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16000 French sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [1/3]

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This is a collection of French sentences, sorted from easiest (most simple) to hardest (most complex). This deck begins with very simple sentences, and slowly gets harder as you progress. You can view the full contents of this deck in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. — If this deck has so many cards, won't it take me a long time to finish it? If you study one card every 7 seconds, then you can study 500 cards per hour. It's quicker than you think. — How much should I study? Try to study at least 20 minutes a day — or do 50 cards a day. You will see visible results. — How do I replay the audio? In the Computer version of Anki, press the 'r' key. (The mobile version has a replay button.) — I'm having technical issues. If you have technical issues, search your issue on Google (for example: audio doesnt work on anki using MacOS) and see if you can find a solution to your problem. And if Google fails you, ask the developper of Anki: https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/help.html — he usually replies within 24h. -=-=-=-=-=- If this is useful to you, please rate it~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ This deck is divided in three parts. This is part one.

Sample (from 2000 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
difficulty index 610
new word introduced reçu
sentence Je voudrais bien un reçu.
sentence english I'd like a receipt, please.
sentence cloze Je voudrais bien un _____.
sentence cloze (answer) Je voudrais bien un reçu.
difficulty index 493
new word introduced compte
sentence Compte de un à dix.
sentence english Count from one to ten.
sentence cloze _____ de un à dix.
sentence cloze (answer) Compte de un à dix.
difficulty index 516
new word introduced fenêtre
sentence Regarde par la fenêtre.
sentence english Look out of the window.
sentence cloze Regarde par la _____.
sentence cloze (answer) Regarde par la fenêtre.

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on 1569949342
Is a frequency list? I can't tell if it's just 16,000 random sentences, or it starts from the most frequent to less frequent words.
Comment from author
1. The sentences start with the most basic words (the most frequently used French words)

2. Slowly, new words are introduced (and the new words are introduced — by order of frequency).

I hope that answered your question.
on 1568446435
the only thing that makes me feel weird is that many of the short sentences express things I would never-ever say in a conversation, like "everything is better without you" in order to learn "mieux". I would not want to anki-train such a sentence. But I can delete those or replace them. The rest is very useful, thanks!
on 1567979120
on 1567020129
on 1566653287
Thank you a lot for the amazing job! I can't stop studying it!
on 1566306855
Love it 😁
on 1562098622
Tks. That is good.
on 1560502084
I was looking for a list of sentences to translate into French, and I came upon your anki deck. I basically saved all of the sentences into a pdf file. I really appreciate the hard work that you put into this!!!
on 1559878981
A for effort... and everything else.
on 1555964401
Thank you so much! You are amazing and I owe you my lifeeeee
on 1555849158
great deck, very useful sentences
on 1555086064
very useful, thank you
on 1553008862
on 1551903316
Comment from author before post was edited
on 1551255731
Thank you so much. I can now get stuck into them.
on 1550256221
on 1548105588
on 1548010089
Is there an ETA of when the errors will be fixed? This is one comprehensive deck. Looks to be awesome. I just want to learn the correct way and after reading some of the comments, I'm worried about getting started on learning this deck just yet.
Comment from author
I will post a note when it is fixed.
Edit: Fixed now. And I divided the deck in two modules — one for Read pratice, other for Speak practice.
on 1547822115
I'm a native french speaker and I'm looking for decks for a friend. I've read quite a few reviews saying that some sentences are wrong or "unnatural". They're wrong. Of course, some sentences are more common than others, but for instance "comment va votre travail" instead of "comment ça se passe au travail" is perfectly correct and more formal. Trust me, in french, if you have a doubt, it's better to be too formal than not enough formal! Another example I've read is "Il a à faire" to say "he's busy" ; it is correct, it means "he has things to do" and not exactly "he's busy" but the meaning is the same and you'll be very well understood! You can trust this deck.
on 1547140613
Hey. Great deck! Thanks a lot! I'm a bit confused though. The title says 16k sentences and [1/3], but this deck has only 1k. Furthermore, the other two decks ([2/3] https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1416412430 and [3/3] https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1199783350) have 6001 each, which doesn't amount to 16k. Besides, their note type is different from the note type of this one, which is much better, by the way. This is not a complaint, of course, I'm just trying to wrap my head about it: are those two the other 2 decks from this 3-deck "kit"? Thanks a lot and keep up with the awesome job!
Comment from author
Part 1 was just like Parts 2 & 3.

Then I decided to update Part 1 to something better (what it is right now) — to see if people would like it.
I also reduced the number of cards in Part 1 from 4000 to 1000 so it looks less intimidating for beginners.

I plan to make some more improvements on Part 1 of this deck, and then eventually will update Part 2 & 3 to make them like Part 1.

Those same things that I said apply to the decks that I made for German/Russian/Spanish learners, etc.
on 1546383357
It's helpful
on 1546371649
will not download onto my account. 2 and 3 have downloaded fine.
on 1545024844
Some translations are wrong. For example, "Elle me dit quelque chose." is translated into "She looks familiar."
Sorry for my mistakes.
Comment from author
This is known as a "phrasal verb" or "idiomatic expression".

Check the following link: https://en.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=Appendix:French_idioms
on 1544725256
Hello Neri!
I'm an admirer of your lists of "sentences sorted from easiest to hardest". You've done an amazing job! They helped me a lot at studying the languages that I need. I think your decks are one of the best tools for learning languages ever! Thank you really much, I deeply appreciate your efforts! Will you be able to create such a deck for Uyghur? I am ready to pay you a reasonable sum of money for this job. You see, there are very few resources for learning Uyghur, and this is quite a big language (about 10 million speakers in China and Central Asia). Please help the community of Uyghur-learners, we really need it! Thank you beforehand! My email address is shamil153@gmail.com.
Respectfully yours, Shamil Khayrutdinov.
on 1544631094
Amazing tool, thank you so very much for the amount of time you must have spent on this!
on 1542012725
It's ok but there are lots of errors. For example: "He is busy"- it's more natural to say "il est occupé"- but they've put "il a à faire"????? very bad
Comment from author
"il a à faire" is an idiomatic expression that means "he is busy".

"il est occupé" is a literal, non-idiomatic translation of "he is busy".

However, I updated this deck to remove idiomatic expressions.

PS — If you don't know what are "idiomatic expressions", check the following link:
on 1541128502
tres utiles
on 1540759827
An unparalleled resource. Thank you!
on 1538556324
Awesome :) do you have anything to help learn IPA? Surely will be beneficial for learning my french.
on 1535876696
Thank you so much! Vielen lieben Dank!! Merci beaucoup!!! :)
on 1535469395
on 1534674612
Very useful. There was a similar deck by the same author which had sentences spoken in American English. Can you please help me find it? It was of great use to me but I lost it. I remember it was just two decks. Thank you in advance.
on 1534058376
There is no translation of bold part
Comment from author
Have you seem the dictionary links that come in each card? It includes a dictionary link to the bold part.
on 1533326338
آموزنده و هوشمندانه
on 1531970419
I like it
on 1527379200
One of the few decks on Anki with clear and useful audio. If you want to study from spoken French, this is a great asset.
on 1526601600
on 1524960000
Very Good.
on 1524614400
on 1523923200
French here, and about that "Comment va votre travail ?" sentence, I'll have to (kind of) agree with the comment on the bad review (but not on the thumb down) : that sentence may be grammaticaly correct but it sounds weird. "Comment ça se passe au travail ?" sounds better.
The "Comment va..." is used more with people.
There are other sentences with a similar problem :
"Il est venu en voiture à la place de venir en train." Again, grammaticaly correct, but "...au lieu de venir en train." seems more natural.
"Il y a longtemps que j'ai écrit quoi que ce soit." sounds really weird and instead : "Il y a longtemps que je n'ai rien écrit." sounds better.

Now, I still rated it up because that's just a few sentences among hundreds correct ones, and depending on regions and countries, what I said might even be wrong ('régionalismes' are a thing after all).
Comment from author
I updated the deck to use a more informal, more natural-sounding list of sentences.

Could you check it?
You can view the full contents of the deck here:
on 1522886400
Wonderful !! Bravo !!
on 1522627200
After 10 Days of learning I tried to implement some of these into a conversation with a french aquaintance. Not only did she tell me, that some of the expressions were never used this way in French, but even some of the grammar was wrong. I counterchecked this against linguee.fr and dict.cc and finally against translate.google.com. Some of the sentences are just word for word translations of the english sentence. Example: "Comment va votre travail?" is NOT used for asking, "How goes your job?" It's "Comment s'est passée votre travail?" (This also very formal, for a friend you would use ton instead of votre).
Comment from author
I updated the deck to use a more informal, more natural-sounding list of sentences.

Could you check it?
You can view the full contents of the deck here:
on 1521936000
You get everything you need, the sentence spoken, the translation and thats verbal and written for both, its awesome!
on 1520294400
Thank you! Very good work!
on 1517270400
Very useful resource for those who are prepared for it at whatever level.
on 1513728000
synthetic audio
on 1512864000
Je peux écouter la phrase en français, mais quand la traduction anglaise arrive, il n'y a aucun son. Comment corriger cela ?
I can listen to the sentence in French, but when the English translation arrives, there is no sound. How to correct this?
on 1512777600
bad audio
on 1505692800
Clipped audio

For me, the audio clips all cut out a split second too early, leaving out the final word or two, which makes this essentially impossible to use.
Is this happening for anyone else?
on 1495670400
Thank you

It's great to be able to work on pronunciation, listening skills and comprehension in one easy to use app.
on 1485907200

This deck is great for sentence mining!
And for the people complaining about only audio being on the front, here's how you change it:

Go to Browse
Click on the deck on the side
Click 'Fields...' (IGNORE if you don't want to delete the frequency ranks like I did.)
Click 'Cards...'
Act like you are going to copy and paste '{{sentence}}' (It shows up on the back part of the card) but instead cut it and paste it on the front of the card.

Then, click 'More' and go to Deck Override, click the deck you are in currently and then leave the page! You're done! :)
on 1484352000
it's merveilleur!

du toute façon, i think it's helpful beacoup. but regarding the quantity of the vacabulaire, that would be less than solide 5000 words. parceque i notice that a conjugason of a verb would be counted as an independant mot.
on 1483315200
Great and much appreciated...

This looks to be so awesome. However, unless it's user error on my part, the Average Frequency Rank Number is missing from the vast majority of the cards. Consequently, sorting by ease of sentence is kind of messed up. I'm a beginner and my first sentence was a doozy...

La porte était verrouillée et nous ne pouvions pas rentrer.

UPDATE January 2, 2017:
The new deck is awesome and usable as it seems the default order of the cards is from easy to difficult. The data columns seem to be 1) front 2) sentence 3) translation and 4) freq ranks. The latter is the array of the freq ranks of all words in the sentence. The Average frequency for the whole sentence is still missing. But since the cards seemed to be ordered by easy to difficult, this is much more useful. THANKS VERY MUCH.
on 1482537600
Great but having problems with sound files

I really love this deck but I couldn't find any way to make the most sound files work. I have a Windows Phone Lumia 950 and I imported the deck with the app import function. The cards and everything appear just fine but the sound files don't work. I imported other apkg files they work fine but unfortunately not this one. Has anybody had the same problem?
on 1480377600
This deck can be customised

I had trouble following the customising instructions below. This is what worked for me:

1. Tools -> Manage Note Types
2. Select: Basic-4c643 [10649 notes]
3. Click the Cards button on the right
4. In the box called "Front Template" under {{Front}} add {{sentence}}
5. In the box called "Back Template" delete {{sentence}}
on 1477180800
You can change it

If you want to read the French as well as hear it you need to go into Edit -> Cards (at the top) and put this into the first box under {{Front}}:


That should give you what you want.

I don't think it was made wrong: just customise it.
on 1475971200
Agree that it was made wrong

Anki allows you to put in fields so that you can customize decks to suit you. Unfortunately this deck forces you to listen then guess what it means. That's not how everyone wants to learn. The other 10k sentences decks are customizable and as such much more useful.
on 1475625600
Not customizable

Would it be possible to place the english sentence and the french sentence into different fields so that it would be possible to rearrange the order (like it is for example in your dutch deck)? For me language learning is way more effective in the following way: Seeing the english sentence - thinking about the french sentence - seeing the french sentence and listen to it - trying to pronounce it correctly.
Anyway, thanks for your hard work! I would love to learn more about the programs with which you do it!
on 1475539200
Master Windu, You Have Fought Valiantly

Worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi.

Seriously, this deck is wicked awesome. The person making this deserves all the high fives, and in a fairer world it's commercialized so he/she's a millionaire. These decks exist for other languages too, which is cool.
on 1475452800
Excellent data-driven approach to learning languages

Amazing job. Thank you so much. Your approach is absolutely genious.
I believe you've offered the best ever data-driven approach to learning languages, all those DuoLingvo, Rosetta Stone, etc. with their learning of words without context worth nothing. This deck offers live sentences, their pronunciation, and you see how words are used and sound among others. Practical grammar can be deduced from the mass of examples.
on 1474416000
I love it.

Great resource for strengthening my ear-training.
on 1472083200

Thank you!!!!
on 1465171200
It would be very nice...

...if the cards were ranked in someway. I'm not anywhere near a pro Anki user, but a "rank" field would give at least a chance to order cards in the right way (I really can't believe "Je suis" should be the 106XXth sentence by its words' frequency).
I don't think this deck can be used effectively, however I do appreciate the effort that has been made to put it togheter, so I'm giving it three stars.
on 1463702400
Great deck

Thank you very much for sharing this deck!
on 1463616000
Thanks for your work!

Really great addition to the 5000 word deck, I've been using both in combination and progressing surprisingly well.

And as the other commenter said, the audio quality is really good.
on 1463443200
Excellent resource, thanks alot
on 1463270400
10 000 French Sentences: sorted by their words' frequency

Wow, thank-you!
This is fantastic and the sound quality is exceptional.