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6000 Most Frequent Esperanto Words [w/ 60k+ example sents]

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This deck contains the 6000 most frequently used Esperanto words, sorted from most frequent, to least frequent. Many of the words contain example sentences to show how to use the word. There are over 60 000 example sentences spread through this deck! All words include the Wiktionary entry of them, which you can view by pressing a button. And there is a separate deck to practice reading and speaking. -=-=-=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/

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Frequency Rank of Word 1645
Word peto
Meanings behest, request
Pinyin null
Buttons wiktshow exs(3)
Example Sentences srcfrnengall Li kantis pro nia peto.He sang for our request. li kantis pro nia peto [g] Mi esperas, ke mia peto ne ĝenas vin.I hope my request does not bother you. mi esperas ke mia peto ne ĝenas vin [g] Li fine cedis al la peto de sia edzino kaj aĉetis domon.He finally yielded his wife's request and bought a house. li fine cedis al la peto de sia edzino kaj aĉetis domon [g]
Wiktionary Entry [View on Wiktionary]peto Pronunciation Audio (file) IPA(key): /ˈpeto/ Hyphenation: pe‧to Rhymes: -eto Noun peto (accusative singular peton, plural petoj, accusative plural petojn) behest, request Related terms peti
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Frequency Rank of Word 879
Word dika
Meanings thick fat
Pinyin null
Buttons wiktshow exs(4)
Example Sentences srcfrnengall Tio ne estis tiom dika.This was not so thick. tio ne estis tiom dika [g] La glacio estas tre dika.The ice is very thick. la glacio estas tre dika [g] Ĉi tiu libro estas tre dika.This book is very thick. ĉi tiu libro estas tre dika [g] Jen la plej dika libro, kiun mi iam vidis.This is the thickest book I've ever seen. jen la plej dika libro kiun mi iam vidis [g]
Wiktionary Entry [View on Wiktionary]dika Etymology From German dick. Pronunciation Audio (file) IPA(key): /ˈdika/ Hyphenation: di‧ka Rhymes: -ika Adjective dika (accusative singular dikan, plural dikaj, accusative plural dikajn) thick La pordo estis dika. ― The door was thick. fat La opero ne finiĝas, ĝis kantis la dika sinjorino. ― The opera doesn't end until the fat lady has sung. Antonyms maldika
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Frequency Rank of Word 4819
Word senelira
Meanings unleavable, inescapable (that cannot be left or departed from)
Pinyin null
Buttons wikt
Example Sentences
Wiktionary Entry [View on Wiktionary]senelira Etymology From sen- +‎ eliri +‎ -a. Pronunciation IPA(key): /seneˈlira/ Hyphenation: se‧ne‧li‧ra Rhymes: -ira Adjective senelira (accusative singular seneliran, plural seneliraj, accusative plural senelirajn) unleavable, inescapable (that cannot be left or departed from)
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