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Beginning with New Testament Greek - All Vocab

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This is a collection of all the vocabulary words from Beginning with New Testament Greek by Dr. Ben Merkle and Dr. Rob Plummer. https://www.amazon.com/Beginning-New-Testament-Greek-Introductory/dp/1433650568/ Each vocabulary word is tagged by chapter so you can reference it in the book, but there are no sub-decks. With the definition you may also find within parentheses English cognates or hints to facilitate memory.

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Back or, than
Tags BNTG Ch15
Front κάθημαι
Back I sit (cathedral—where the “seat” of the bishop is)
Tags BNTG Ch16
Front χαίρω
Back I rejoice; greetings (charity)
Tags BNTG Ch21

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Very helpful for self-learning using "Beginning with New Testament Greek"
on 1647717801
It looks like this is the official flashcard set for the textbook. It is what they link to on their website.
on 1579706742
This is a great deck for elementary Greek grammar. It’s particularly helpful for any student of Dr Plummer at Southern seminary, as it provides the fastest, most efficient way to revise your Greek vocab from his classes.