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+170 English Irregular verbs

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FEATURES This deck contains more than 170 of the most common English irregular verbs, for each one you will find: – A definition; – an image; – an example with audio; – simple form, past simple, past participle of the verb with audio. HOW TO INSTALL THE DECK 1. Click the “Download” button to download the deck package.
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verb strike
definition To hit.
conjugations strike - struck - struck
verb ride
definition To be carried in a car, on a bike, or on an animal
conjugations ride - rode - ridden
verb think
definition To have an idea, belief, or thought about something.
phrase I certainly think there should be a ban on tobacco advertising...
conjugations think - thought - thought

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Sorry ! Using text-to-speech to teach a human language doesn't seem appropriate to me.
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I used an open source software for generating the audio files. I’m sorry that the quality is not satisfying for you, but please appreciate the effort I put into creating this deck for free.
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Add IPA transcriptions, please.
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It's too robotic.
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I used an open source software for generating the audio files. I’m sorry that the quality is not satisfying for you, but please appreciate the effort I put into creating this deck for free.
Suggestions and contributions to improve the deck are always welcome. You can contact me by clicking the link “Contact author” above.

Thank you.
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I've found some mistakes in your collection. Hope it will help to make your collection better.

1) [transitive] cannot/could not abide somebody/something - to dislike somebody/something so much that you hate having to be with or deal with them
SYNONYM: bear, stand
I can't abide people with no sense of humour.

past simple abided
past participle abided

2) (also bide) [intransitive] + adv./prep. (old use or formal) to stay or live in a place
May joy and peace abide in us all.

past simple abode /əˈbəʊd/
past participle abode /əˈbəʊd/

read(verb) /riːd/
past simple read /red/
past participle read /red/

1) ring somebody/something (with something) - to surround somebody/something
past simple ringed
past participle ringed
2) ring somebody/something - to phone/call somebody/something
past simple rang /ræŋ/
past participle rung /rʌŋ/
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put something down = lay - laid - laid
be horizontal = lie - lay - lain
say something that is not true = lied - lied - lied

In this deck, "lie - lay - lain" is used to "say something that is not true", which is incorrect.
Comment from author
Hello and thank you for your valuable feedback, the error has just been corrected. :)
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Спасибо, очень полезно. В качестве пожелания можно попросить добавить предложения по каждой форме неправильного глагола.
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