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Japanese Core 2000 Step 10 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

22.24MB. 404 audio & 245 images. Updated 2015-03-26.
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This is the 10th step of Japanese Core 2000. This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the second one I have on my PC. Level - lower intermediate

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Expression その椅子は変わった形をしている。
Meaning That chair has an unusual shape.形 -- shape, form
Reading その いす は かわった かたち を して いる
iKnowID sentence:250627
iKnowType sentence
Expression お土産
Meaning souvenir
Reading おみやげ
iKnowID item:437311
iKnowType item
Expression 彼女は大切な書類を机に仕舞った。
Meaning She put the important documents away in her desk.仕舞う -- put away
Reading かのじょ は たいせつ な しょるい を つくえ に しまった。
iKnowID sentence:250687
iKnowType sentence

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on 1625110989
Finally done. A little over a year to finish all. I wish luck to all going through this journey.
on 1615397878
Pretty good deck. Finished all decks from 1 to 10. What I noticed that decks 3, 4 and 5 are quite hard compared to others. Also the order of the new words were quite weird. In deck 10 we go again a word 行く, when this should have been in Step 01.

More or less the whole deck series is quite good. I recommend. The order is just a bit weird.
on 1547681246
I'm so glad I finished this series. I'm reading manga and news articles from NHK Easy now; Kanji is still a huge challenge I have to overcome, but at least with Furigana I feel comfortable reading Japanese more often than not. I cannot recommend this series enough.
on 1517011200
Step 10 has no pictures, why?
I've learned step 1-5, and they have pictures.
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on 1501545600
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on 1489881600
fine work

only one app can work out problem
on 1489795200
on 1486771200

Again, thank you so much for all the trouble uploading all the steps. Amazing material!
on 1484006400
on 1480118400
on 1474070400
on 1472515200
on 1470787200

😍Just download it! I thought this deck will not help me at all.
on 1459123200
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on 1450396800
on 1449014400