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CCFP / QE1 prep by Wesmosis 2017 v1.5

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I made this deck while I'm preparing to write the CCFP April 2017, the info is totally applicable for the MCCQE1 as well (Family Medicine / Genral Practice). Since I passed both the LMCC and the CCCFP, I'll keep adding cards on a regular basis. I'm planning to upload the updates file every 2-3 months. For any suggestions : fb.com/wesmosis0 Cards are both cloze deletion and basic.

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Front Apart from quitting smoking, what other non-pharma Rx would help in COPD?
Back Pulmonary rehabilitation / chest exercises / incentive spirometry
Tags Respiratory
Text {{c1::Power of Attorney}} is a legal document in which one person gives another the authority to make personal care decisions (health care, nutrition, shelter, clothing, hygiene, and safety) on their behalf if they become mentally incapable.
Tags psychiatry
Front Non-pharma Mx of FM? (more effective than Pharma)
Back • Education - disease is benign, non-deforming, non-progressing.• Exercise program (especially water aerobics, tai chi, yoga)• Support back + neck• Stress reduction / CBTNo evidence for complementary and alternative medicines (Biofeedback, Meditation, Acupuncture)
Tags rheumatology

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rare to find canadian study resources on anki!
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good stuff