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Japanese Core 2000 Step 01 Listening Sentence Vocab + Images

21.81MB. 405 audio & 235 images. Updated 2015-12-02.

This item is large, and may take some time to download.


This is the 1st step of Japanese Core 2000 This deck is not mine and I do not take any credit for this in any shape or form. Because someone removed the deck I'm reuploading the one I have. Lower level

Sample (from 400 notes)

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Expression 大学に行ってもっと勉強したいです。
Meaning I want to go to college and study more.大学 -- university, collegeもっと -- more
Reading だいがく に いって もっと べんきょう したい です
iKnowID sentence:247029
iKnowType sentence
Expression 飛ぶ
Meaning fly
Reading とぶ
iKnowID item:352593
iKnowType item
Expression 入れる
Meaning put in
Reading いれる
iKnowID item:343073
iKnowType item

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on 1542096658
on 1541715748
Great stuff!
on 1539864093
on 1539389849
Very nice card composition and features!
on 1539287503
Very good.
on 1538026747
on 1537185013
This is a very good card set. You can grow your vocabulary with it through pictures and learn new characters.
on 1536882119
This is good but i'm making this comment to bring attention to that the card for 考える has broken audio making it impossible to learn from some of it's versions
on 1536772573
on 1536662761
I'm not sure ...
on 1536467104
on 1536430146
perfect to learn vocabulary
on 1536286848
Very useful containts
on 1535921780
Great one
on 1535832647
I really enjoy this resource so far. It will generally introduce a word and then in the next card show you an example sentence.
It is mostly entirely focuses on listening and comprehension, which I greatly appreciate, and then shows you the text afterwards.
The pictures are also interesting.

This deck might be difficult for someone who is starting from 0 knowledge of Japanese. I would recommend a basic knowledge of kana and simple grammar before attempting this deck.
on 1535545311
Very good.
Thank you for your work.
on 1535476054
on 1535421110
Good job!
on 1533560334
on 1533353031
Audio and sentences are very helpful, thank you!
on 1533192896
Nicely done
on 1532849391
on 1532396681
on 1531642722
Thank you.
on 1531635073
Good deck to practice Japanese! Requires some elementary knowledge on Japanese.
on 1531430525
Really saved my effort.
on 1529052335
on 1529012688
Amazingly helpful and insightful! I'm so happy to have these
on 1528416000
Good job!
on 1528243200
Great job! Really useful
on 1527724800
Really helpful
on 1527465600
on 1527033600
on 1526860800
It's great!
on 1526688000
It's very helpful, and has actual Japanese speakers pronounce the sentences.
on 1526342400
Really good!
on 1525824000
Very useful
on 1525737600
Sensacional, se você entende inglês, esse deck é super recomendado, ensina de forma gradativa de fácil entendimento, e vai aumentando a dificuldade pouco a pouco.
on 1525651200
cool deck, suit for people who just know a little japanese to start.
on 1525219200
on 1525046400
Good desk
on 1524700800
on 1524614400
on 1524441600
Very useful
on 1524009600
yes no maybe so
on 1522713600
on 1522627200
Great beginner deck
on 1522022400
on 1520985600
Very good
on 1520899200
It`s great
on 1520467200
good deck!
on 1519689600
on 1518566400
Nigga it works
on 1517961600
Has audio, images, usage in sentences, pretty much all you can ask for.
on 1517270400
very good
on 1517184000
on 1514505600
That's great
on 1499299200
Good deck

Definitely, it is very good deck. But some pictures are strange and illogical. It's just images of smiling scary snouts of office employeers from a stock photobank.

Also, there is another important thing - dialects. Some guys there saying "NA" instead "GA". I think they may be from Tohoku dialect.
on 1496275200
Not the deck you are probably looking for.

This is not the Core2K/6K deck you are probably looking for. Go back to the guide and download from the link given.
on 1482537600
Straight Forward

Simple straight forward vocab. Just the basics, audio, english, kana, picture. No clutter makes for a quick burn and learn deck.
on 1477699200
Can somebody explain this to me?

There are 400 "notes" in each deck. When I download the decks, there are about 1,000 actual flashcards, more sentences than vocab, so I'm guessing it's 400 vocabulary words plus 600 practice sentences per deck, so wouldn't this be core 4000? 400 vocab words per deck x 10 decks.

Very good cards BTW.
on 1471737600
Fun deck

I like pictures.
on 1468454400
Thank you!I want to have a try.