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Cúpla Míle Focal

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Irish words and short periphrases with ordering by frequency 'cúpla míle focal' because 'cúpla focal' doesn't cut it anymore :D The deck prompts with an Irish word or short Irish phrase, and provides further context for the word by showing some of the plural, genitive, verbal noun, adjectival and dialectical variations that go with the word. The deck provides buttons for audio pronunciation of the headword in each of the 3 major dialects (audio is played directly from teanglann.ie and is not included in the deck, so an internet connection is required for this part). A button on the answer side of the card takes you directly to the headword definition on teanglann.ie, with another button executing a 'reverse' search on focloir.ie (as focloir.ie is an English -> Irish dictionary). Note: This is an evolution and expansion of the '6500 Most Frequent Irish Words with Audio Pronunciations' deck which was originally compiled by Terry at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1975966926. I've added some notes on the changes w.r.t. that deck below: New words & Ordering: Definitions: Front of Card: Back of Card: Note on the red underlining In terms of the blue/pink gender hints: when typically masculine/feminine elements of a noun actually disagree with the real gender of the noun (e.g. that a 'cht' ending indicates a feminine noun in the image above), the element is underlined in red to show that it is an exception. There's a github project at https://github.com/eoghanmurray/lookup-irish - errors can be submitted using the Issue tracker there. Bain sult as!

Sample (from 6916 notes)

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GA stail
Part of Speech Noun
EN stallion [AUTO]
Gender nf2
GenitiveVN an stail/na staileannanf2 strong pluralna staile/na staileanna
NTeanglann 2
NFocloir 5
GA greamaigh
Part of Speech Verb - Transitive & Intransitive
EN to attach / fasten to adhere / stick to seize [AUTO]
GenitiveVN a ghreamú
NTeanglann 4
NFocloir 20
GA tíolaic
Part of Speech Verb - Transitive & Intransitive
EN to dedicate [AUTO]
Gender nf
GenitiveVN a thíolacadh
NTeanglann 4
NFocloir 4

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on 1673476366
I'm loving this set, it's highly enjoyable and you get a sense of real progression.
on 1656784348
Really good! Occasionally there will not be a definition attached to the word as Gaeilge. Any idea what would cause that?
on 1652316318
on 1644870096
Best deck I've ever used.
on 1630767055
> Would love to see examples of the word in a sentence on the card
Author here;
There are quite a few example sentences already in the deck (around 590 with a quick count); likely you didn't come across them...
If you'd like to contribute, this is the source database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kiZlZp8weyILstvtL0PfIQkQGzuG7oZfP8n_qkMFAWo
if you can request editing permission there it's possible to add more examples.
I also intend to create a wiki and publish a 'mini-dictionary' at https://cuplamilefocal.ie/ but haven't gotten to that so far this year.
on 1624089252
Would love to see examples of the word in a sentence on the card rather than having to click a link to open a new tab but apart from that it's excellent
on 1620316919
Study on steroids. Hugely helpful tool that puts pronunciation, review, translation in one place. Grmma.
on 1587242318
Great to see further detail being added to the original deck!
on 1581979345