English). The information source is as follows: www.wordfrequency.info

Sample (from 2669 notes)

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Front regional
Back 地域の
Word type 形容詞
Example He has a strong regional accent.
Frequency 2102
Translation 彼は強い地方の訛りがある。
Front minority
Back 少数派
Word type 名詞
Example The law protects ethnic minorities.
Frequency 1873
Translation 法律は少数民族を保護しています。
Front floor
Word type 名詞
Example He laid a carpet on the wooden floor.
Frequency 794
Translation 彼は木の床にカーベットを敷いた。

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