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Resize images in editor

0.08MB. Updated 2021-07-19.
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This add-on is deprecated. Anki 2.1.50 allows to resize images natively. This add-on has no more purpose. It is broken on 49 and I don't have time nor motivation to update it one last time. This add-on allows the user to resize an image with just a click and drag in the editor. Please visit the GitHub page to see the entire list of features. I created a walkthrough video for the add-on in both English and Français. This video from AnKing also demonstrates this add-on as well as other ways to resize images. The development of this add-on was supported by a Kickstarter.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1648553081
Thank you so much, this addons is so useful.
on 1638588639
As many users have reported in the Github repo, this addon is completely broken in a very weird way on 2.1.49 if not earlier. (See https://github.com/Arthur-Milchior/anki-resize-image/issues/41) It sometimes completely gets rid of certain answer fields after card creation or switches around answer fields. It also gives no indication that this is happening, leading to much confusion later on. Don't use this addon!!
on 1634390127
so awesome!
on 1631707887
Duplicates images in cards. Used to work perfectly until about a couple of months ago. Very poor considering the fact that users pooled in money to fund the development of this addon.

Edit : Working fine as of now. Only downside is that it does not work in tandem with Edit Field During Review which it used to before.
on 1630189267
works as intended.
on 1630170588
Works great for me.
on 1630021560
This add on completely screwed up my cards. Even the ones that had no pictures. It seems to shuffle the fronts and backs of basic cards. for example, after I noticed missmatched answers to questions that I was sure I inputted correctly, I did a test where i put "a" on both the front and back of the card and went all the way through the alphabet like this. When i went to browse these cards after, the the "a" card had no input for the back, "b" had "a" on the back, and so on. I am positive this add on is the culprit as the issue resolved once it was deleted and immediately was back when i redownloaded the addon. This could really screw up people's studying! Really freaked me out as i noticed it the night before exams and wondered if what I was studying the entire time was wrong.
on 1627041938
Great add-on and one of my most used

A recent Anki update causes this add-on to delete fields on my card and replace it on a new card. It happens intermittently, but mostly when I go back to edit a previously made card. (My cards have 3 fields, Front, Back, and Extra)
on 1626898064
O addon não está funcionando perfeitamente com as últimas versões.

Check: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/og2uv8/anki_card_adding_bug/
on 1626703486
I used to love this add-on, but it broke on a recent update. The author fixed it, but it still doesn't work when adding a new card, only for already created cards. This renders the add-on almost useless as it is.

Update: author has fixed it. Working as before. Thanks!
on 1626618862
Not working unfortunately
on 1626256002
This is plain amazing, only resizing add on that lets you change the size to whatever you want, without restricting any limits on height and width pixels like the other, PLEASE USE THIS
on 1626040384
on 1625921351
Works very intermittently in the latest update. When first adding a picture it doesn't seem to register the image, other times I won't be able to actually resize the image, and sometimes it will work perfectly.

EDIT: Works very poorly. Images are randomly added to different places and half the time the image can't even be resized. Very sad as this is exactly the kind of add-on I'm looking for.
on 1625403293
Do not download. Text/images will duplicate and overwrite fields on unrelated cards intermittently without warning. I've lost many cards to this addon. It's a great idea which should be incorporated into anki, but as of now it's far too flawed to use regularly.
on 1622792440
Not working. Image seems to resize in editor but effect is not saved. When revisiting card it simply reverts to the default size when image was first inserted.

Temporary workaround is to add space to the image directly after re-sizing
on 1622745591
Not working for 2.1.44
on 1622502282
Parece estar bueno
on 1622359117
As far as I can tell this add-on, (the version updated on 2021-05-30), works as intended on Anki version 2.1.44. It is scary reading other reviews describing duplication and overwriting of other cards, but this is not the case with the current version, as far as I can tell. I found this add-on very helpful as it is an easier and more flexible way to resize images than, for example, editing the CSS styling of the card templates directly. I hope this functionality gets implemented directly into Anki some time in the future. Thank you for to Arthur Milchior for making and updating this add-on!
on 1622249551
Muito obrigado.
on 1621946693
Working fine on version ⁨2.1.43. Excellent addon, thank you!
on 1621799349
It's super useful!! Is a must!
on 1620974605
Needs to be updated for 2.1.43!!!!
on 1619633073
Really good.
on 1618236882
Works great with 2.1.40
on 1618146014
doesn't work with 2.1.41

would be one of the greatest add-ons!
on 1617776464
works easily
on 1617734579
I download and cant resize it :( help how do you do ?
on 1617361409
Should be implemented in Anki
Must have add-on
on 1616983317
Updated the add-on yesterday, and it started to act up again today (duplicating and overwriting other cards) while resizing images in browser. I'm hoping that switching to Anki 2.1.40 will correct it. If not I'll be searching for an older version of the add-on.

Previous review:
Seems to be working fine in Anki 2.1.39, fingers crossed, this is one of my favorite add-ons!

Previous review:
Duplicates itself and overwrites the extra field on unrelated cards. Very confusing and upsetting to lose a ton of information and graphics.
on 1615685134
Was working [somewhat] fine for months UNTIL I STARTED EXPERIENCING THE OVERWRITING BUG. Occurs when I resize in the browser, not sure if it also occurs when resizing in the card editor. CAUTION: Makes irreversible changes.
on 1614259083
Seems to be working well for me. Very grateful!
on 1612512599
DON'T INSTALL! It duplicates edited flashcards from the browser. This is a big bug right now
on 1611531003
I can resize the photos, which is wonderful, but then all my photos, audio files, and text get rewritten by a previous card so I can't use this add-on :( I really hope this bug gets fixed because this is otherwise a very simple and effective add-on
on 1610732369
Using it overwrites you cards with other cards as has been described by others
on 1609931319
Just awesome! Exactly what I was looking for!
on 1609063608
Just what I need !
Really easy to use, very intuitive
on 1608075830
Great add on and EXACTLY what I needed!! Thank you!!

Quick question/note:

When resizing images I would like to resize them so multiple images (at least 2) can fit on the same line. For some reason it will not allow me to do this once resized, it just makes the pics smaller without the "tight wrapping" to bring them on the same line.
on 1607244988
Thank you
on 1607193813
Works but is buggy (see below)
on 1606406565
I think there is a bug. When I resize images in my card browser then this card answer gets automatically overwritten by the last card answer I clicked on before this card. When I adjust the size in retrospect in the browser it leads to the same answer cards to different questions.
on 1604791402
This only started working after using/closing/restarting Anki in some combination - it did nothing at the beginning. Switching to positive rating with the caveat that it may take a while to kick in. (Perhaps there's some procedure I'm not aware of for "warming up" the add-on but it did not take effect even after restarting the app.)
on 1604215405
Easy to use
on 1602451841
excellent. Thank you.
on 1601922214
Works great! thank you
on 1599925348
This is so good, exactly what I wanted, resizing the image.
on 1598946436
Great, does what it is supposed to.

Small caveat: once images are added, it's not so easy to cut/paste them between fields; a lot of fussy <div> and <br> tags are added.

Wish list:
it should be possible to toggle the Add-On on/off on the fly, to make it easier to handle images once they've been added and resized.
on 1598769750
finally an easy to use image resize add on!
on 1598193634
Thank you very much!! This is super useful!!
on 1597924932
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Game changer
on 1596400692
OMG deserves donation page
on 1596385232
Very useful. It just works for me in Anki version 2.1.29
on 1596287264
Not working at 2.1.19, doesn't even show the arrow to resize image.
on 1594736777
on 1594577443
Finally!!! This should come pre-installed :D
on 1594474441
on 1594232710
Excellent add on, love it. Needs a few touches though.
1) I am using it with the batch editing add on and if i add photos through it and then resize them i am not able to delete them if i want
2) I cant move photos backwards and upwards in the field by hitting backspace. If i try doing that the photo gets deleted.
Maybe you can do the resizing option a Toggle on-off with a shortcut so that you can move and delete the photo as if the add on isnt there.Anyways you know best.
Thanks and keep up the good work
on 1594132900
I love the idea but it only works about 1/3 of the time. I usually have to resize the images several times before it actually sticks :(
Comment from author
Please post bug report on github to try to understand what goes on here
on 1593184701
on 1592397707
on 1591841782
Great add-on! Is it possible to add a 'crop image' function as well? That would amazing!!!!
on 1591588204
Automatically resizing my images, for this is ruining my decks!! Awesome add-on but I can't take it anymore, I have to delete it.
Comment from author before post was edited
Please post a bug report on github so we can discuss it. I've now idea what you're referring too, sorry
on 1590798963
Game changer! tyvm :)
on 1590488207
Very useful addon!
I have been looking for an addon that can resize images by dragging in the editor for ages. Thank you.
on 1590183831
Great add on. However ever since adding I've had a few images from older cards disappear. I've deleted a number of add ons and no change has happened so can't ve certain if it is this add on / if this problem can be reversed
on 1589381553
Very good addon but I have a problem, in mobile (ipad and iphone) the images do not keep their size, they appear in their original size.
Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Comment from author
I do not own either iphone nor ipad, so I am sorry, I can't test (unless users are ready to buy me one :p)

Recent version was supposed to have solved the problem for Android, So I would have hoped it worked on iphone too. I'll double check a week-end.
on 1589218426
It worked perfectly in Anki 2.1.26
on 1589207274
on 1589155241
Works perfectly on anki 2.1.21
on 1588914810
so usefull!
on 1587768423
Been looking for this for so long!
on 1587430053
WOW! Thank you so much for making this.
on 1586938702
Excellent, just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
on 1586910848
work for me!
on 1586062453
on 1585614062
Love how I can resize images with just my trackpad!
on 1585588030
I've posted a issue on github, thought i'd post here as well.
Images are showed as one image per line (as such). Is there a way to have multiple images appear on one line?
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you. No idea who you are, sorry if I don't answer with a proper greeting.
This is not the way this add-on is supposed to work. It means there is a problem. Can you please post the bug report on github so we can discuss about it, and I can try to figure out why it does that.
on 1585241058
on 1585165755
Difficult to resize multiple images - have to drag around instead of specifying pixel dimensions
Comment from author
Yeah, that's clearly not the point of this add-on. It's description should make it clear that it's related to dragging image. You already have plenty of add-ons to deal with the kind of action you want, such as https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1593969147
on 1585140998
Another awesome add-on from Arthur 👍
on 1584391626
Saves time and works great.
on 1584024909
Really helpful!
on 1583243008
god is called Arthur
on 1582936525
It doesn't work as soon as I open and try to add a card.
I need to change the note type! and from then on it starts to work!
Is it happening just with me?

If I click to change note type and choose the same note type, in this case it starts to work as well!
Comment from author
Can you please post a bug report on github. I have no idea what is going on and would need to be able to discuss with you to get more information to understand and correct it.
on 1582658454
It's like I dies and went to heaven
on 1582592359
It's a wonderful idea.
however,bugreport:after installing this add-on some of my pcitures are crashed to a lump which is so small and obscure,and also,if this add-on can implement function like resizing pictures in MS word?Drag its border can be more convenient,but this add-on doesn‘t show border/box-line clearly.
have uploaded a new issue on github.
------------it works well
Comment from author before post was edited

Your idea has been followed. You can now see some border when the image is resizable. Did you update the add-on recently ? Most of the crash did disappear.
on 1582561646
Thank you so much Arthur for this add on !
works perfectly ! so usefull
on 1582479416
Awesome stuff!!
on 1582478456
Masterpiece! Being able to resize during review, too, would be AWESOME
on 1582453332
Brilliant idea and excellent execution!
I would love to see the ability to not only resize freely, but also to choose exact size (for example: 500px height).
I still prefer the combination of ImageResize + Image Style Editor, because I like most of my pictures at 500px height, and if I have more than 1 picture in the extra field, I can have all of the pictures the same height so they all look fit together nicely side by side.
I hope you'd consider adding the option to choose size in percentages, pixels....etc
But well done! Brilliant add-on, nonetheless x
Comment from author
I am sorry, but I've no clue what you are asking for. I can not imagine how this would work in practice. What is the way you expect to use this add-on. In particular, what would you do that you can't already do with "Image style editor".
on 1582321548
Long-awaited. Thank you so much for this!

Also huge thanks to AnKing and r/Anki for supporting your Kickstarter.
on 1582240400
A little buggy, but not bad. I don't like this method because it creates unnecessary inline styles in the elements and results in images with 98px width while others from the same template are set to 112px width. When these images are lined up in the reviewer, they look dis-uniform and that sets me off. Then I waste my time trying to resize each image. Quite disruptive indeed. Perhaps add a size hint as the image is being dragged and resized? I took a different approach here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/949067586
Comment from author
Can you please post the bug report and feedback on github ? Because it's hard to discuss here.
What bug did you have ? The feedback you give looks more like feature request than like feedback.

"Unnecessary inline style", are you speaking of adding width and height ? They are necessary. The whole point of the add-on is to add size constraints.

What do you call a "size hint" ?
If you want to add the same size to every image, you can probably use CSS in the card style. And you already have the add-on https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1593969147 which allows you to enter the width you want manually. But anyway, the add-on is here to allow the user to manually resize and but the size they feel to be natural. It seems that it's not what you are looking for, so it makes sens that add-on is not to your taste.
You can hire me to add settings or create an add-on to your taste if you want. But right now I'm not even sure what this add-on would be
on 1582207020
The single most needed add-on.
on 1582203311
on 1582189004
on 1582160533
Game changer
on 1582158732
Game changer, I cannot wait to see the feature of being able to resize during review https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/385888438 and for it to be able to change all the other images in different note types!!!
on 1582158633
Awesome add-on