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Japanese Core 2000 Step 01 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

21.81MB. 405 audio & 235 images. Updated 2015-12-02.
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This is the 1st step of Japanese Core 2000 This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have. Lower level

Sample (from 400 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Expression 大学に行ってもっと勉強したいです。
Meaning I want to go to college and study more.大学 -- university, collegeもっと -- more
Reading だいがく に いって もっと べんきょう したい です
iKnowID sentence:247029
iKnowType sentence
Expression 飛ぶ
Meaning fly
Reading とぶ
iKnowID item:352593
iKnowType item
Expression 入れる
Meaning put in
Reading いれる
iKnowID item:343073
iKnowType item

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on 1684836492
I like the cards being bi-directional. The graphics also make it easier for me to recall the meaning of the words.
on 1684746769
Very good!
on 1682884707
Very good set of cards and it's helped me retain a good number of words so far. I just wanted to drop this comment to note a few caveats.

- You should double check their word definitions with a Japanese dictionary. Even a machine-translated Japanese dictionary is often better than a J->E one. They give a definition of よく as meaning often, and maybe it often does, but that's only one of 6 definitions. It can also mean (to do something) fully, preferable, be glad (of someone's behavior), etc.

- Also, there sentence translations often are overly specific or lossy in nuance. They translate 3月は仕事が忙しい。as "I have a lot of work in March.", but 忙しい means "busy" and without looking it up, one might be mislead to think it means "a lot (of work)". In this sentence, that is indeed what it communicates, but a more literal translation might have been "In mark work gets really busy."

- The accent of the speakers is not what I'm used to. が often comes out a bit like "nnga" instead of the more percussive "gah" I'm more used to hearing. However, since a lot of my Japanese exposure comes from really well-trained voice actors with a specific accent designed for perfect diction, I'm not sure if this isn't a dialectical thing.

Anyway, great deck, just don't trust the translations and listen very intently for certain noises which the speakers in it don't pronounce with a lot of clarity.
on 1682489710
on 1682114685
Great deck, I did it in parallel to Genki I+II and together they can work magic.

#Caution - the next deck you want to do is #2 which is as nice as this one, but then skip it up to #6 till #10, and only after that get back to #5, #4 and #3 should be the last one!

#1-2 - N5 level
#6-10 - N5/N4
#5 - N4
#4 - N4/N3
#3 - N3 - the hardest one!
on 1681137281
easy to learn
on 1680770473
on 1680533215
on 1679928258
Good infi
on 1678666649
For detailed explanation and abundant images
on 1678054923
on 1677707588
on 1676970656
Audio very good
on 1676831218
on 1676725780
I love how there's complete series and not just for one level. I'll use this resource carefully. Thank you.
on 1675834924
Картинки, аудио, текст - всë очень помогает. Хорошая колода.
on 1673733023
I really enjoyed using this deck for daily practise. Many many good words that you are gonna use fairly often.
on 1672787642
The best decks for Japanese by far! Very important that you focus on the bolded word in the sentence rather than clicking "hard" because you don't know another word. The sentence gives context and usage and grammar. You will learn the other words in the sentence you follow through the decks.
I studied these decks in Japan for an hour a day and spoke with Japanese people everyday. I used every single word I learned here. I did have a basic knowledge of Japanese before, but these decks and practicing speaking is what progressed me to a conversational level in months.
on 1672518492
on 1671635588
I am enjoying it. It has audio I can play to relisten easily. The pictures are really helpful.
on 1671066462
Weird sentences that you're not likely to use very often. Not that it's bad. Just not practical.
on 1670602721
very comprehensive
on 1668969148
Learning vocabulary through listening sentences is so much fun
on 1667880372
Very good for Japanese revision
on 1667442503
it's awesome!
on 1666015042
Muito bom
on 1665653687
on 1664390262
on 1664234825
great resource
on 1663235729
The sentences in this deck are too simple and the choice of words is rather boring.
on 1662308028
I really like it! I find it very useful!

The only downside, IMO; is that some sounds are occasionally a bit weird (I'm referring to the G sound that sometimes seems an N sound: I've asked confirmation to one friend that have studied Japanese at University). Anyway, other than that I would recommend it

I wish there were similar ones for other languages that are less common: I would like to learn Albanian and Woloff through this kind of deck (spoken sentences with transcription in TL with [optional] translation in English)
on 1661865726
on 1661153858
Sentences are basic and the audio is not realistic. Other decks provide better sentences and audio.
on 1660507259
on 1660192262
on 1659986307
very usefull
on 1659835546
This is a good deck to study and comprehend whole sentences.
on 1659826631
It's good for new learners, and people who have some knowledge of the language.
on 1659400468
Very good
on 1659184273
on 1659126402
This is not a bad deck, but Jlab deck is better. If you're new, I suggest checking that one out.
on 1658818994
Really like this deck, very helpfup. Thanks!
on 1657397251
on 1657290131
on 1657218817
on 1656199126
I've edited cards as it won't test me for kanji: I'm reading cards in hiragana, studying this deck for a while and I am pretty satisfied. However I think I can say the deck will be efficient if you know enough grammar. I am saying this because I've tried to study with a similar deck but for korean which I have not enough knowledge of grammar and I couldn't keep up.
on 1655187140
Listening Sentence and Vocab with Images helped me learn Japanese faster.
on 1654530456
Its good
on 1654103444
Learning the core vocabulary has been very helpful to me.
on 1654038868
very nice
on 1653424429
I have started training vocab with this deck and it has been helpful so far
on 1651847353
on 1651553678
on 1651305165
on 1650799225
Has images, and forward and reversed cards
on 1650468085
on 1649639161
on 1649332636
Seems like a good one to start with
on 1649303137
on 1647549412
on 1647359448
on 1646473028
on 1645624617
I found this deck quite helpful in terms of familiarizing myself with new vocabulary & kanji. The only drawback I can think of is the excessive use of words 彼 and 彼女 in sentences. Images didn't make much sense either. Nonetheless, it's a good deck for learning vocabulary in context and getting familiar with kanji.
on 1645465127
on 1643478153
Muy buena
on 1642928041
Good deck
on 1642821820
on 1642067046
on 1641656667
on 1641224398
on 1640605045
on 1640374789
on 1639607277
on 1638184666
A very helpful Japanese Deck - Thank you very much!
on 1637373102
on 1637112720
on 1636927055
on 1636318936
Let's try
on 1635905965
Great deck! It's much easier to learn kanji and words when you learn it in sentences.
on 1634990844
on 1634826407
This is so perfect, very simple and direct.
on 1634801641
on 1634126234
It works
on 1633911167
It helps you memorize the verbs within the phrases.
on 1633633925
on 1633459572
on 1632509218
It helps a lot
on 1632350626
on 1631873099
on 1631419788
on 1631283583
on 1631148673
great listening practice
on 1630206350
It is quite good, highly recommended.
on 1629947531
Fica muito fácil treinar a audição dessa maneira
on 1629772600
I used this a long time ago and it was pretty, pretty good.
on 1629176729
It's a very nice and professional deck, thanks for sharing
on 1628791188
on 1628749764
It's really good!! Do recommend!!
on 1628418699
Can someone show me how to make audio for each card in the fastest way? I have researched about add-on awesome but can't find a suitable voice.
on 1626509217
It has this weird photo of a beefed-up half-naked dude under the word ”兄”, which makes people stare at me when doing Anki on public transit. Otherwise, a passable set, but I've seen more effective ones.
on 1626421192
Thanks for the work
on 1625273201
on 1625068976
on 1624862141
on 1624849780
on 1622970363
I love this. It's easy to customise and really helps with my listening. However, I've noticed that the "g" sounds sound like "n" or "y"? It makes it a little confusing for me.
on 1622668141
As I was watching Japanese media and books, I am slowly understanding more.
on 1622235437
Clean, good for complete beginners.
on 1621369175
on 1620903104
on 1619569370
Very good and nicely done
on 1619112446
Its easy to learn and a lot of fun
on 1618481844
It's good
on 1618374198
on 1618273733
Gostei do conteúdo por ser fácil de entender. E não só isso, posso tirar mais proveito.
on 1617507465
Good listening
on 1617177103
on 1617089999
very good
on 1616576966
on 1615961973
Love it!
on 1615911574
People say the pictures are weird or misleading, but really they're just purposefully eccentric (vast majority of the time). I'm a visual learner and I've never remembered vocab so quickly before, thanks to all these weird pictures. Also, if you notice, many of the pictures are actually a mnemonic for the kanji. So sometimes if a picture seems extra weird or "inaccurate, " first check if it almost looks like the kanji. It's likely just a mnemonic.

Thanks a lot though, this saved my butt. Though I do wish there weren't so many different fields or something. I have to go through like 4 "new" cards of the same material until I can actually see something new.
on 1615564791
on 1613423991
These cards are great :)
on 1613054912
on 1612387659
Great for a beginner deck after some familiarities with the basic stuffs.
on 1610624228
I really like this pack! It's great for listening comprehension, and a real challenge. I also use format for these cards when I create my own cards.
The large amount of cards was a bit overwelming at first but it's very manageble if you only have 5-10 new cards per day.
on 1610058234
on 1609926617
good for listening
on 1609792998
on 1609770769
Really helpful, I highly recommend this deck to anyone who wants to learn Japanese, the audio is exceptional, you won't regret it!!!
on 1608695927
after i finished this deck, i was hit by a bus and got reincarnated into another world. 10/10. even got my own harem.
on 1606493888
thank you
on 1605938010
Rather nice and neat deck.
on 1605128872
Very helpful
on 1604482135
on 1602552488
Well done
on 1602431619
on 1601800953
Very helpful studying tool.
on 1600683250
on 1600647590
on 1600588457
on 1599151662
Pictures are often unrelated to word or at best tangential, and therefore distracting, and bloat the deck size. Otherwise, audio quality is good.
on 1598956173
on 1598888682
Love it
on 1598554298
I cant find any other decks as good as this
on 1597203267
what program did you use to open it. All my pdf programs are not opening them. Im guessing because of the audio. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
on 1596323653
Arigato Gozaimasu !
This is what I'm looking for, Kan peki !
on 1596016518
on 1596015598
on 1596012509
Good learning
on 1595973224
Really great review method. Has you test from written, verbal and both English & Japnese. You really end up knowing the information
on 1595817995
on 1595635204
It is good for beginner.
on 1595395733
Love it!
on 1595177641
on 1595106845
Very good for acquiring new vocab to make my own deck! Thank you!
on 1594299677
on 1594005634
Very good... I didn't know there were multiple parts until I read the title again... I started on step two 😂😂
on 1593620404
on 1593230282
I just finished this deck. You don’t understand how much an audio based flash card helps. I’ve basically skyrocketed this past month. People complain about the pictures, that’s the point. Pictures that stick in your head.
on 1592788872
Very user friendly. Helped me enlarge my vocab base.
on 1592417667
Good base
on 1592393994
I really like this. It have precise audio and good pictures to follow, you just gotta get used to it.
on 1591235955
tuyệt vời
on 1590564460
on 1589470373
on 1588971813
Great Deck
on 1588902820
good for Japanese-learning
on 1586279829
It’s good
on 1586213741
Very nice
on 1586107970
Enjoying it, well done
on 1586044887
Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
on 1585394385
It's a great deck. I particularly like the fact that it includes example sentences, kanji and audio.
on 1584152122
very good
on 1582398537
on 1582293155
greatly detailed
on 1581925659
great deck
on 1580899356
Very Good
on 1580050335
Exactly what I needed for honing my listening comprehension; bite-sized exercises I can fit in nearly anytime.
on 1578329099
on 1577886503
Amazing deck.
on 1577405296
on 1576842516
so good
on 1576829685
on 1576632595
Great deck
on 1576362234
on 1575026187
Great foundation to begin learning Japanese
on 1574586869
Well made cards
on 1574215353
Love It
on 1572513475
on 1571200073
I love this one, really helpful!
on 1571154077
on 1570622693
very useful!
on 1569780897
on 1568608705
on 1568490795
One of the best Decks.
I've been using the 2k und 6k for now 2 years in combination with grammar lesson from nihongo no mori and am in preparation for jlpt2.
on 1568464217
it has pronunciation.
on 1568268479
Super great. This saves my life.
on 1567781068
Какой прекрасный дэск
on 1567391387
Very well produced and includes audio and kanji
on 1567078384
Great Deck.
on 1566910108
very gooood
on 1566871092
I'm trying to learn Japanese and this is awesome I guess
on 1566676031
on 1565407446
I want dowmlood it
on 1565333694
Great deck!
on 1565298270
It's really good
on 1565298210
its good
on 1565253192
Very nice :)
on 1565177177
on 1565107971
on 1564452451
on 1563810639
Good for learning
on 1563354344
on 1562870779
Great for improving listening comprehension.
My reading level is far beyond my listening so I found myself deleting all of those cards.
Took me about a week to complete the deck.
on 1562536272
on 1562254261
good use
on 1561309734
Awesome and understandable
on 1561040479
on 1559075677
Excellent listening practice after learning the basic Japanese.
on 1558777281
because i like it
on 1558406255
I want to download it
on 1558401628
on 1558143261
on 1557677937
helps me a lot!
on 1557335438
Absolutely amazing! Best way to learn Japanese that I've found!
on 1556890549
very nice, good effort.
on 1556828909
on 1556648931
on 1556230617
very useful!
on 1555495804
on 1554954937
on 1553927664
on 1553566925
Thank you for making this one of a kind Japanese flashcard.
on 1553174461
Très bonne qualité.
Tre bonkvalita.
on 1552979041
on 1552924036
Like this deck.
on 1552923831
for studying
on 1552484573
on 1552075047
on 1551873398
on 1549865743
easy for beginner like me
on 1549214088
Good job.
on 1548968054
I'm leaving this here for future people. Took me forever to figure this out but here's the explanation why there is 400 notes in this deck even though the original "iKnow Core 1000 Step 01" has only 100 words:

This deck actually contains all "iKnow! Core 1000 Step 01" and "iKnow! Core 1000 Step 02" words.
Those two steps consist of 200 words, as well as 200 example sentences, as extra notes, hence 400 notes in total.
If you take all of these Anki decks (Core 2000 Step 01-10) you have 2000 words, which is why I'm assuming the decks are called "Core 2000". These 2000 words correspond to the iKnow courses "Core 1000" and "Core 2000". I don't know why the uploader chose such a misleading title.

So if you finish all the 10 Steps of this Anki deck and you wish to continue using the "Core Vocabulary decks", you will need to look for "iKnow! Core 3000"

See iKnow! courses here: https://iknow.jp/content/japanese
on 1548886266
on 1548484086
on 1547310648
It's a really good idea putting the audio and then later reviewing the audio by the phrase with Kanjis, this way I hear the audio in my mind while I'm reading the phrase so I assimilate the Kanjis
on 1546804342
on 1546685346
The versatility of this deck is great.
on 1546036910
very well done
on 1545915786
A lot of sentences to practice :)
on 1545772883
The inclusion of kanji and kana was helpful. I learned useful words.
on 1545754600
Using this to start learning Japanese.
on 1544784997
Very nice senteces and words, helps me practice me listening comprehension skills :)
on 1544357090
Very good!
on 1543769848
on 1543551443
on 1542746900
on 1542439103
on 1542305933
on 1542096658
on 1541715748
Great stuff!
on 1539864093
on 1539389849
Very nice card composition and features!
on 1539287503
Very good.
on 1538026747
on 1537185013
This is a very good card set. You can grow your vocabulary with it through pictures and learn new characters.
on 1536882119
This is good but i'm making this comment to bring attention to that the card for 考える has broken audio making it impossible to learn from some of it's versions
on 1536772573
on 1536662761
I'm not sure ...
on 1536467104
on 1536430146
perfect to learn vocabulary
on 1536286848
Very useful containts
on 1535921780
Great one
on 1535832647
I really enjoy this resource so far. It will generally introduce a word and then in the next card show you an example sentence.
It is mostly entirely focuses on listening and comprehension, which I greatly appreciate, and then shows you the text afterwards.
The pictures are also interesting.

This deck might be difficult for someone who is starting from 0 knowledge of Japanese. I would recommend a basic knowledge of kana and simple grammar before attempting this deck.
on 1535545311
Very good.
Thank you for your work.
on 1535476054
on 1535421110
Good job!
on 1533560334
on 1533353031
Audio and sentences are very helpful, thank you!
on 1533192896
Nicely done
on 1532849391
on 1532396681
on 1531642722
Thank you.
on 1531635073
Good deck to practice Japanese! Requires some elementary knowledge on Japanese.
on 1531430525
Really saved my effort.
on 1529052335
on 1529012688
Amazingly helpful and insightful! I'm so happy to have these
on 1528416000
Good job!
on 1528243200
Great job! Really useful
on 1527724800
Really helpful
on 1527465600
on 1527033600
on 1526860800
It's great!
on 1526688000
It's very helpful, and has actual Japanese speakers pronounce the sentences.
on 1526342400
Really good!
on 1525824000
Very useful
on 1525651200
cool deck, suit for people who just know a little japanese to start.
on 1525219200
on 1525046400
Good desk
on 1524700800
on 1524614400
on 1524441600
Very useful
on 1524009600
yes no maybe so
on 1522713600
on 1522627200
Great beginner deck
on 1522022400
on 1520985600
Very good
on 1520899200
It`s great
on 1520467200
good deck!
on 1519689600
on 1518566400
Nigga it works
on 1517961600
Has audio, images, usage in sentences, pretty much all you can ask for.
on 1517270400
very good
on 1517184000
on 1514505600
That's great
on 1510185600
on 1507680000
on 1506211200
on 1505952000
on 1505001600
on 1504828800
on 1503878400
on 1500163200
on 1499644800
on 1499299200
Good deck

Definitely, it is very good deck. But some pictures are strange and illogical. It's just images of smiling scary snouts of office employeers from a stock photobank.

Also, there is another important thing - dialects. Some guys there saying "NA" instead "GA". I think they may be from Tohoku dialect.
on 1498521600
on 1498435200
on 1498003200
on 1497312000
on 1496793600
on 1496275200
Not the deck you are probably looking for.

This is not the Core2K/6K deck you are probably looking for. Go back to the guide and download from the link given.
on 1496188800
on 1496188800
on 1495929600
on 1495584000
on 1494460800
on 1494374400
on 1494288000
on 1494201600
on 1494028800
on 1493769600
on 1493683200
on 1493164800
on 1492992000
on 1492819200
on 1492819200
on 1491696000
on 1491523200
on 1491177600
on 1490918400
on 1490659200
on 1490659200
on 1490572800
on 1490486400
on 1490486400
on 1489968000
on 1489795200
on 1489449600
on 1488672000
on 1488326400
on 1488153600
on 1487462400
on 1487289600
on 1486684800
on 1486512000
on 1486512000
on 1484870400
on 1484697600
on 1484611200
on 1484438400
on 1484352000
on 1483833600
on 1483660800
on 1483574400
on 1483488000
on 1482624000
on 1482537600
Straight Forward

Simple straight forward vocab. Just the basics, audio, english, kana, picture. No clutter makes for a quick burn and learn deck.
on 1482451200
on 1482364800
on 1481414400
on 1480982400
on 1480723200
on 1480377600
on 1480032000
on 1479859200
on 1478995200
on 1477699200
Can somebody explain this to me?

There are 400 "notes" in each deck. When I download the decks, there are about 1,000 actual flashcards, more sentences than vocab, so I'm guessing it's 400 vocabulary words plus 600 practice sentences per deck, so wouldn't this be core 4000? 400 vocab words per deck x 10 decks.

Very good cards BTW.
on 1475366400
on 1474070400
on 1473379200
on 1471737600
Fun deck

I like pictures.
on 1470700800
on 1469664000
on 1469491200
on 1468627200
on 1468454400
Thank you!I want to have a try.
on 1467763200
on 1466035200
on 1464134400
on 1463443200
on 1461715200
on 1461283200
on 1460332800
on 1455667200
on 1450396800