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IsiXhosa.click words

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Words from the database for isiXhosa.click - an online, live, open isiXhosa-English dictionary. Last update was on 29/03/2022.

Sample (from 1493 notes)

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WordId 1282
English entrance
Xhosa isango
EnglishExtra noun
XhosaExtra noun - class i(li)/ama
EnglishExample An old man is standing protecting the entrance to the homestead.
XhosaExample Ixhego limile likhusela isango lomzi.
WordId 722
English however
Xhosa kambe ke
EnglishExtra conjunction
XhosaExtra conjunction - followed by indicative mood
EnglishExample He is in pain, however he does not complain.
XhosaExample Ubuhlungu kambe ke akakhalazi.
WordId 1271
English nurse
Xhosa umongikazi
EnglishExtra noun
XhosaExtra noun - class u/oo
EnglishExample The nurse spoke to the patient.
XhosaExample Umongikazi uthethe nesigulana.

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