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Merriam-Webster Learner's Core Vocabulary

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Source: http://learnersdictionary.com/3000-words ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Install the Replay buttons on card add-on to add audio buttons on the card. For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Word clothes
Definition clothes /ˈkloʊz/ noun [plural] : the things that people wear to cover their bodies and that are usually made from cloth heavy winter clothes [=clothing] I need some new clothes for the summer. My sister and I borrow each other's clothes all the time. Always wear your best clothes for interviews. dress clothes [=fancy or formal things to wear] work clothes [=things you wear at work] He changed his clothes. I bought a new clothes dryer/washer. a clothes hamper — see also plain clothes at 1plain Synonyms see: clothing
Word bonus
Definition bonus /ˈboʊnəs/ noun plural bonuses [count] 1  : something good that is more than what was expected or required As a bonus for good behavior you can stay up late. The product has the added bonus of providing extra vitamins. 2  : an extra amount of money that is given to an employee Staff members were given a bonus for finishing the project on schedule. The company offered bonuses to entice new workers. We receive annual bonuses at the end of the year.
Word first class
Definition first class noun [noncount] : the best or highest group or class: such as a  : the best of usually three kinds of service you can have when you travel flying in first class b  : a class of mail in the U.S. that includes letters and postcards c  : a class of mail in the U.K. that includes letters and packages which are delivered sooner than ordinary second-class mail but cost more to send

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