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DROPPED: Genki 1 & 2 COMPLETE book 1 + JLPT N5 N4

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Project dropped. The deck contains: - ALL the vocab from Genki 1 & 2 in KANJI!, with FURIGANA, - ALL the material from the grammar sections and ALL the sentences from ALL the exercises from Genki 1 and 13th chapter of Genki 2, - ALL dialogues and ALL the material from the grammar sections from Genki 2, - ALL vocab required for JLPT N5 & N4 not included in Genki 1 & 2, This deck is based on the material contained in the deck "Genki 1 & 2, Incl Genki 1 Supplementary Vocab" (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/942922371) - which is amazing and I salute Ayers, it's author, who has kindly authorised its use! Live long and prosper, sir! Thank you for all your hard work! This deck was compiled mainly, but not exclusively, with those in mind, who have finished learning kanji with Heisig's method prior to starting Genki - the reasons for that explained below. In the cards from the basic version of "Genki 1 & 2, Incl Genki 1 Supplementary Vocab" deck furigana was added in brackets after the whole word or expression - e.g. 飛行機[ひこうき]. In this deck furigana was modified so that the hiragana is referring to the very kanji it denotes - 飛[ひ]行[こう]機[き]. On top of that, I've added all the material along as I went through the 13 chapters of the series, and now it contains all the sentences from all the exercises and all of the additional vocabulary and expressions. Further on top of that, I've substituted all the words given in Genki 1 and 2 in hiragana only, with their kanji counterparts (even should the kanji version be long obsolete) - after finishing Heisig's course I find this way of learning new words much easier. If you haven't learned with Heisig's method and want to skip the advanced kanji concentrating on hiragana only, you are free to do so since all kanji have their corresponding hiragana given in furigana. Yet further on top of that, all verb-containing notes have the verb already basically conjugated. Meaning, that a note with the verb "to write" will have "書く / 書いて / 書きます" on its other side, therefore it's: plain form, te-form, and polite, positive form respectively. This applies to all verbs except those comprised of a noun and the verb する - those are in majority left in their basic form (e.g. 喧嘩する). All verbs have been conjugated with the help of http://www.japaneseverbconjugation.com/ and http://www.japaneseverbconjugator.com/ Many particularly difficult or newly introduced sentences are often translated from Japanese into English in an overly literal way so as to make their reverse engineering from English back into Japanese easier for a beginner learner. Each note has three cards to it: "recognition", "recall", and "read". They can be learned as they go in this or any other order with personal deck-customisation. Tag legend: - 1 - the vocab list from the first chapter (as originally added by Ayers in his deck), ... - 23 - the vocab list from the twenty-third chapter, - 1ADD - the dialogue, complete grammar section material and all the sentences and additional material from all of the exercises from the 1st chapter, ... - 13ADD - the dialogue, complete grammar section material and all the sentences and additional material from all of the exercises from the 13th chapter, - 14ADD - the dialogue and complete grammar section material from the 14th chapter, ... - 23ADD - the dialogue and complete grammar section material from the 23rd chapter, - jap_verb - all the verbs that appear in the textbook, - N5M - all the vocabulary required for the JLPT N5, missing from the Genki 1 textbook (sauce: http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt5/vocab/ ), - N4M - all the vocabulary required for the JLPT N4, missing from the Genki 2 textbook (sauce: http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/jlpt4/vocab/ ), There is also very little additional material ranging from Buddhist terminology to tea ceremony terms, left untagged. Feel free to rid the deck of it, should you so wish. P.S.: Using this deck ONLY I've managed to pass JLPT N5, and N4!!

Sample (from 4497 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Expression 首相
Meaning prime minister
Reading 首[しゅ]相[しょう]
Pronunciation シュショー
Tags 21ADD Genki
Expression 厚い
Meaning kind / deep / thick
Reading 厚[あつ]い(not 暑, or 熱)
Pronunciation アツイ
Tags Genki N5 N5M
Expression メアリーさんは煙草を吸わないと思います。
Meaning I think Mary does not smoke cigarettes.
Reading メアリーさんは 煙草[たばこ]を 吸[す]わないと 思[おも]います。
Tags 8ADD Genki

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on 1674412062
The best premade Genki study material on Anki. Just split into chapters by tags and your all set.
on 1645364879
Not for beginners to learn along with Genki. Cards are ordered poorly
on 1620102533
very nice
on 1615203111
Excellent tags, thank you for this. I split mine into separate decks like this.

Genki 1 Vocab
Genki 1 Additional
N5 not in Genki

Genki 2 Vocab
Genki 2 Additional
N4 not in Genki

Genki Verb (only has 1 verb card, korosu)
Extra Vocab

Thank you for this. Really.
on 1612722176
THE WORST. Do not waste your time. Not helpful.
on 1612665319
This deck was further expanded here:


Adding sentences from Chapters 14 till 23.
on 1610919059
In regards to all the comments saying this deck was randomly thrown together, you have to play with the settings a bit to get everything in the proper order. When you do finally get everything set up in the proper order, it'll go through all of the vocabulary in the proper order before going into full sentences. This deck is the most helpful deck I've used so far to supplement my Genki study. I can't thank the author enough for this deck, even if it's incomplete, just because of the hours I imagined they put into it. Thank you!
on 1598621588
on 1596125792
Recommended to my Japanese class by our Japanese teacher. It's enough to go through a given unit in the deck a couple of times to pass the respective test for it with good marks.
on 1596022335
good deck. recommended
on 1596014569
The best compilation of JLPT N5 and N4 material. Download. Review. Pass them tests.
on 1589760408
Fantastic resource!
on 1586719307
Really nice ! Thank you !!! Just need to suspend the vocab from the chapters I haven't done yet, and it's ready to use !
on 1586628986
A really good deck.
on 1586627805
the author sure seems to know how to compose an anki deck
on 1586542355
The most comprehensive Genki deck to be found online.
on 1584167315
Solid. I've edited the cards a lot to get exactly what I want, but that's the beauty of anki.
on 1583596466
This is the third deck for Genki books that I try and it is the best of all! Really make my brain work :)
on 1582458115
All the comments moaning about the deck being randomly ordered clearly have not yet grasped the raw basics of how Anki works - filtering and sub-decking. If you've got this (evidently insurmountable for some) hurdle behind you, THIS IS THE BEST GENKI DECK OUT THERE!
on 1578349343
Useless for someone starting out that wants to learn Genki 1 & 2
Reason being that the creator decided just to drop a bunch of random sentences from both books in full Kanji
so if you don't already completely master Genki 1 & 2 or JLPT at lv 4 or higher then this deck is completely useless for you.
If you already mastered all this then you don't really need this except for reviewing. I don't know what the creator was

If there was a Genki 1 & 2 in order from beginning to end then that would've been amazing, this is not it.
on 1560559125
This is an AMAZING, all in one Genki deck. Seriously, if you're starting out with Genki do this deck. It's true it's not 100% in order, but that's easy to fix with some Anki browser hijinx. What I like to do is select all the cards for one lesson, both the grammar and vocab, and then put them at the top of the pile in random order (cards --> reposition, with randomize order selected).

It is a bummer that for chapters 14-23 he didn't transcribe the exercises, but I might just do those myself if I feel there's a need. Anyways, download this deck, it's great.
on 1557244003
THANKS SO MUCH! Amazing deck!
It's not radom, it is actually tagged with the lesson number. Just at the beginning, some cards are not labeled, and they are higher level; just suspend them in the browser and start with the Lesson 1. Some of the lessons are not 'due' in the right order either, but with little bit (20 minutes) of work can be organized and then you'll have this amazing deck for years to come to learn japanese
on 1555706335
Unhelpful. Completely randomly thrown together.
on 1549736856
on 1541271807
This deck is beyond unusable for me. The tags make no sense at all, they are too many and follow no logical order; some tags have only a few cards. It's hard to know if the cards are vocabulary, sentences from the grammar explanation or from the exercises; where is the supplementary vocabulary? What a mess.
on 1540777601
This deck is incredible with the ability to pivot on so many different vectors!!! Since I didn't see an explanation anywhere, I figured I'd explain what the 3 card types are for future deck users:

"Recognition" - Given a word/phrase in Hiragana, write the equivalent in Kanji/Hiragana. Basically, it's writing practice.
"Recall" - Given the English translation, recall the phrase in Japanese. I use this to check my vocab.
"Read" - Given the word/phrase in proper Japanese (All kanas used), check that you are reading it properly. I use this to make sure I am reading Kanji properly.

Happy studying! Thanks again for the incredible deck OP!
on 1538660387
Good god the detail, thoroughness, thought, time, and care that went into this deck. Thank you! It's so difficult to self study without a plan. I'll have to continue modifying my approach, but this deck will serve me VERY well! Thank you thank you!
on 1537127594
A disorganised mess. Would rather create my own than try to fix this one.
on 1535811870
Useful, despite the hysteria and the childishness.
on 1533480114
Imagine opening up the deck and the first card is to reproduce a sentence in complete kanji.
The order of cards makes this useless for learning
on 1531951904
not in order
how it can be helpful for a beginner
on 1531479316
This is great! Thank you so much!
on 1530281255
Thank you sooooo much :x
on 1529904773
Thank you for posting this deck! I am starting my Japanese journey following Genki. All the best to all Japanese learners out there! God bless
on 1529559837
This deck saved me so much time. I edited the deck after by using AwesomeTTS with the Naver audio, and made the "recognition" cards audio-only on the front. Along with recall (me saying out loud the Japanese version) and reading (with straight kanji), I think this is the best way to study Genki. I also have a study deck where I'm moving the cards by tag into it, Chapter by Chapter as I got. Thanks!

(also, PS, his name is Chris Broad, not Jason ;)...unless there's a Jason Bourne / Chris Broad hybrid somewhere?)
on 1528502400
I found a few typos where the hiragana was concerned, but otherwise, a very impressive and invaluable deck considering it was compiled by a single person.

Would recommend double-checking with Genki textbooks and correcting any typos you find, otherwise you might learn incorrect spellings/pronunciations. Would also pair up with Memrise's Genki lessons to significantly increase your memory retention.
on 1526947200
On chapter two and it seems great so far. Genki seems just supplemental at this point, but it's too early to tell I suppose. I managed to reorder the deck by modifying the SQL database. If you want the ordered deck you could reply to this with a way to get in contact.
on 1526515200
Been using deck for a while now, and it's pretty great. I appreciate the time it must've taken to compile it and gotta thank this paulus person. These negative reviews appear to be so just because they didn't bother to read the description. It says more or less how to sort them by chapter... but here's a crappy text file with explicit instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jjgkemjw0w9q7hi/granki.txt?dl=0
on 1526256000
Out of order and not broken out by chapter.
on 1525824000
Great deck, my heart sank when I saw the amount of cards in it.

For those confused about how to move the cards from one deck to another (as I was), go into 'browse' then find the correct tag at the bottom of the left-hand side scroll bar. Highlight all of the cards that you want to change and then click 'change deck' and move them across.
on 1525737600
Flashcards for genki 1 through 2 but but not in order from 1 through 2. Faq basically states if you want it how it technically should be- figure it out by yourself
on 1518825600
I'm lazy so this is great. Thanks to whoever put it together.
on 1516665600
Thank you for sharing this. Have been using it for only a few minutes now, but I can tell it's gonna be really helpful!
p.s. Thanks for including the Q/A in the intro, that's been helpful as well (figured it out once I got into the 'Browse' catagory) xD I'm new to Anki so I was as shocked as the 'dude' before me xD haha
Thanks a lot!
on 1514678400
Thanks! My existing premade Genki deck was missing chapters 19-23.
on 1509926400
How to revise only chapters 1-2

Love your deck but I have no idea how to revise specific chapters of Genki.
Whenever I use filtered deck or custom and select only the words tagged with '1' it only allows me to answer the same one flash card, koukou.
Is there anyway around this?
on 1507075200
on 1507075200
on 1506988800
on 1506729600
on 1506297600
on 1506038400
on 1505692800
on 1505520000
on 1504742400
Congrats on N5

Thank you so much for all the effort that went into this project!
on 1504224000
on 1503705600
on 1503532800
Amazing but incorrect

This is an amazing deck that challenges me more than any other deck has. The extra comments make it easier to know which grammar to use since japanese has very slight differences.
That said the deck has many spelling mistakes making it unreliable. If not for the mistakes, making me paranoid I'm learning it incorrectly, this would be the best deck I've tried, hands down.
on 1501372800
on 1498780800
Not sure how to contact you

Not sure how to contact you (I don't see any button or mail on the deck page), so I'll use this form:

bug report: the am card as meaning in polish, not in english

amazing deck btw, thank you
on 1497225600
on 1497139200
on 1496707200
on 1496275200
on 1495843200
on 1495670400
One heck of a deck! Thank you!

This is *really* wonderful. I'm planning to integrate it into my Japanese vocabulary deck and prune out duplicate words. I'm especially excited to have the example sentences from Genki. Thank you! I hope it will be possible to get the remainder of Volume 2 in due course!
on 1495584000
on 1495497600
on 1494028800
on 1492819200
on 1492732800
on 1492128000
on 1491955200
on 1490227200
on 1489622400