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General Korean Sentences by Evita, Part 1

25.69MB. 950 audio & 0 images. Updated 2021-02-05.
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This deck contains Korean sentences with audio. The sentences are ordered from easier to harder to make the learning more natural. This is a beginner level deck, meaning that it doesn't contain any sentences with reported speech constructions. However, this deck is not meant for complete beginners; you should study Korean for a few months before attempting this deck. There are some sentences in this deck (less than 10%) that don't have a translation. This is intentional, you should try to figure out the meanings yourself. Once you get more proficient in Korean, you should rely less on translations and just think in Korean. This deck will help you with that process. The next deck in this series (to be published probably sometime in 2021) will contain even less translations. I have also shared another sentence deck called Korean Grammar Sentences. It has the following differences: If you like learning Korean using sentences, there's no reason you can't study both of these decks simultaneously. In fact, my recommendation is that you do so because both decks contain lots of useful sentences and they complement each other well. (If you are curious, the main reason why this deck's sentences are in a separate deck is to keep the size of the grammar deck under control by only adding a limited number of example sentences for each grammar point.)

Sample (from 950 notes)

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Korean 그렇게 하는 사람은 아주 착한 사람이거나 아니면 바보예요.
Translation A person who does that is either very nice or a fool.
Number 948
Korean 골프는 테니스보다 힘이 덜 들기 때문입니다.
Translation It's because golf is less tiring than tennis.
Number 797
Korean 그 책을 많이 읽었어요?
Translation Did you read much of that book?
Number 69

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on 1633016140
Thank you so much for making an effort to do this.
on 1615831347
God Bless you !
on 1606402377
Good sentences with good audio.
on 1604816593
Thank you for the time you spent on this :)
on 1593999400
Great progression
on 1590993463
thank you
on 1582766738
Another great resource! Already learned some new fixed expressions from the first 20 cards.