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Special Fields

0.01MB. Updated 2022-11-22.
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UPDATE 29/11/20: Anking updated addon This update forces note types to update to the importing deck’s note type if they don’t match. This only occurs if the “update note styling” box is checked. Note that this is mostly to use for adding fields to a note type. If field names are changed, they will act like a new field and the old field will be deleted unless there is a field matching it’s name. - Credit to hgiesel for this recent update. ***Huge thanks to AnKing, Arthur, and hgiesel for their help with this*** Special Fields add-on This add-on allows you to share cards with your friends, and not have your notes written over by others. When importing a new update to a deck, you can choose to protect or force update the cards (including which fields update and which don’t), the tags, the note html+css styling, and the deck description Video on how to use it - Thanks to AnKing ! The config of the add-on provides multiple ways to configure this add-on. "All fields are special": if set to true, all fields will be protected "Combine tagging": if true tags will merge instead of being updated "Special field": [“Example A”, “Example B”] all fields listed will be protected and note updated "update deck description": if true, the deck description will be updated. If false, the deck description will be protected "update note type": If true, the note styling will be updated. If false, the note styling will be protected. "update only if newer": If true, updates will only occur if the importing deck is newer (has been changed more recently). If false, updates will always occur. Problems, Bugs, Errors, Improvements Github Link Changelog 22/11/21: Updated for 2.1.55 so that this will force the old import method 22/02/23: Fixed a bug that was causing 'Import Failed' 22/01/16: Updated for 2.1.50, including PyQt6 support. Thanks to RisingOrange 21/06/20: Updated the dialog so that it works with the latest 2.1.45 beta. Thanks to u/BlueGreenMagick 20/02/13: Updated so that marked and leech tags are always protected 20/02/09: Updated help link to new tutorial video 20/01/22: Add ability to protect certain tags. Thanks to the AnKing for this update 20/01/20: Add ability to change note types. Thanks to Henrik for this update 16/08/20: Fix with the latest updates, thanks to Andrew for figuring it out. 28/03/20: Removed typing import for older Anki builds 24/03/20: Arthur Fixing a bug with importing new decks while protecting descriptions 02/03/20: Big improvements made to the dialog box with the help of Anking! 26/02/20: Added a dialog box to easily remove reset and add new special fields. 16/02/20: Added multiple features. Everything is changed in the config now (no restart required). Also added options to force updates even if the importing deck isn’t newer, force or protect updates to note styling, force or protect updates to deck description, and an option to protect all fields so that only tags are updated/merged 8/6/19: Adding an ability to merge tags. This means that when you import a deck which you've imported before, your tags won't be overwritten, instead any new tags will be added to any tags you have already done for your cards. 27/5/19: Uploaded again to support changes to multiple fields! Support the creators: John Pincock- original author AnKing Patreon- original idea and testing Arthur Milchior- updates


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Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1666822739
on 1649020042
Great addon
on 1631592644
Good Job! Well done!
on 1631376389
Amazing add on.
Is it possible to preserve a field of a certain tag only? For example, I want to preserve the extra field for the cards I've edited under a certain tag I've unsuspended only, but I don't want to preserve this field for all my unedited cards, I'd like those to be updated
Comment from author
Unfortunately that's not an option at the moment.. sorry! Definitely something we could consider for a future update
on 1629768547
An amazing addon that is basically a must have for anyone updating decks frequently. 100% necessary for medical students in particular
on 1619009112
Very nice
on 1617361420
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1612952906
The update is awesome :)
on 1602599432
Thank you!
on 1591177979
Extremely useful add-on that solves the problem of updating tags (among other things). Spent many hours trying to find a way to do so, so this little gem was a godsent!
on 1585501934
on 1585422660
Helpful, Thanks!
on 1584924116
They should take your code and build it into anki!!!
on 1583939172
The new update is an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER! The interface is super clean and so much easier to use than prior versions. Great functiopnality for updating decks and sharing tags. Video is simple, easy to follow, and super helpful too!
on 1582775159
One of the greatest add-ons for Anki ever. It makes collaborative decks and card sharing not only possible but easy. Thank you for developing this.
on 1582743084
Couldn't update my deck without it! Saves hours and allows me to share work with other students with ease. Love the latest updates
on 1571672651
revolutionary add-on. makes collaborative decks forever updatable
on 1569138710
on 1568008039
It took me 4 hours to figure this out, but now it is done. Thank you for this Add-on. I know you are busy but this is a gem. It takes some effort, but preserving certain fields while updating others is gold.
on 1567820249
I removed the old version and updated to the most recent version but I get the following bug. If I a card is supposed to read "Campylobacter jejuni grows best at 42°C" instead I get shown this "Campylobacter jejuni grows best at 42\xc2\xb0C"
on 1563225829
There is no "View Files" or "Toggle Enabled" option unless you update to the newest version of Anki. Fair warning to anyone who can't find anything. Otherwise good program
on 1560786685
One of the most useful add-ons out there! Thank you for making this!
on 1559749583
About time someone made this!!!
on 1559104186
on 1558956567
Upvote for sharing this interesting add-on. Haven't tested it yet. I didn't understand this add-on from the short description on this page on ankiweb. In the source code of the add-on there is a more extensive description:

# How to use:
# Go Tools -> Manage Note types..
# add a new note type
# choose a name
# select note type
# click "Fields.."
# Add Field
# Use the exact same name as you have set for SPECIAL_FIELD below... default is "Lecture Notes"
# Now when you export, your special field notes will be kept with you and not exported
Comment from author
Thanks for checking it out, once I've fleshed out all the bugs i'll write a proper guide ! I've just updated it again today, but it might need another refresh in a couple days time to be sure.