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American english pronunciation

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American english pronunciation. some useful tips to improve your prununciation of american english

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Front Vowel Reduction in Unstressed Syllables1/ When a vowel falls on an unstressed syllable, it's shorter and usually changes quality. It is reduced.2/ When a vowel is reduced in English, very often it will be reduced to /ə/, the schwa.3/ When a vowel is unstressed, we reduce it. The rhythm of English is an alternating rhythm.short... long... short... long
America /əmɛrIkə/camera /kæmIrə/Washington /waʃIŋtən /The first word contains the vowel letter in the stressed form. The second word contains it in on the unstressed syllable, so we use the vowel sound /ə/ or /I/
face /feIs/  surface / sɚfəs/Vowel Letter           Full vowel, stressed             reduced vowel unstressed<a>                          sand  /sænd/                         thousand /θauzənd /Thousands of people in the sand<e>                          Ken / kɛn/                         broken /broukən/Ken's heart is broken<i>                            ice      /aIs/                       justice /dʒəstəs/Their system of justice is on thin ice.<o>                          total   /toutəl/                       today /tədeI/Here are todays totals. <u>                         super    /supɚ/                    support /səpɔɚt/Do you support building more super highways?
Back How to Pronounce Long Words of Three or More Syllables:Step 1: look at the suffix to find the main stressStep 2. Reduce the vowels of the suffix and other unstressed syllablesVowel letters within the suffix will be reduced to the /ə / "the schwa"In English, you want to have an alternating rhythm of stressed ...unstressed or stressed... stresssed... long... short.. or short... long... .Precocious 
Ten year old children who read the New York Times are precocious.
She found the dinner conversation about opera a bit pretentious.
Front "Thought", "though" and "tough"
"Thought", "though" and "tough" La pensée,    si / bien que          et durPronunciation of <ough> as /ɔ/
bought... thought.... brought ... fought ...coughacheté ... pensé .... apporté ... combattu ... la touxPronunciation of <ou>
enough ... tough ... rough...assez ...difficile ... rugueuse ...Pronunciation of <ou>
though... although .. .dough ..bien que ... si ..... la pâte Although he doesn't have much "dough", he bought us some drinks.
Back Although I passed the exam, I thought it was tough. 
Front 🔹HOW TO STRESS A WORD OF 2 SYLLABLES? 🔹How to stress a word ?- ton (speech) of your voice a little bit higher. - pronounce the vowel longer. 🔹How to determine which syllable is stress ? Première syllabe sur tous les mots sauf les verbes avec un préfixe latin ♨ la syllabe non stressée = SCHWA
Back 🔸2 SYLLABLES : NOUN and ADJECTIVE = 1rst SYLLABLE- ta'ble, of'fice, sil'ence, tea'cher.. - Scar'ry, si'lent, fun'ny , ↪Exception : guitare '🔸2 SYLLABLES VERB = 1RST SYLLABLES BUT NO IF THERE IS A LATIN PREFIXE. AD - admit' BE - become 'COM - complain' CON - convince 'DE - depend' SUB - subway'SUP - support'RE - repeat'PRE - prepare'MIS - mistreat ' AD BE'COME CON DE SUB'SUP'RE les PRE 'MIS.

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