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German Sentences (1/3)

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Set of sentences German (front) and English (back) from Tatoeba Project sorted with frequency words Sentences containing high frequency words will appear in the front of the deck while low frequency words will appear toward the end. Each word in the sentences as been linked to its corresponding Wiktionary page for fast and convenient translations. This deck contains no audio files, but is still very large. I personally find that learning words through context is very important, and while a list of sentences cannot be solely relied on to learn a language, it can certainly be a helpful tool. This is the first deck in the series and it consists mostly of the language's core vocabulary. If you have already graduated past this vocabulary, consider using a more difficult deck. If you enjoyed using this deck, please consider supporting Wiktionary and Tatoeba Project. If you have suggestions for future decks, please email me at ajbreid@daktel.com

Sample (from 60746 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Front Ich lese jetzt.
Back I'm going to read.
Front „Warum hast du das getan?“ – „Weil ich es konnte.“
Back Why did you do it? "Because I could."
Front Wir ziehen Gemüse in unserem Garten.
Back We grow vegetables in our garden.

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Decent deck but contains enough typos to where any beginner learner will be very mis-informed or spend hours on Wiktionary to see if that is truly a possible meaning, ex. "Wir war es?" translating to "how was it?" instead of "Wie"
on 1623959276
Mistranslations and improper grammar only a couple of cards into the deck.
on 1595531846
This helped me a lot! TYVM!!!
on 1590234998
Duplicates (with different english or german translations) and typos. Because of that I get stuck trying to learn a simple card the wrong way.
on 1588764812
tjkhkh ewjerjr tt ylyly
on 1580639495
Great variety of sentances for learning.
on 1570962330
Thanks! Great source for learning german.
on 1566247985
How come "Wie war ich?" is "How did you find me?"?
on 1565087085
Very well made
on 1556061027
on 1547400213
How do I remove the links from the deck?
Thank you.
on 1533929601
Nice, thank you :D
on 1526428800
The guy who gave this deck a thumbs down below, is mistaken.

Ich lese jetzt can mean "I'm going to read now" depending on context.

But it never translates to "I read now", it translates to: "I'm reading" or "I'm reading now".

I studied some 15000 German sentences from the Tatoeba website (which are the sentences you find in this deck) — and in my experience, there is just one minor mistake every ~1200 cards, so it's no big deal.
on 1526256000
DISCLAIMER: I'm still learning German and that's why I'm here.

From the samples though: "Ich lese jetzt."

I'm pretty sure it's not "I'm going to read", but rather that's "I read now" in most cases and especially out of context like this.
on 1521849600
Nice one!
on 1521158400
These are fantastic! Great examples from daily life plus recordings! It would take me so long to create these myself. Thanks for sharing
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on 1520035200
Very good. Ty ^^
on 1519516800
Very good job! We need more of this kind of decks in Anki
on 1519171200
Keep the good work.
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