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McGraw-Hill's Conversational American English

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Source: McGraw-Hill's Conversational American English: The Illustrated Guide to Everyday Expressions of American English by Richard Spears Every language has conventional and much-used ways of expressing even the most commonplace requests, inquiries, or responses. Some of these expressions are idioms or idiomatic. Others are perfectly understandable and literal English, but people unfamiliar with the language may have difficulty formulating them in typical and conventional ways. Derived from NTC’s Dictionary of Everyday American English Expressions, this book is a collection of nearly 5,000 such expressions grouped into 464 topics that are listed under 11 major categories of social interaction. New to this reference are extensive illustrations that place numerous expressions in a visual context, facilitating understanding and memorization. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS This is a sample deck. For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id 01.01.005
Expression Welcome back!Welcome back, stranger!Long time no see! (cliché)Where were you?Where have you been?Where did you go?
Situation 5 Welcoming someone who has returned
Topic Greetings
Id 02.03.056
Expression We’re very close.We’re the closest of friends.We’re the best of friends.We’re best friends.We’re pretty tight.They’re bosom buddies.She’s my best friend.She’s my closest friend.She’s a dear friend.She’s like a sister to me.He’s like the brother I never had.We’re like brothers.
Situation 56 Expressing friendship
Topic Making Friends
Id 02.05.098
Expression Are you crazy?Is he nuts? (slang)nuts = crazyAre you psychotic, or what?Are you out of your mind?Are you out of your head?Are you out of your gourd? (informal)gourd = headAre you out of your skull? (informal)Are you out of your tree? (slang) Are you out of it?Have you gone crazy?Have you gone insane?Have you gone mad?Have you gone stark raving mad?Have you gone loco? (informal)loco (Spanish) = crazyHave you gone plumb loco? (informal)plumb loco = completely crazyHave you lost your mind?Have you lost your senses?Have you lost your marbles?Have you wigged out? (slang)Have you completely flipped out? (slang)Have you flipped your lid? (slang)Have you completely lost it? (informal)Have you completely lost touch with reality?Have you taken leave of your senses?Do you have a screw loose? (slang)What planet are you from?Do you have rocks in your head? (informal)Do you have bats in your belfry? (slang)Are there bats in your belfry? (slang)Are you playing with a full deck? (slang)
Situation 98 Questioning someone’s sanity
Topic Disputes

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