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→ German 7000 Intermediate/Advanced Sentences w/ Audio [1/2]

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This is a re-upload of a deck that was deleted. It was deleted so I could add English audio, and split it in two parts. - This deck was made in such a way that 90% of all german words are included over the span of those 7000 sentences. that is: 90% of the most frequently used german words--words that are actually used in daily life. Here is how I made this deck: 1- I grabbed a list with the 3800 most frequently used german words, sorted from the most frequent, to the least. 2- I grabbed ~30 000 translated german sentences from the internet that are not short 3- I wrote a program that checks the first word on the list mentioned on item "1-" and grabs up to 10 example sentences for this word, from the list on item "2-" ... then does the same for the second word... and the third... and fourth... until the 3800th word. 4- I removed all duplicates The end result is that (1) this deck covers a good 90% of every word you will ever see in any german text and (2) this deck starts with intermediate-level sentences, and gets more to advanced-level as you progress. This is my personal experience using this deck: I studied german very hard for 3 years without making much progress. It was frustrating. I made this deck. After going through the first 1000 cards my german skyrocketed. After going through the first 3000 cards, I was thinking in german so naturally, it was amazing. German words can be similar to english, but they are used in a way that is completely diferently. This deck helped my fluency immensely, and I'm pretty sure it will be valuable for others. I should mention that before I had to delete this deck, it had a rating of 4.65/5 based on ~23 user ratings. If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ --------- The purpose of the audio in this deck is teaching and scholarship, and I'm not making money out of it: therefore it is considered "Fair Use". The following Anki add-on adds a Replay button to the Computer Version of Anki, and is recommended for this deck: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/498789867 This deck is divided in two parts. This is part one.

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sentence — Geh nicht weg von hier, bevor du es getan hast !
translation — [ Don't leave here until you have done it. ]
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sentence — Wir kommen vielleicht noch rechtzeitig, wenn wir ein bisschen schneller gehen.
translation — [ We could make it on time if we walked a little faster. ]
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sentence — Falls Bin Laden kommt, sag ihm, ich bin im Laden.
translation — [ If Bin Laden comes, tell him I'm in the store. ]
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on 1659846424
Pelo pouco que observei, o arquivo possui frases e audios muito claros.
on 1656749900
für den Alltag nützlich, für Anfänger zu lange Sätze
on 1652791974
Best language learning deck I've come across so far! It's only been three days and I already notice an improvement in my German. I'd recommend it for something around B1 level or higher.
on 1652185523
on 1649428606
This keep getting better by every next card,
on 1646669035
Awesome Deck. Good Job!
on 1646588389
very good deck, not sure whether to do english to german or german to english however
on 1641527330
Overall it's a very good deck. Definitely would not recommend for a someone who does not know at least 2k words. With that said, some of the (shorter, simple, and early on) translations seem a bit literally translated from English. They aren't "wrong" just not totally conversational. I haven't seen it in such a capacity that you couldn't quickly adapt your knowledge to how people speak in a conversation, but keep that in mind. Overall I really like the concept of this deck and the projects that have enabled it. Solid work man. I'm not gonna lie I haven't finished it but it will take me at least a few months. Anyone that's disliked either doesn't know what they are doing or are using it other than intended.
on 1635322063
Thank you!
on 1634444640
Hi, god day, do you have the 555 german verbs sentence deck ? it is a great book to get sentences, i tried to do it myself but i dont have experience with python to create deck from pdf.
on 1630914575
Thanks for your job
on 1628037935
on 1627615264
on 1626029103
I'll try to use this deck as a native German speaker to improve my English. The first impression is really good. Thank you very much for sharing!
on 1624920230
on 1624732717
Excelente deck! Como você gerou os audios em alemão? O programa gera vozes bem naturais. Ele funciona bem em outros idiomas?
Comment from author
Com o seguinte add-on:
on 1622714562
on 1622256604
Vielen Dank!!
on 1621704928
Very good!
on 1621198709
on 1619793429
thank you!!
on 1617982609
on 1617903313
Gute Leistung
on 1616358597
Cool in english Audio and german
on 1615225081
Die englische Aussprache ist aufgrund der ablaufenden Geschwindigkeit nur sehr schwer zu verstehen.
Die englische Aussprache ist zwar dabei aber wie ich die Ausgabe Aktiviere weis ich leider nicht aktuell muss ich die manuell und einzeln umkopieren.
on 1613413252
on 1611510987
Awesome work!
on 1609984942
on 1609847473
on 1608548520
Danke schön :)
on 1602664465
This deck is fine but I still believe that it could do better with some of the translations because I had to correct a lot of them
on 1598482955
Thank you so much for this
on 1597418017
Awesome deck, it has developed my german a lot
on 1595448635
This is absolutely wonderful. The progress is less noticeable than with pure vocabulary decks, but after a while you will definitely feel how much you have subtly internalized.
on 1590404568
Card only with sound is really good.
on 1590027207
cant wait to go through this
on 1589408931
Hey, just wanted to ask where are you from, since I saw that your email is neirbrandao, I thought you might be brazilian, just like me! and how far you believe one can go in the german language with this course? Like B2? C2?
Comment from author
I don't know the answer, but one user told me he reached B2 with this deck ^^ I'm Brazilian, yes.
on 1588674913
Really helpful
on 1587586742
Good job!
on 1587130804
It's a great deck! It is so useful that I can learn the most widely used words in context. Thanks a lot!
on 1584531542
excellent work!
I've been struggling as well with traditional methods
many thanks!
on 1582718897
Very nice deck!

Is there a way to contact you?
I have some quite important stuff (for me) to ask you, and I'd be very happy to have them answered by you, that would be a life saver!
Comment from author
on 1578429322
This deck is a life savior! I mastered at b1 Prüfung within only four months of learning German because of this deck!!! Thank you so much
I'm so lucky I found this
It spared me a lot of effort and time
on 1572458195
immense effort
on 1571348207
Love this. Do you recommend to do prompts in english to remember german, or the other way around, or a mix of both?
Comment from author
I think the best is English to German, but this deck has some loose English translations that make it hard to study "English to German".

The other deck called "10 000 german sentences sorted from easiest to hardest [1/3]" is a better resource to study "English to German".

But! — if a card contains a word structure you are familiar with — then the best thing to do is just delete the card, because it teaches you nothing new.

Now, for those who are just starting with German, "German to English" is definitely the best way to start.
on 1567453531
why i can not download it??
Comment from author
Sometimes the Anki website is "down" for a couple minutes, where you can't download things.

Try downloading now... If you can download it, can you delete this review? Thanks :)
on 1563478382
Ich danke Ihnen :D
on 1556715321
It's great for the intermediate (B1 and higher) level. I wish the pronunciations were done by a real person.
on 1556452522
Great combination of speaking and listening comprehension exercises.
on 1556035210
Danke schön
on 1553420769
This deck is really great!!
on 1545224706
on 1536489556
Great deck for vocabulary expansion and training sentences and hearing. Especially if translation is removed. Thank you!!
on 1535576014
on 1534814699
I like it. :)
on 1533364404
This is amazing! Thank you so much!
on 1520380800
Super useful!
on 1513900800
Its amazing to find such deck like that as it will improve you language more than you think
on 1510185600
on 1509667200
on 1506124800
on 1500854400