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Color Confirmation

<10kB. Updated 2020-03-14.
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This add-on is based on the original Answer Confirmation add-on. It shows you which ease button you pressed on the previous card as a little tooltip notification panel. Since it can be hard to distinguish the different texts from the corner of one's eye, I added background colors for the pop-ups. This can be helpful when you use keyboard shortcuts to control you used the right number. It also adds some visual feedback to get a better feeling of reward for your answers. Features: - Colored Confirmation panels - Location, Size and Duration of the pop-ups are adjustable (Tools → Add-ons) - Display the new interval for each card (optional, only for Anki 2.1.20+) Confirm which answer button you used: Note: Please configure the add-on only through the Anki menu (Tools → Add-ons) and not the config.json, which will have no effect. Ancillary improvements: - Added GODMODE compatibility - Added Button Colors (Good, Again) compatibility DISCLAIMER: I am not the developer of the original add-on and do not take any credit for it.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1665085000
Rate a card. Little popup confirms what you chose. Perfect.

Does exactly what it is supposed to without any configuration in latest anki 2.1.54
on 1663259067
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:57:'QFrame.Panel' will stop working. Please use 'QFrame.Shape.Panel' instead.
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:59:'Qt.ToolTip' will stop working. Please use 'Qt.WindowType.ToolTip' instead.
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:60:'Qt.AlignBottom' will stop working. Please use 'Qt.AlignmentFlag.AlignBottom' instead.
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:60:'Qt.AlignHCenter' will stop working. Please use 'Qt.AlignmentFlag.AlignHCenter' instead.
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:70:'QPalette.Window' will stop working. Please use 'QPalette.ColorRole.Window' instead.
addons21\1084228676\__init__.py:71:'QPalette.WindowText' will stop working. Please use 'QPalette.ColorRole.WindowText' instead.
- Windows 10, Anki Version 2.1.55 (35431c59)⁩
on 1657160106
Thank you for the great addon! Could you please make the background colors of the pop-ups changeable in the config? Other addons which color the buttons have "hard" as orange.
on 1655321137
Really good!
on 1652183805
Works as intended
on 1647845093
on 1641840940
on 1638014410
Great + working
on 1637999681
Great addon!!! Really love it~
on 1636417067
Just what I needed. Helps catching those pesky mistypes, especially on numpad it's very easy to accidentally type '1' for 'again' instead of '4' for 'easy'. Also great with 'Right hand reviews' addon.
on 1624038935
Useful confirmation. Thank you!
on 1620806849
Great giving more pleasure to use Anki
on 1619647725
Usefull feature I'm used to from the Android App.
Although it does not work correctly with multiple screens. Anki on screen 2, but the colored confirmation on screen 1.
on 1617595054
muito bom, indispensável.
on 1604537595
I love this add-on, however, using GODMODE seems to disable it (Anki 2.1.35)
on 1598719826
on 1596883320
Awesome add-on and very quick fixes from the dev!

Found a new bug: The interval on pressing "Again" in mature cards is wrong. In my case, the again interval is set to 30 min. However, the addon is showing the relearning interval (the interval corresponding to pressing good after pressing again). Also the relearning step is wrong. Mine is set to 6h, however the add-on shows the step after that.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hey, what a dumb bug! Only had cards in my deck which had an interval below one month, so I didn't encounter the problem. Fixed it in the new version.

Have a great day :)
on 1594936652
Love this, makes controller anki usage so much better! I noticed it has started messing up though. Even if I manually click on space bar or click a button with my mouse it automatically picks easy. Any idea what's going on? Thanks!
on 1593397222
Am I right to think that this ovverides the "card was a leech" notification?
on 1593098233
Hey, can you make it appear like in the center instead? Instead of looking to the left, that's where the eye is and it will act as reinforcement too.
on 1592268488
edit: On anki 2.1.23, this still does not work if the Godmode addon is enabled.

thank you.
on 1588906442
So I have noticed that the interval on anki does not match the interval posted in the color confirmation box. I am not sure why. Everything is off by a day or so....
on 1586302847
Have been using it for a while and I love it. I realized that with this addon the popup saying that the card was a leech doesn't show anymore. Would it be possible to add another popup to indicate when a card was a leech?
Thanks for the hard work!!!

It was not working at the beginning because another add-on that I used for coloring the buttons. I still leave what happened to me with that other add-on enabled. If you experience any weird behaviors try disabling other add-ons first
Comment from author before post was edited
Hey, sorry for the bugs. For the configuration, you have to edit the config inside the Anki editor, as modifying the config.json will only change the default values. I clarified this in the new description, my apologies.
EDIT: For those wondering: The rendering bug was caused by lacking compatibility to another add-on - Button Colours (Good, Again). I fixed this in the new version.
on 1586035994
Ah I love this add-on! makes reviews when in doubt what I rated previous card. Thanks!
on 1585628487
Thank you a lot !
on 1585171487
Useful when it works.
Pretty unreliable, sometimes it doesn't show when doing cards in learning.
On top of this, if you answer a card faster than the colour confirmation from the previous card, then it doesn't show for the card you just answered
on 1582880815
Thank you! Helpful for add-on development, to confirm shortcuts and programming for buttons work as expected.
on 1580845652
Can you add option to see the number of days each one was. sometimes the hard applies to 1 day as opposed to again or incorrect. just to see. i added the add on to remove bottom toolbar and like it but want to see which time i sent it to
Comment from author
Sure! I mean, why not? :D

Check out the 2.1.20 update which includes this feature
on 1580059835
Great to have, especially when using a remote

Bug - if Anki is displayed on a secondary display, the confirmation still shows up on the primary monitor
Comment from author
I couldn't replicate the bug sadly. Could you specify your setup including OS and Monitor configuration? It shows up correctly with my Windows 10 setup with two monitors set to 'extend displays'. You're free to reply here or send a mail to macmarc97@gmail.com.
on 1577806239
Can't install it on 2.1.15 somehow :(. Says code is invalid or add-on's not compatible
Comment from author
Sorry to hear that. It works on my Setup with 2.1.15. Can you specify your OS? Does the message appear when you try to download the add-on? Are you sure you exactly typed in the code 1084228676 in the 'Install Add-on' dialog? I'd appreciate if you reply here or contact me at macmarc97@gmail.com. Thanks for your report!
on 1574557109
I was looking for an add-on like this, thank you!
on 1574381041
Was working perfectly before, but getting the following error after the most recent update:

When loading 'Color Confirmation':
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/addons.py", line 80, in loadAddons
File "/Users/csosborn/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/1084228676/__init__.py", line 121
if (x < 0):
TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation
Comment from author
Thank you for your report! I've fixed the bug in the new version, hopefully should run fine now.
on 1570000462
Great add-on
on 1569447790
WOOHOO!!! It works. Thanks :D

Also as a suggestion, perhaps add the option to change the size of the popup.
Comment from author
Both done.
on 1569436839
on 1565371185
works great!
on 1555800223
Good! Its works.
on 1555629562
works as intended
on 1555225819
Awesome addon!
Can you please add option to move tooltip position? it would be perfect
Comment from author