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Thanks for downloading the LTL Flexi Classes Anki Decks. We are sure you'll find them really useful! Want to continue your Mandarin study journey with real, live and certified online teachers? We teach Mandarin 24/7 in super small groups with our Mandarin Flexi Classes. Find out more here: https://flexiclasses.com/mandarin-online/ If you want a more personalised Mandarin course then check out our individual Mandarin courses here: https://flexiclasses.com/online-chinese-classes/ Happy Studying! Note: English Sentences taken from the Tatoeba Project (https://tatoeba.org/) If you enjoyed using this deck, please consider supporting Tatoeba Project. Tatoeba's data is released under CC-BY 2.0 FR: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/fr/ Text-to-Speech created by Microsoft Azure

Sample (from 1999 notes)

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Front 雪梨是澳洲最大的城市。
Back Sydney is the largest city in Australia.
Eng Audio
Pinyin xuělí shì àozhōu zuìdà de chéngshì 。
Tags LTL
Front 我們採取了強有力的預防措施。
Back We took strong measures to prevent it.
Eng Audio
Pinyin wǒmen cǎiqǔ le qiángyǒulì de yùfángcuòshī 。
Tags LTL
Front 我們必須考慮到他很年輕。
Back We must take into account the fact that he is young.
Eng Audio
Pinyin wǒmen bìxū kǎolǜ dào tā hěn niánqīng 。
Tags LTL

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