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HyperTTS - Add speech to your flashcards

9.28MB. Updated 2023-06-07.
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HyperTTS is a new addon from the maintainer of AwesomeTTS and Language Tools. It is inspired by AwesomeTTS, but rewritten from scratch. It has all the same features as AwesomeTTS. Services Supported: Premium Services: Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon/AWS Polly, Forvo, Naver, VocalWare, Watson, CereProc, FPTAI, ElevenLabs Free Services: Google Translate, NaverPapago, Collins, Oxford, Lexico, Duden, DWDS, SAPI5 (Windows). Tutorial: Getting started with HyperTTS Video Tutorial: Creating Audio Flashcards using HyperTTS Change Log, what's new in HyperTTS What's new compared to AwesomeTTS? Watch Video: HyperTTS vs AwesomeTTS Voices from all services are displayed together. Much easier to listen to sound samples. Much easier to experiment with text processing rules. Easier addition of sound from the editor, with a single button click. Ogg support. Is HyperTTS Free ? Yes HyperTTS is free to use, same as AwesomeTTS. It offers free services such as Google Translate, Naver Papago, Collins, and more to come. Some services such as Amazon, Azure are premium services, and you'll need to have an API key to use those. In some cases you can get a free API key. Bug Reporting Reward Program Anyone who reports bugs in HyperTTS will receive a reward, as a way to thank you for your contribution to the community. Please email hypertts@airpost.net. Source code available on https://github.com/Language-Tools/anki-hyper-tts, GPL-3 licensed.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1686122557
Outstanding addon. The author is also very very responsive and helpful. I'm a long-time subscriber and use this addon daily. I use it for my questions, not for my answers. I mainly use the Italian voices and find the Azure voices really good.
on 1685843364
Fantastic! I changed from AwesomeTTS to this, and I get the ability to create a collection of voices from multiple services and have it randomly select a different one each time - brilliant! Great work, author.
on 1685709745
on 1685628290
The fastest support ever and the most valuable add-on.
on 1685363263
This is making a huge difference to my studies. Thank you!
on 1685363194
If you already have setup Azure, this will be sweat stuff
on 1685196560
Excelente! Amazing.
on 1684862425
on 1684399715
Congratulations to the author. This new update is excellent… It is faster to add audios in batch.
on 1684090770
How do you speed up speech rate for every card with Microsoft voices?
Comment from author
Hi, I added the ability to change speed for Microsoft Windows voices in HyperTTS 0.76. Please be fair to me and update your review. hypertts@airpost.net if you have any questions.
on 1683599760
I have found this very helpful for learning Hindi!!
on 1683225418
I didn't know how much I needed it, until I started using
on 1682963295
Absolutely amazing!
on 1682471833
one of the best add ons for anki . could you please give me 200k extra
on 1682445669
Amazing addon rendered unusable with a simple oversight, cant change speed for windows native TTS.
Comment from author
Hi, I added the ability to change speed for Microsoft Windows voices in HyperTTS 0.76. Please be fair to me and update your review. hypertts@airpost.net if you have any questions.
on 1681402556
The advanced template is very useful! This solved my problem with AwesomeTTS.
on 1679939414
Great addon!
Feature request/Bug in Text Processing Rules: Process <img src = "*'>
- Asterisk so that whatever the name of the file name is, it gets filtered and does not create audio for it.
- Have noticed this in many of my cards in the Text/Front section (when using a private API, especially Google) it actually says the file name of the image.
- This occurs only when adding audio as a collection, not during real-time audio.

I prefer to filter these out completely when creating an audio collection. Hopefully, you can push this update real quick before my API monthly ends.
on 1679900457
This addon a must-have if you're making your own decks to learn a foreign language.
on 1679725014
nice addon with neat tools
on 1679411586
I hesitated a lot before installing this add-on, I was expecting it to be a lot harder to use. I currently learn Russian, and the sound of certain letters is highly dependent on where the stress is located in the word and I thought I would have to rewrite all my anki cards with some kind of "hinting system" to get a good result. So when I finally decided to give it a try after having backed up my decks I was surprised do discover how easy it actually is and how good the result is. And not only it is easy but It really changed my learning experience, the seances are less monotonous, I can repeat the words after hearing them and it really helps me memorizing them faster. For me, no way back.
on 1679409834
Brilliant add-on!
on 1679348956
Works really well!
on 1679335976
nice addon with neat tools
on 1679326224
Hi, I tried HyperTTS in Arabic. Unfortunately, it only has a success rate of about 55% on basic vocabulary.
"Encountered an error while Adding Audio to Note: Audio not found for [شاي] (voice: Arabic (Egypt), Any, None, Forvo)"
Comment from author
Hi, please get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net, I would like to give you a reward for reporting this issue.
on 1679324952
Really efficient and easy to use.
on 1679324738
Good. Waiting 200k for total conclusion.
on 1678918139
I liked AwesomeTTS, now i switched to the HyperTTS.
Great work, great tool!
on 1678788719
I would recommend anyone studying a foreign language to use this add-on! I seriously believe this is what has helped me with my pronunciation and making sure my pitch accent is good. Native speakers have even complimented saying I sound like a native speaker. It is quite easy to use and the developer is very kind and quickly replies to your email if there are any issues. Recently, I have been having an issue with my API being invalid so I hope to get that sorted out soon.

Edit: API is good now!
on 1678762935
Awesome add-on. Thank you and highly recommended.
on 1678727082
Nice software, fast, responsive, nice voice, Highly recommended!
on 1678353787
O melhor!!! Cumpre o que promete e é fácil de usar. As vozes são fluidas e realmente parecem ser uma pessoa falando. Adorei e estou usando todos os dias nos meus treinamentos em inglês.
Muito obrigado aos desenvolvedores. Sucesso!!!
on 1678257951
it's very good, easy and convenient to add to cards. The voice is very easy to hear. But i just use the Google translate, i can not use the Google cloud text-to speed.
on 1678004202
It's pretty good, the main benefit is how convenient and easy it is to batch add audio to your cards.

You'll have to spend alot of time testing out the different voices to find something that's actually good though, it may not be as good as native audio but it's better than nothing.
on 1677881510
Nota 10. É o melhor!
on 1677652902
Works reliably and produces great results. Only suggestions is it would be nice if randomized voices somehow understood not to grab the exact same audio a second time if asked to fetch again.
on 1677599452
Love this Anki add-on it works great. Just make sure that if you want keep the text on your Anki card to make sure to select it or it will erase them. If I had one complaint about this is add-on it would be that it should be by default to keep text when adding audio. Overall I am enjoying this for language learning. Thank you.
on 1677598057
I'm very pleased with the excelent functions and capacities that HyperTTS offers. I am studying German and HyperTTS ist an invaluable Help for It.
on 1677597997
I'm completely in awe of the fact that I can now efficiently add flashcards with audio files to my sample sentences. This add-on is a game changer through and through.
on 1677454372
The extension is good although I'm facing a problem I wasn't on Awesome TTS and I am not quite sure how to fix or even if it's fixable!

The thing is, every time an audio source is added through the add-on the wrriten text is removed, and this is super annoying because as I use Anki in language learning, I DO NOT want the text to disappear and have a card with only audio, I want both text and audio in the card.

Therefore I have to constantly CTRL + A | CTRL + C | Click on add audio | CTRL + A | ARROW TO THE LEFT (go to beginning of the text) | and finally CTRL + V (paste the text that was erased by the add-on itself)

I know that process takes seconds, but it doesn't matter, it's annoying having to do that every freaking time! So I'm going back to Awesome TTS, that even though the function of a adding audio with one click is not there, it's still way faster than doing all of what I described.
Comment from author
I want to fix this for you, but you have to get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net
on 1677441613
Works great. I have not tried all the voices and services but right out of the gate it works a treat. Had to edit cards with strange characters, before recording, then adding the characters back in to stop recording from saying things like "slash."
on 1677432467
So good so far
on 1677333872
Awesome! I used it for making French cards. It really sounds like a human.
on 1677299787
I'm absolutely dumbstruck. The workflow allows so much flexibility & is so well thought out that I can use this thing without any compromises whatsoever. Amazing

Now I only wish we could get Korean voices that compare with some of the t2s voices I've heard for English that are indistinguishable. Seems ilke Azure has the best, but still not perfect hah - still good enough to not distract mem in my studies at all
on 1677172328
Much simpler and faster than recording audio yourself without loosing any sound/speech quality. Thank you for this amazing tool
on 1677160854
it is very helpful. Hope its configuration can be automatically saved when varifed my apikey.
on 1677148989
It's great, BUT  when I add a sound it adds 5-10 items instead of 1.How to fix it?
on 1677137129
Works really well :)
on 1676987503
Easy to use and adaptable.
on 1676970783
this is awesome. I'm using it for chinese and it has helped tremendously with the tricky tones. Installing it went smoothly as well. Great add on!!
on 1676832857
Absolutely, it's the best way to learn a new language. Thank you for making it for us.
on 1676597587
It works.
on 1676561253
Incredibly good
on 1676504220
on 1676487274
Great Add-on,
with the new update that is build with Python, adding sound to cards is 10x faster. It's now super easy to add TTs to cards.
on 1676335426
on 1676215272
very good addons
on 1676079979
Damn add-on! It's just crashed my Anki so crap it is! You could make better add-ons and not to do it just for money, because when we go to set up its features very soon we see with a window trying to make us buy the pro version.
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. hypertts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1675878627
Outstanding! Works as presented. I use HyperTTS for German. I use Anki to create standard flashcards for vocabulary but I find it more useful to create or write down sentences and phrases not only to learn words but also speaking in sentences. HyperTTS allows for me to listen to these phrases to learn intonation and pronunciation from a "native (artificial intelligence) speaker". I can listen and repeat whole sentences or just a single word over and over until I can say these phrases or words effortlessly. Dennis
on 1675824819
Great add-on with a whole range of voices! Just save your preset, click, done - especially good for sentences which may not be available on forvo or other sites.
on 1675785183
Fantastic Addon, very easy to use and with tons of voices
on 1675714462
It's work great, I very like it.
on 1675589520
It's easier to use than AwesomeTTS. I want to keep using it.
on 1675427583
Super useful plugin and amazing support! It makes adding sound recording to your cards a breeze and it has a lot of customization options. Recommended :)
on 1675021027
Sehr tolles Programm um Audio in guter Qualität hinzuzufügen und bei der Kartengestaltung flexibler sein, da man weiter Bausteine hat.
Aber ich frage mich:

I used Hyper TTS in Anki to have a good sound on my cards, now I’m wondering if I can add text when creating it. I will try to explain it with a very simple example, for example you want to learn the federal states or the capitals of the individual countries. So you make life easy for yourself and adapt the cards individually so that the actual question comes from the card itself and the information from the input into the appropriate fields, E.g. Question: What is the capital of Germany? Answer: The capital of Germany is Berlin. The words that are bold are the ones that are different for each question, the others are just for embellishment.

The question is how can I have the complete question and answer read out to me with HyperTTS? I hope somebody can help me
on 1674952873
I tried it for my flashcards and works like a charm. For the Japanese, the Azure service provides soft and pleasant voices, very natural sounding.
The extension itself is great: the buttons are exactly where you expect them to be, everything works.

I use it together with Migaku and Tatoeba examples, adding the sounds to my example field and target-language field. I think it's beneficial for remembering the same word in different context, said by different people (or robots, whatever).
on 1674595505
The voices sound great! They really make the audio on my cards sound so much better.
on 1674488913
Initially I found it a little complicated, but once I had my presets created then it became extremely easy to quickly fill new cards with audio!

Maybe a simplified mode or some basic presets might be useful for the less technically inclined?
on 1674487761
Excellent piece of software which has allowed me to rapidly create a huge number of vocabulary words for my beginner italian lessons. Highly recommended.
on 1674320150
This plugin made it so easy to add Google TTS to my cards. Love it.
on 1674210227
Overall, seems like a nice add-on. I just downloaded it today and have been playing around with it before I start updating a 850+ deck. When all is done and I have added a sound file to a test card, my target language card/note is appended with a long text file starting with "hypertts...(long string of numbers enchews)". It doesn't show up in in previews, so the learning isn't cluttered up. That's a good thing. It's just the browser window where I try to read the target language I've written. Have I done something wrong? Or this the way it works? Is this file name necessary to see/know?
on 1674120853
The best voice is Microsoft Azure
on 1674103272
on 1674071085
Works perfectly well.
on 1673969816
Excellent help for English learner. I save a lot of time with using this.
on 1673801731
Wanted to like this, but in its current form it's literally unusable if you have multiple note types with different target fields you want to map voices to (And I do NOT mean combining fields). I have one note type where I want HyperTTS to generate audio from in a field called "Sentence"; in a different note type, I want to use a field called "Japanese" and so on. Several note types.

With HyperTTS, you have to set up a preset for each note type, and you cannot duplicate settings from one present to another. So if you have a set of 14 voices you want to randomize, you have to set that up for EACH PRESET, and if you have like 7 note types...Yeah.

Annoying as hell. I'm going back to AwesomeTTS.
I'm changing my rating based on the customer service alone. The dev has reached out and has been kind and curious about how to implement a solution, and even provided a generous amount of trial characters for free. It's clear Luc wants to make something that works well for the community. Going to keep using Awesome, but looking forward to future updates for Hyper.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hi, please get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net. I want to discuss the possibility of implementing this (but I need your input), and will also give you a reward for reporting this issue.
on 1673730153
Perfect for english learners. Just please add Google UK English voice.
on 1673626696
Seems very good. Only suggestion I have is to be able to output multiple audio files to multiple fields. Could maybe achieve this through the Python functionality.
on 1673543007
O aplicativo é bom! Todavia quando utilizado no Anki apresenta o seguinte problema: ao adicionar o texto com o arquivo de áudio gerado pelo HyperTTS o Anki acusa duplicidade.
on 1673537162
One of the best add-ons for language learning. With the real-time voice feature, you can save a lot of space on your device. It also provides a lot of voice samples to choose from. Highly recommended for language learning.
on 1673524759
Thank you alot
on 1673413568
Too many errors without adding a voice
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. hypertts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1673083085
Amazing and powerful application. I wish, I had the option to add multiple audios (English, Japanese, or another language) in a single instant. To get multiple audios (in different languages), I have to run the same card multiple times, which is quite inefficient.
on 1673072683
Fixed the issue that AwesomeTTS can't function in Auzre.
on 1673021610
very good
on 1673012241
Works well!
on 1672939578
Excellent selection of voices, languages, and even accents!
on 1672912397
I tried HyperTTS for Anki the first time. It's exactly what I searched for and works great. Try this add-on!
on 1672854120
awesome pronunciations
on 1672845623
Really one the most useful Anki add-ons, and all the resources available make it easy to use. Thank you!
on 1672761467
When I try to download I get an error message saying that either my code is invalid or the add-on is not compatible with my version of Anki. I thought the add-on was supported for all versions of Anki 2.1.X and I'm using 2.1.13 -- so I've no idea why it doesn't work. I tried manually installing the add-on from Github and tried both the awesometts-anki-addon-master file (unzipped of course) and the folder called awesometts. However none of these methods work and so I sit here writing this review.

What is it I should do to download this add-on? Is my version of Anki truly outdated?
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. hypertts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1672760553
Perfectly solve my Anki sentence example problem. Life saver.
on 1672602904
A useful add-on with high quality audio voices and really easy to use.
on 1672427981
Great product
on 1672280678
Thank you so much. I'm using it to learn a new language and it's a wonderful tool.
on 1671782891
I've only used this addon for a day with Hindi. I'm very pleased so far. It offers a variety of voices, and I have to admit that, contrary to what I expected, the Standard voices are much better than the Neural ones.
on 1671496200
Meets my expectations and much more. It has a lot of good quality voices. You can process many cards at once and the process is short, the files are small. It seems to have all possible functions.
on 1671493419
A very useful addon when learning languages, in which it is important not only to memorize words, but also to get used to their speech.
on 1671480735
Honestly has changed my way of creating nodes, and has made my life much easier. Totally recommend it. Would love if there were lite a version of the plus package, because I don't need 250,000 Characters per month, but at the same time would love to support this Add-on in some way.
(used for CHINESE, cant really judge how well it works for other languages.)
on 1671476457
This is fantastic! A game-changer for my flashcards. Having such easy access to such a wide range of high quality voices has massively improved the quality and usefulness of my decks. Crystal clear audio with consistent voices makes it so much easier to learn.
on 1671445259
This is a gamechanger. Also, I'm using the pro version for better TTS, and it's making a huge difference.
I can recommend this to everyone. Amazing job. Bravo.
on 1671380105
Excellent selection of voices, languages, and even accents!
Comment from author before post was edited
Olá, aguardo seu contato para que eu possa entregar seu brinde hypertts@airpost.net
on 1671308098
Useful for making flashcards. A large selection of audio to choose from. Once you create a preset with a voice you like you are able to add sound to your flashcards in seconds.
on 1671296107
Works great, lots of choices in terms of services to choose from
on 1671010418
I really like this Add-On to create and store korean pronunciation of word and sentences for my korean studies.
Unfortunately the free Papago service is not working all the time. It encounters an error saying statuscode 403 "Login required" from the papago naver API. Would be very nice to solve this :)
on 1670950250
Awesome add-on!
on 1670945817
High quality and customizable.
on 1670874604
Too good!
on 1670860984
Pretty good! 👍
on 1670833458
Best Anki addon to add high quality audio to your language flashcards without having to create an API key yourself (the connection goes through LanguageTools servers)
on 1670688866
Easiest way to add audio to Anki flash cards!
on 1670338019
very to make anki flashcards much faster
on 1670232385
Fantastic- I can’t believe how quickly and smoothly it all works. The Amazon Italian voice is my favourite.
on 1670081754
If you thought AwesomeTTS was good, 'Hyper' is on a whole new level. The voices really are astonishing. I have friends who can't do joined-up speech as well as some of these! Haven't tried Language Tools yet but I'm looking forward to it. Many thanks to whoever put AwesomeTTS & Hyper out there!

Update (Dec 3rd 2022): So tried out Language Tools. Keeps getting better and better. There's now (or always was?) a facility to autofill a target language field AS YOU TYPE in the source field. I'm making decks for Sudanese students of English. So I type a sentence into the source field and it automatically produces an audio file for that sentence. You set up the parameters the first time, then it takes over. This saves so much time. Really impressed.
on 1669908955
This is very efficient. I converted more than a hundred cards to a voice on a few clicks.
on 1669139290
Whow. This add on is pretty good. I'm specially fond of the Azure female and male sounds. This add on is perfect if you want to improve your pronunciation skills in any language because it is very real and less robotic than other add-ons. I'm loving it and I'm sure you'll too.
on 1668880195
nice addon
on 1668816057
Really useful addon that saves time when making flash cards if you want to have audio. Some really high quality voices too that sound quite human.
on 1668692023
I am truly delighted with all of the tools: AwesomeTTS, HyperTTS, and Language Tools. I have tried them all and they work great. I previously could only manually add Hanzi and Pinyin to my flashcards, but I could not add sound. I discovered these three add-ons when they were recommended by the creators of the Mandarin Blueprint Method learning system. Now that I can add sound to my flashcards, my listening and speaking skills have improved significantly. It is much more satisfying, useful, and fun to have sound along with the Hanzi and the Pinyin. I'm so grateful to the creator -- she has been incredibly helpful! Thank you!
on 1668689475
Works perfectly for my mining deck
on 1668678155
Helpful add-on. I tried bulk adding audio and it worked. Although, I came across one card with incorrect audio and tried to fix it but I am getting the error:

Encountered an error while Adding Audio to Note: Could not request audio for [看護師長]: Status code: 429 (b'{"error": "Exceeded User lifetime quota)"}\n') (voice: Japanese, Female, Naomi (Formal) (Premium), Naver)

How can I fix it?
on 1668624722
Works perfectly with Version ⁨2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩. The free version using Google Translate takes 30 seconds per translation if you are running a bulk upload.
on 1668551487
This addon is very efficient and easy to use. Love using this addon. Thank you :)
on 1668526388
Thank you for the add-on. I really enjoy it and personally prefer Azure voice.
All of this makes creating flashcards with more fun. ^_^
on 1668262767
I think the author is avesome, really want to make it the best addon ever.
Comment from author before post was edited
I tried to get in touch with you repeatedly. Please email me hypertts@airpost.net . Ogg Opus and Ogg Vorbis are now supported in version 0.60. Please update your review if it's working for you.
on 1668109350
on 1668080049
No matter what setting I choose I get this error code: Encountered an error while Playing Sound Preview: Could not request audio for [ja_on]: Status code: 429 (b'{"error": "Exceeded User lifetime quota)"}\n') (voice: Japanese, Female, Haruka 春香 (Standard), Azure)
Comment from author
Please get in touch with me and we'll fix it together. hypertts@airpost.net . Also, reminder that we have a reward program for people who report bugs (I will give you details after you email me)
on 1668068558
after two weeks of use I have no complaints.
P.S. I'm writing this comment to get 200k extra characters for free.
on 1668008559
Awesome 👏
on 1667780745
The short answer: so far quite pleased with this!

I hadn't used Anki in years, in fact. Despite all its advantages I'd found making the cards too time-consuming. HyperTTS really makes it simple and encourages me to get back into studying. It is worth the download and worth your time.
on 1667061299
Works really well for getting audio. I wish the process for adding and editing the presets was a bit more intuitive though. Right now, if I want to edit a preset, I have to go to a note, choose "new preset", click "add audio", choose the preset I want to edit, load it, make the relevant changes, then be sure I've saved them. It would make more sense to me if the presets could all be edited from the preferences menu. (If it matters, I'm using Anki on a Mac.)
on 1667053512
Efficient, helped a lot
on 1666972385
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
on 1666209682
How can I get a free quota? My friends have used it and loved it!
on 1665401063
TTS improve the efficiency of language learning, HyperTTS the best TTS addon
on 1665335089
Excellent software especially for someone with ADHD. Visual and audio stimuli keeps me focused.
on 1665321380
Great !!
on 1665070817
The best tts addon out there. Don't think. Just download it and be happy.
on 1665046699
doesn't mention that is freeware
Comment from author
Hi, i'm waiting for you to contact me so that I can deliver your reward for reporting an issue. Please email me hypertts@airpost.net, and i'll give you more details.
on 1664988460
This is a ver good add-on for Anki. You can choose from multiple voices and you can apply these voices to your decks.
on 1664463334
Works great - voices sound natural
on 1664461851
Really useful add on for language learning!
on 1664358032
I like the add-on.
One minor critique: trying to remove the audio from more than one note at once shows the error: "Please select a single note to add to Real time audio".
Other than that, great, especially for the fact one can you use one's own API for e.g. Azure.
Comment from author
Thanks for your praise, would you be able to get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net to discuss the issue with removing audio ? I'd like to understand your use case. Thank you!
on 1664155616
Não funciona
Comment from author
Olá, se você entrar em contato comigo hypertts@airpost.net, temos uma recompensa para quem relatar problemas, darei mais detalhes quando você me enviar um e-mail.
on 1664125136
Much more complete than AwesomeTTS, thank you very much.
on 1664118600
This add-on is quite amazing! It helped a lot when I wanted Anki flashcard to read aloud English text. Thanks for your effort.
on 1664022671
Awesome, one of the useful add-ons! Thanks man
on 1663764352
very good
on 1663753110
on 1663518605
Very convenient. Very easy to use.
on 1663456155
works well, initial quota difficult to understand
on 1663446746
This plugin is fantastic for improving listening/speaking in other languages.
on 1663404278
I Made a very big deck for germany and I have increased my listening and speaking skills
Thank you alot
on 1663379997
it's great! Now is so much easier to add audio to the card, thanks a lot for the improvement on the add-on.
on 1663336898
Really useful and helpful stuff
on 1663089782
A great easy-to-use extension. I can’t imagine memorising vocabulary without it :)
on 1662986374
Excellent voices.
on 1662819832
Works great, just as expected!
on 1662734076
Works great and does exactly what I want.
on 1662733972
Pretty happy with this, I prefer audio from the tv show but if it’s a sentence I’ve made myself and I can’t get my language partner to read it, this is a good alternative! Audio makes such a difference on the cards so really grateful for hyperTTS
on 1662667239
very useful extension, I really recommend it.
use this if you want to use a very wide variety of different services for your flashcards. including a large number of natural voices.
on 1662649328
Great add-on
on 1662610604
Amazing add-on, very easy to use and extremely helpful.
on 1662424038
This add-on is one of the most useful add ones for me. Thank you.
on 1662307500
Works perfectly, I can't imagine using Anki without it! I am using the Plus version and is really convenient to try all the different voices. Moreover, the developer of the addon is super responsive. Thank you for building this!
on 1662056231
Great stuff, makes leadni h German so much more effective. The Azure tts voices are super realistic, almost like real recordings
on 1662054382
It is such a big improvement from AwesomeTTS. The Hyper version made it so much simplier and faster to add sound to my cards.
Also, not sure if this was something in Awesome, but with Hyper I can add sounds in mass, adding sounds to all my old cards.
on 1662045990
That's so awesome! You can make the most of your time when you use it. Now you can add high-quality and natural voices in different languages easily!
on 1661354526
This add on is really useful
on 1660888906
The "Neural" Chinese voices in the Azure set are incredible for sentence mining, as they are extremely similar to human speech, and much more natural than most computer-generated voices.
on 1660838400
Best way to add audio to flashcards
on 1660813158
Very useful! It allows me to put audio on specific fields without having the automatic text-to-speech on the others. It's very easy to use, I recommend.
on 1660684872
The best add-on for Anki!!!
on 1660684645
It's amazing!!!
on 1660668768
crazy how useful this thing is... thank you
on 1660618388
Absolutely LOVE this add-on! Started using AwesomeTTS couple of years ago and now on trial version of HyperTTS. With AswesomeTTS I got used to electronic voices, but new voices at HyperTTS sound much closer to real people. I do create a lot of cards on weekly basis for my students and myself. Still on a trial version but hope it will not be too expensive after :) Thank you, creators!
on 1660564886
Muito bom!
A opção de configurar para poder adicionar vozes randomicas de acordo com uma lista, é incrível.
Deixa muito mais interessante!
on 1660489943
It's work great!
Faster than the already good TTS in each sense.
Thanks for this addon!
on 1660311847
on 1660286484
on 1660229427
Great for use with the Microsoft Azure TTS engine. As a beginner Chinese learner, it's hard to know how to get the tones and intonation right from just reading the pinyin. I was using the Microsoft Edge browser's built-in TTS engine, but it was cumbersome to get the recording right every time and sometimes the audio quality can be poor. With HyperTTS I can get the same recording using my favorite TTS voice from the Edge browser with just a click of a button.
on 1660150199
good add-on. addition of new voices really helps me figure out the correct pronunciation of words. Randomizing voices keeps my language learning deck sounding fresh. Works flawlessly
on 1660146282
After wasting time trying to do this manually without HyperTTS and trying to use the other version I came across this addon and was surprised how much easier it was to add audio to some 500 notes with Greek. There was a choice of using it for free BUT after a couple of days, I realized that for a "range of subscriptions" starting as low as $5 a month I could improve on the free service.
There is available a choice of dialects available for Greek and I chose the Athens one with female as I have found females generally clearer to understand but this is certainly my preference.
I see that it is one of Anki most popular addons and I cannot commend it enough as learning Greek like most languages requires authentic audio pronunciation
on 1660126889
Great addon.
Use it for making sound for Italian cards. Recommend amazon bianca voice for Italian.
on 1660088844
Great add-on, it made my workflow of adding sound much easier. Many voices and accents, in all the languages that need. Good luck to the developers.
on 1660056031
This is working well for me. Dutch pronunciation is really hard, and the Watson voice (Emma, ironically) for Dutch is excellent. I’ve been using this for a day now, so not that long, but so far my experience is that it’s producing very accurate pronunciation that is really helping me. It’s very easy to use as well—I created a preset for back sides and another for front sides, and so adding voice to either side is now a matter of a single button click (for back sides, which I always do) or two for front sides (since that’s not the default).
on 1659867545
It's not working. I receive error messages: no voices available and preset not found.
My version: 2.1.49
Comment from author
Hi, i'm still waiting for you to contact me so that I can deliver a reward for reporting a bug. Please email me hypertts@airpost.net
on 1659732062
One of my favorite addons!
The Azure voices are great!
Thank you!
on 1659713147
The excellent addon to easily add voices for words in your vocabulary.
on 1659541053
Been using hypertts to create audio clips of spanish words to ensure my pronunciation is accurate and it works marvelously. Being able to select a number of voices and the hot-key function allows me to easily add a random voice to keep my cards sounding fresh. 5 stars.
on 1659519001
I really loved the addon. It helps me immensely.
on 1659306965
The options for creating templates and then using clear voices makes adding and using sounds really easy. Better for study too with the voices I'm using for Vietnamese and Mandarin.
on 1659277401
HyperTTS has such clear voices. I am leaning Slovak and this add-on is sooo helpful!
on 1659206568
This product is super cool. I am so glad I have it.
on 1659064365
on 1658786733
Excellent service and program working perfectly.
on 1658591743
So far so good! Definitely have to play around to find the right voice; I’ve found the Azure voices for Chinese to be really good. I really like how this adds a single button clock to generate audio, and how you can set it to target a specific field to base the recording on. Also, I love how you can preset it to choose randomly from a list of voices, really changes up the recordings and is better for learning purposes.
on 1658500674
Very good addon, using this all the time
on 1658356392
on 1658340177
This is a must-have for any language learner, specially those who want to create production decks with native-like audio. The neural voices are pretty good and don't sound robotic at all.
Thanks to HyperTTS and the Export deck to audio (Anki 2.1) add-on, I was able to create a glossika-like deck from scratch.
Best $5 of my life. :)
on 1658327324
I like it, gives access to the best sound I was able to find for swedish, through Amazon.
on 1658195902
It's a great add-on, offers a large varity of accents in so many languages. Nevertheless, some good quality free ressouces are not included in this add-on, while AwsomeTTs has. For exemple Youdao dictionary, its free japanese voice is of pretty good quality.
on 1658081209
Very good. Thanks
on 1658075114
It is easy to use, and very useful for TTS available in all amazing neural voices that available in all Languages.
on 1657942275
After I downloaded the new version of anki and updated the addon, the naver papago started working again. It's working perfectly again!
Comment from author before post was edited
The issue is now fixed, I would appreciate it if you changed your review. And reminder that there is a reward for people who report bugs, please contact me hypertts@airpost.net for details.
on 1657910646
Excellent. It's extreme fast and easy create a lot of cards on Anki with audio files.
on 1657828085
Very helpful for hearing what the word is supposed to sound like in my target language. I can shadow it and helps my pronunciation at the same time as helping my reading.
on 1657815134
I'm still learning how to use it, but the quality of sound files is great!
on 1657722503
The author was able to fix the issue and I can continue to use the sound from Naver Papago (free version). On top of that, they were really quick in fixing the issue and responded quickly to messages. I appreciate it a ton! Like I said in my original review, I love the awesomeTTS add-on and now the HyperTTS add-on. The HyperTTS add-on just feels like a more user-friendly add-on with all the things I loved about the awesomeTTS add-on :D

I originally had the awesome TTS and loved it. Worked perfectly until the last month with Papago Naver (free version). Decided to update to HyperTTS but ran into the same issue causing the audio to be unable to load.
Error I get is:
Encountered an error while Playing Sound Preview: Could not request audio for [십]: got status_code 403 from https://papago.naver.com/apis/tts/makeID:b'{"code":00002","message":"Login required.","displayMessage":"Login required."}' (voice: Korean, Female, kyuri, NaverPapago)

Please fixed this. I really love this add-on and use it frequently.
Comment from author before post was edited
The issue is now fixed, I would appreciate it if you changed your review. And reminder that there is a reward for people who report bugs, please contact me hypertts@airpost.net for details.
on 1657654464
Like AwesomeTTS, but easier to use and more options.
on 1657496243
Very good and practical.
on 1657464539
I thought I knew computers, etc. but I struggled a bit at first with figuring out what to do. I guess knowledge from the early computer days is becoming more and more irrelevant. But I slowed down, read the instructions, and figured out how to get this up and running on my computer and in Anki. If you too have trouble...reach out, figure out how to get it working. It is not hard, the explanation is sufficient and as soon as you use it I think you will agree with me...Simply put, it is phenomenal. I am now focusing on German sentences that I create in Anki. No matter what I write, Amazon AWS (premium service) speaks it back perfectly. Probably the best addon Anki has
on 1657410322
Has been a huge help with my pronunciation for Brazilian Portuguese.
on 1657123636
Author, you didn't just create an app. You make the world a better place!) You develop human civilization!
This is the best app for Anki. Learning a foreign language goes to another level. Sounding cards occurs in seconds!
on 1656867171
on 1656837978
This extension is perfect. Very convenient to add the TTS to the cards, and the audio is really good, a lot of variety (I use Russian)
on 1656579032
This is a game changer. Really easy to use. Just spend a little time fine-tuning your presets and you're setup for good.
on 1656455568
I love HyperTTS – it makes adding audio pronunciations to my Mandarin flashcards effortless. Cannot recommend highly enough.
on 1656341579
Hyper TTS has changed my life completely. Unbelievably helpful. Game changer. Thank gods for the creator of this addon.
on 1656177211
Saves a lot of time while delivering great selection of voices!
on 1656080755
I was hesitant to try this new add-on HyperTTS after having gotten used to the UI of AwesomeTTS for years now, but after a few minutes of using it, its user interface is much cooler and using presets is much more intuitive compared to before
on 1655938675
Most useful addon. Azure - sara is my favorite, but I wish I could afford this service longterm :( Very useful for me.
on 1655924956
Fantastically useful and well-designed app for adding TTS to my language flashcards. Really easy to use, good documentation, and an amazing developer who's very responsive and helpful. Highly recommended.
on 1655855318
It’s great. I wish I did not have to pay. But I can see why you might need to pay.
on 1655832456
Awesome app~~ dev has created a really nice tutorial on how to use. Highly recommended for language learners!!
on 1655716329
Wonderful tool to create good decks with audio
on 1655420521
This is the most useful Add-on for anki that I've found by far. It makes it very easy to add audio to any flashcard. For me, it's super important not only to see the written text but also hear how that text should sound. Some of the voices are very realistic, almost human-like. You have to pay a bit for those voices but it seems well worth it to me. HyperTTS is very customizable. You can have it grab text from any field and output to any field, among many other options.
on 1655132415
Awesome addon! Feel much more real with MS Azure than good old google translate :D
11 out of 10 flashcards approve!
on 1655063970
A really awesome and useful add-on, I cannot imagine learning a language with Anki without it
on 1654962923
Really good add on but I would recommend to pay the premium with PayPal instead of creditcard.
on 1654921474
I love HyperTTS. The speech feature allows me to focus both my eyes and ears on what I am learning, boosting my listening comprehension as well as my reading comprehension. My only frustration, which has nothing to do with this routine, is the limited number of truly free voices available..
on 1654799663
A must-have tool for any Anki language learner.
on 1654792593
Amazing resource for language-learning!
on 1654745068
Pretty cool, sucks that its paid for some voices but makes sense. Helpful for language learning!
on 1654422309
This is a great tool! Having the audio makes a world of difference, especially with languages like Chinese. Thanks for the great work!
on 1653804497
Listening comprehension has been one of my greatest challenges as a language learner. My wife discovered this add-on that allows you to easily generate and add audio files to cards from multiple different sources. This has been revolutionary for my language learning. The add-on is simple to use and very flexible in allowing you to configure the audio files exactly as you want. This is a fantastic tool and absolutely essential for taking your language learning to a higher level.
on 1653649810
Perfect ! very useful for language learners...
on 1653398936
HyperTTS draws upon a huge catalog of text-to-speech voices with some neural voices like Microsoft Azure sounding eerily human-like. I use Microsoft Azure's Yunxi 云希 male voice for all my Chinese sentence cards and generating the audio is so easy. Cannot recommend HyperTTS enough, a critical and valuable time-saving resource that had me from taking hours in a year just using Baidu translate and ShareX to grab sentence audio to sentence audio in mere seconds. Invaluable tool.
Comment from author
Many thanks for your positive feedback. Myself a learner of Chinese, I know TTS is an invaluable tool for language learning.
on 1653381751
language learners need to get on this
on 1652626668
Great addon with a lot of utility. With templates you can do a lot of things.
What I also like very much how responsive the dev is. I've been in contact about questions and possibilities and it's been very helpful. Superb support!
on 1652610717
great addon!
on 1652493178
Why my anki doesn't work??
Comment from author
Hi, please get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net so that we can solve your issue.
on 1652305455
The variety of languages and voices is unbeatable.
on 1652222298
Amazing, but ended my quota :(
on 1652111086
The app is super simple to use. The guides on the website are clear and concise, right to the point. The whole process is extremely fast. There seem to be very advanced options, but most decks will be fine just using the basic ones. The app is so simple, and way more refined than its predecessor. For my use case, just yesterday I added TTS to around 5k characters in a Chinese Anki Deck. The pronounciations are top-notch (although this is more on Microsoft part). I surely want to keep using the app as I continue adding more and more words to my decks.
on 1651963865
Extremely useful and easy to use.
on 1651532630
What a great plug-in and time saver. I use Microsoft Azure at 0.7 speed for Japanese, and it's a real pleasure to listen to.
on 1651437011
Work as advertised.
I find the audio quality of the free "google translate" not as good as when you use translate.google.com but ok.
The voice quality for the neural voices of Microsoft Azure (paid version) is quite impressive.
on 1651244931
How do I add audio for other fields ?, it's only working for the front field of the flashcards...
Comment from author
Hi, please get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net so that we can solve your issue.
on 1651055166
Easy to use. Good support.
on 1650902145
I use both hypertts and awesome tts and I use hypertts if I want combinations of pronunciation, it helps me diversify two words that sounds almost the same.
on 1650901965
helped me learn certain pronunciations, totally useful if you're hearing words for the first time and retain them
on 1650233897
Great Add-on.
on 1650205340
Excellent way to try out many TTS engines for free with absolutely no hassle.
on 1649622144
Really helpful tool in learning languages to practice pronunciation and listening.
Thanks a lot!
on 1649509098
Add-on is awesome. Thank you very much. And it might be even better! It would be very useful if there are two features:
1) An option for automatic generation based on some filed/profile changes. Maybe the name of an audio file should contain a hash of a field and a hash of chosen voices. So, if I changed the field or add/remove a voice from the profile, the sound would be (re)generated. The check may run before a card review, after filed change, or manually.
2) An option to choose the destination field and voices with a custom Python code. I have "Vocabulary Audio" and "Example Audio" fileds in my note type and four decks with different languages, so I have to have eight profiles, and I would like to have only one.
Comment from author
Thank you for your suggestions, I've opened two issues to track these requests: https://github.com/Language-Tools/anki-hyper-tts/issues/59 https://github.com/Language-Tools/anki-hyper-tts/issues/60
on 1649456014
Really good for Spanish, the Azure voices are phenomenal. Many thanks Luc!
Best addition to Spanish language learning for me.
on 1649320275
Fantastic ! What a big help !!! And the voices are very good ! Anki+HyperTTS, a must for foreign language learners !
The support is very reactive and fantastic too !! . Thank's a lot Luc
Comment from author before post was edited
Thank you for your compliments!
on 1648824153
Awesome tool.
The Neural Voices are supreme (Azure Voice especially ).
The app is user friendly even If I'm no expert on Anki (and It could be more potential for me)
on 1648774908
Must have add-on, if you want to learn language effectively. Especially, with the Neural voice, you can synthesize natural, realistic voices to your card that are a great help to remember vocabulary and sentences.
on 1648749761
Facilita a criação de áudio com apenas um click.
this extension is very powerfull because with this is possible add an audio with only one click.
on 1648700817
Chinese is quite natural. I like the voices of XIAOCHEN and YUNXI
on 1648556676
The interface is cleaner.
on 1648332253
Essential add-on for learning languages. Lots of functionality and great variety of voices. The Azure neural voices are the best.
on 1648001557
This is a great plugin that will save a lot of time. Wish more people knew about it
on 1647566767
Better than awesomeTTS,Although sometimes there will be mistakes.I don't know if it's the network or something else.
on 1647455319
Perfeito para aprender novo vocabulário em francês. :)
on 1647274141
This is must have add-on for any language learner. Audio boost your success rate. It makes memorizing easier. It is a new version of AwesomeTTS, which was awesome, indeed. But now you have presets button to add audio right above the fields in browser. So, many services, so many voices... I took me a few minutes to figure out how it works, but it is easy and pretty obvious. Adding audio was never so easy. It is one of the best thing that happened to Anki community. On top of that the author is very user oriented and reacts to requests. So don't hesitate to contact him if you have any ideas. And you can get a newsletter. Yes, the first add-on newsletter. I am extremely grateful for this add-on. Amazing. Pure gold.
on 1647084716
Works perfectly & responsive dev, great work!
on 1646751757
I have been using the previous version of Hyper-TTS for almost a year and it has been immensley helpful for language learning. Hyper-TTS is even easier to use in converting text into audio files for listening practice. I really like the feature of being able to have it randomly use different voices. The developer has been particularly helpful and responsive to my requests even adding a feature that I requested. I highly recommend Hyper-TTS.
on 1646723030
Fantastic program. Especially very nice to bundle voices together in one preset, and then apply random voices to your cards. Gives you some more dynamic when you listen to, for example, other languages, and you get familiar with some nuances in pronunciation. Definitely recommend!
on 1646707979
Great add on, especially now a preview button has been installed. HypertTTS makes adding speech to notes so much quicker than the previous version - which, mind you, I loved in its day. It would be so much harder to learn Thai without the TTS addons.
on 1646664929
Great add-on, as usual!
a new version has been released: many new feature are really welcome, like sound preview.
Some questions:
- Is there a way to set add audio on several notes at once (selecting the notes during the brosing and adding the preset audio at once...).
- I could not find "Latin" as a language. I remember it as available in version 1 of this add-on...
- is there a way to know if a note has been already processed by the add-on? I don't want to enter every single note to check it...

on 1646557352
For the benefit of others in the same boat, support walked me through how to get the equivalent tag for HyperTTS and it now looks something like this:
{{tts en_EN hypertts_preset=Front_realtime_0 voices=HyperTTS:Spanish}}

My favourite cool new feature of HyperTTS - the ability to look up Forvo first (for real human pronounciations), and failing which, falling back on a second computer-generated voice. This allows for a more realistic pronounciation where possible. Best of both worlds!

More intuitive, yes, but sadly, I can't use it as is :(

I use on-the-fly translation and conditional replacements like
{{tts ru_RU voices=AwesomeTTS:Spanish}}

which HyperTTS can't seem to do at the moment.
Comment from author
Many thanks for following up on this, and for the benefit of other users, this syntax allows using realtime audio if the Audio field is empty.
on 1646517832
I've been using AwesomeTTS for about two years and just installed HyperTTS. Not only does the new add-on have all the impressive perks of the old version, it is also far more intuitive and better designed. As always, Luc is super helpful answering questions quickly and professionally. HyperTTS is a must-have for anyone who needs to add high-quality audio to their Anki cards. Definitely recommended!
on 1646364939
OMG. Super useful tools for learning language
on 1646317840
I have been using HyperTTS for awhile, and found that it is super useful to help me learn my Japanese and Korean! Really Good!
on 1646252561
I have been using awesomeTTS for a while and I can say that it really helps me with my German lessons. Now adding voices with the new HyperTTS is much easier, I really enjoy it. Thanks for this tool.
on 1646149265
really good thx for your work :)
on 1646097805
Pretty good, I prefer AwesomeTTS due the UI being a bit more complicanted and pratical. HyperTTS is better is you prefer a more "intuitive" and less all up in your face UI. Everything works though and I have no issues transitioning from Awesome to Hyper.
on 1646061980
Coming from AwesomeTTS which was a great plugin, HyperTTS is AwesomeTTS on steroids. Super logical interfaces and easy integration. Loving it!
on 1645977404
This is awesome! Especially, the feature that allows you to add random voice. Great work
on 1645808642
Um excelente Add-on! Um dos melhores e mais essenciais para aprender uma nova língua!
on 1645787988
I've been using the original app AwesomeTTS for a while now, have made thousands of cards using that tool. It was very helpful especially in familiarizing myself with the different sounds and pronunciations in Korean which is always the hardest part of language learning, at least for me. As useful as AwesomeTTS was, I also thought there could be room for improvement especially with how you had to open a separate dialog box and input the source and target whenever you wanted to add an audio recording to a card. HyperTTS solved all that and more, this made it so much easier to create audio on the fly with its presets. I also emailed the creator Luc about some minor issues that I found and he was incredibly responsive and provided solutions immediately. I'm very thankful for this Add-On as I know I would be so much further behind in my language learning if not for it.
on 1645719138
seems just like awesomeTTS except cleaner and more intuitive :)
on 1645634628
It is better than ever. Many improvements and stability. Essential for those who use Anki to study other languages.
on 1645632856
Big improvement from AwesomeTTS.
on 1645626902
Big improvement from AwesomeTTS. Much easier to add audio to your flashcards.
on 1645590311
Rate HyperTTS sem duvidas é incrivel.. super facil de usar e ajuda muito com as traduções disponiveis...
on 1645570997
The best add-on. An Awesome add-on for Anki that hou must have while you create your own Anki cards.
on 1645561417
Great but, i have this issue
error code:429(error: exceeded user lifeme quota)''}\n')
on 1645555019
Promising. I'm still learning how to use full potential.
on 1645551542
Love it. Easy to use, great varied voices.
on 1645544502
Great addon, even easier to use than AwesomeTTS.

One issue I've been having is that the hashing format seems to have changed which means that HTTS will attempt to overwrite ATTS sound clips if present. It would be great if the addon could attempt to use the hashing format that ATTS uses and skip overwriting / use the cache if the sound clip is identical.
on 1645509645
on 1645476143
This add- on is the most useful one I have ever used!
Nowadays I am studying either English and Spanish, and this add-on enable me to add the native natural sound automatically!
I can save many time because of it.
Thank you for inventing such a useful add-on
on 1645458283
Fantastic addon!
on 1645437794
I was using AwesomeTTS already, but HyperTTS makes adding voices to flashcards so much easier
on 1645391367
Super useful Addon
on 1645379410
I've been using Awesome TTS quite long for learning Chinese and Korean. But Hyper TTS is even better, it's more user friendly and easier to use. Great addon for anyone studying languages!
on 1645371619
A great add-on for me to learn. I have been using AwesomeTTS for a few months. Hope this could be better.
on 1645370866
This is amazing. Definitely a must have!
on 1645370825
It's easier and more useful than AwesomeTTS.
on 1645370507
I really like it.
This is a so so good add on.
Too convenient for creating cards, and the sound quality is beyond discussion !
on 1645348074
Works absolutely great. My question to remove text in brackets has been answered within a day and is now a separate setting. That‘s fantastic service. Thank you so much for making language learning more effective and enjoyable!
on 1645329488
Это великолепно!
on 1645315123
Enjoyed using this addon a lot (200,000+ Characters use as of now), very easy and convenient to use using presets. Yet to touch advance options but it looks promising. Kudos to teams!
on 1645300686
This is a great add-on! It really helps me study languages a lot easier
on 1645285930
The best addon I have ever Use.
on 1645285011
Works well, Azure TTS quota is reached too quickly, even with 1s timeout. Could you make it possible to limit 300 requests per minutes?
Comment from author
You can set the throttle_seconds setting to 0.2 to achieve this.
on 1645284091
Just incredible...
on 1645139222
Das ist toll. :)) Ich bedanke mich bei Ihnen für Ihre Mühe.
on 1645137056
Great update! Random voices is a cool feature!
on 1645026879
Works like a charm! Much easier to use then awesome TTS, Aside from somewhat slow load times, I like this better and will be switching.
on 1645021351
this dynamic of use became very good and fast, I wait for new updates and improvements.
on 1644987401
THE BEST add-on
on 1644967279
This is definitely a step up from the AwesomeTTS v1.57.0. HyperTTS is a more user-friendly.
on 1644263791
As of a beta, it is very promising! Looking forward to a patched version!

Sadly, when I use Google TTS to generate audio with a personal API key, the add audio box says automatically the operation succeeded, but sadly no audio is added to my selected field.
Comment from author
Can you get in touch with me hypertts@airpost.net ? Using Google TTS with personal API keys should work perfectly fine.
on 1644147446
So convenient to use =)
on 1643685593
A promising update in the works.
on 1643474060
on 1643315925