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Countdown To Events and Exams

0.01MB. Updated 2022-06-27.
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This addon adds an event coundown section on to the main window. Can be used to countdown the time until an exam or other important event that you are using anki for. You can then add an event by clicking the add button and entering the needed information to this window. Events are automatically deleted past the due date. ERRORS OR FEEDBACK: Please do not use reviews for bug reports or support requests. I don't get notified of your reviews, and properly troubleshooting an issue through them is nearly impossible. Instead please use the issue tracker or make a post on the add-on support thread. The source code is available on github. Please give it a star if you enjoy this add-on :) VERSION HISTORY: 2022-06-27: Updated to work on newer versions of anki that use Qt 6 2021-03-13: Added the ability to edit existing events. 2021-03-04: Fixed bug. 2021-01-13: Added sorting by date. 2020-09-29: - Fixed a bug where it wasn't deleting the correct event. 2020-09-17: - Improved the code, no visible changes. 2020-07-26: - Replaced add & delete buttons with one settings icon. - Added access to settings through toolbar. 2020-07-17: - Initial release.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1658852369
I love this addon, however, I did want to report that since the Qt6 update on 6/27, I keep getting notifications that an update is available for this addon, but the update doesn't work when I try to initiate it. I'm using Qt5 anki still, maybe that's why?
on 1658109964
Thank you! Great add-on
on 1656392887
thank you smm great addon, but can you add an option for show the week(s) left instead of day(s) left?
on 1656341628
Changed my life!
on 1653177360
It was a great add-on but I'm really missing it after the new Qt5/6 update.
Comment from author

Btw I don't get notifications here - in the future, create a post on the help forum (see description)

If you want to support the add-on, feel free to star the github repositary!
on 1647376229
EXCELLENT WORK for daily reminders and keeping track of how much time you have left to learn your cards
on 1647276421
Works for 2.1..49.
Much thanks 😹
on 1645975456
Super motivating. Thank you!
on 1644500054
Esse addon é realmente útil. Para ficar melhor, deveria ser colocado no topo do programa assim ficaria mais visível
on 1643498467
on 1641413307
Thanks for making this Add-On! It improves the look of my Anki Homescreen and motivates me to keep reviewing!!! It works perfectly! Keep it up!
on 1629519746
Although this works, something like countdowns should be pinned to the top, ideally top-right or top left! It serves little purpose when it is pinned to the bottom of the page. Please add functionality to pin countdown to the top of the page
on 1629156604
on 1628002384
Great, thanks a lot!
on 1627403756
So useful
on 1625742368
Great!! 😋

I really do feel it helps me better manage my time (or at least be more knowledgeable about the danger that lays ahead ☠️).
on 1625589000
Good idea
on 1624975440
Usually I somehow don't think about upcoming exams until three days to the exam.
This add-on helps me to feel stressed out way earlier, as I can watch the number of days that I still have left to study slip away...

Thanks, it's invaluable!
on 1622598434
Ta bueno asere
on 1619877951
Why does it ask to be updated every day? And now it cant even be removed. Is this a malware or something?
Comment from author
Hi, this is a problem with anki itself rather than the add-on. The problem seems to be affecting multiple add-ons. Please see these forum posts:


on 1618418484
I would be grateful if you can make it work on Anki version 2.1.15.

Thank you!
on 1618328327
thank you so much! so simple yet impactful
on 1617198628
Useful little add on. However I'm also getting update notifications every day (which seemingly does not actually update anything)
on 1616767389
I like the add on but it has an update notification literally every day. Not sure what the deal is but it seems to work fine as is.
Comment from author
Hi, this is a problem with anki itself rather than the add-on. The problem seems to be affecting multiple add-ons. Please see these forum posts:


on 1616237837
on 1615655558
A nice little reminder. Maybe an edit function?
Comment from author
Coming very soon.

Edit: Finished, just update the add-on
on 1615411521
Anki 2.1.35 on PC - option to sort by date ascending/descending not showing. This option does show on my macbook though (also Anki 2.1.35).
Comment from author
You most likely have an outdated version of the add-on. To update it, open anki and navigate to tools->add-ons->check for updates.

If the problem persists, please make a post on the add-on support thread
on 1615007304
amazing idea! love it for studying for exams. would be cool to highlight the date with heatmap.
on 1613023314
Good idea
on 1611939417
Is there any way to edit an existing event?
on 1611605835
Motivating, see the days left for the test!
on 1611143043
on 1610747602
Excellent for daily reminders and keeping track of how much time you have left to learn your cards!
on 1610708280
Very useful to keep track. Provides motivation to keep the day to day reviewing!!!
on 1610632362
Very good idea
on 1609401732
Gives a visual insight of upcoming events exams etc Thank You developer. Very much appreciated.
Comment from author
Thank you!
on 1609368651
Useful add
on 1608819772
Ty for this great add-on
Can you make it sort the events by days left instead of adding date?
Comment from author
on 1608792002
it's good to see a countdown which motivates you
on 1606127972
very useful having a reminder of how many days until your exams all in one place. Easy to use addon too.
on 1603543925
Really like this add on! For future updates, it'd be nice to be able to customize font colors and/or size.
on 1602902627
nice, hopefully can make me more productively because i study for a contest (i dont know if that is the appropriate word iin english) that will happen in 5 months
on 1601749854
Great App!! Would love if there was a way to sort the events by soonest event to farthest event or a way to reorder the events displayed other than reentering all the dates in the order I want them!
Comment from author
Good idea, Done!
on 1601421737
it's helpful thanks
on 1600455460
thank you for this addon
how ever , i would like if there is a dynamic display of the countdown with seconds would be great
on 1600363444
Nice! Tks
on 1597607432
Love it!!! Have other countdowns in other applications, but nothing like having one on the main page of the application I use the most. It also helps keep me on track and motivated to not skip reviews.

However, minor question/ request? Would it be possible to add a column that displays the actual date of the event? This in addition to the time left.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing add-on!
on 1595936177
Very convenient to keep things in focus. Having your schedule spelled out in days really drives home reality.
On another note, to update to the current version, you have to delete the old addon after shutting down Anki and then restarting and reinstalling. Normal updates do not work.
on 1595831206
Really nice idea, thank you!
on 1595806616
Smashing add on, really helps to keep track of exam dates and keeping your mind focused on them to revise for whilst using Anki, very useful
on 1595637699
Great add on as your previous one, if i remember correctly you asked for add-on ideas in reddit thread. I would love to see it being expanded by two options: aligning events and delete buttons; second is bonding event with new cards in certain deck, so i would see: XXX days left, XX cards per day.
on 1595188761
Love it!
But I hate the "Add an event" button even after I added my event. I don't like that it is always there.
Please add an option to hide it
Comment from author
Hi There.
I've updated it so all the buttons are replaced with one settings icon. Hope you like this change.
on 1595038863
Thank you. Worked well. Tip: add the option to rename the event.
on 1594999989
A handy plugin, thank you. I think it would look better if the delete and add new event buttons do not appear. (add or delete from the settings tab instead of the main screen)
Comment from author
Good Idea, I'll work on this soon so there should be an update in the next few days :)