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Intermediate R functions and design patterns

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Useful functions from and some underlying principles behind the R programming language. For more decks, please see: http://andrewtmckenzie.com/sr/

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Front In R, what is the function of cut(a, b, c)? 
Back creates a factor variable, where a) the first argument a is an input vector,b) the second argument b is the number of breakpoints, c) the third argument is a character vector specifying the lables > factor is aka categorical > nb, any number below the first or above the last breakpoint is coded as an NA 
Front In R, what is the difference between these two lm regression models? why?a) y ~ xb) y ~ 1 + x
Back nothing; 1 corresponds to the intercept which is assumed in (a), so they are both of the form y = mx + b> trick q> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13366755/what-does-the-r-formula-y1-mean
Front In R, how do you reverse a string x? 
Back via rev(x) 

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