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Orthotic Devices

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Update version 1.2 - Corrected spelling mistakes. - Split questions to improve memory recall. - Added more images. Update version 1.1 - Fixed notifications! - Added LOTS of new images. - Split questions to improve memory recall. - Added Patreon link. - Added flags. Any cards you see with a green flag will be updated with an image. Blue flags will be simplified. Orange flags require and update. Red flags should be suspended (press '@' to suspend if they aren't already). This is a working progress of the Othotics deck. Because of this, expect odd tags and some some missing images. Your best approach is to read the materials before going through these cards. They are tagged by each week to help you focus on the right topics. I would suggest suspending all cards first, then unsuspending the cards according to the week's materials. The ppts will be provided in advance, so it's possible to learn things ahead of time. This topic is important, so don't approach it with the mindset of just revising for an exam. This knowledge is important for your everyday working practice. More will be added to this deck over the coming weeks, so keep and eye out for the update notification. This deck is to be revised in conjunction with the following decks: Ultimate Lower Limb Anatomy - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/673208409 Ultimate Upper Limb Anatomy - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/220629127 Orthotic Pathologies - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/144552846 Topics include: AFOs KAFOs Spinal Bracing Compression Hosiery Footwear Please rate and share this deck if you find it helpful. For any questions, corrections or comments, contact me at @LingfordPO. Cheers!

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Cloze In a subjective pain assessment, Q stands for {{c1::Quality}} - {{c2::What type of pain}}? {{c3::Sharp, dull, numb,burning, electric shocks,shooting, stabbing,intermittent or constant::types}}.
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Cloze It important to {{c1::avoid seams over joints and tops of toes}} in {{c2::therapeutic footwear}} as they can cause {{c3::rubbing}} and {{c3::pressure}} which {{c4::increases}} {{c5::ulceration risk}}.
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