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Spanish Sentences

2.32MB. 500 audio & 0 images. Updated 2022-04-29.
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This is a collection of Spanish sentences, sorted from easiest (most simple) to hardest (most complex). This deck begins with very simple sentences, and slowly gets harder as you progress. You can download this deck in the form of a PDF file. -=-=-=-=-=- — Why study sentences? Memorizing the meaning of individual words... is pretty much pointless. If you want actual fluency, you need to see a word in as many example sentences as possible. That makes the language start to flow in your head. That shows you how to use the word. How it is combined with the other words. And many other things. We think that effort always converts into fluency. This is not true. If you memorize the meaning of individual words you won't get fluent and you will spend a ton of effort. But studying sentences is the real deal. Is the method of learning that actually converts effort to fluency. Get some basic grammar, some basic vocabulary, then just dive into sentences and more sentences until you're fluent. -=-=-=-=-=- https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ Part 1 ➔ [this deck] Part 2 ➔ https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/84075677 Part 3 ➔ https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1389095188

Sample (from 3001 notes)

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Sentence Gracias, muchas gracias.
Sentence (English) Thank you, thank you very much.
Sentence (Search Field) Gracias, muchas gracias.
Language Code es
Language Spanish
Sentence Perdón por llegar tarde.
Sentence (English) Sorry for being late.
Sentence (Search Field) Perdón por llegar tarde.
Language Code es
Language Spanish
Sentence Eso no puede ser.
Sentence (English) That cannot be.
Sentence (Search Field) Eso no puede ser.
Language Code es
Language Spanish

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on 1649623854
You're absolutely right about learning sentences over words if wanting to gain fluency in another language!
on 1649454372
Hello, This is a good deck but for some reason the audio isn't working. I was using ankiDroid and it was working fine but now that I switched to anki desktop the audio doesn't work at all.
on 1639141957
Great deck! Thank you!

Also, for this comment:

"As a new learner of Spanish I lost faith in the deck because of "Cómó está = How is he?", as the most common use seem to be "= how are you?" (upon meeting people) - it's what people will ask you in Spain, what Duolingo teaches you, and what Google Translate translates it to.

Given that it can mean "how is he?" it should also be noted that it can mean "how is he/she/it?". Otherwise you end up believing it can only be used for asking "how is he?"."

- The only time you use "esta" to refer to a person directly is in formal situations with usted. If you don't know verb conjugation in the present tense you should be working on Spanish grammar 101 and not be doing this, sorry to say.
on 1638346409
on 1634035509
As a new learner of Spanish I lost faith in the deck because of "Cómó está = How is he?", as the most common use seem to be "= how are you?" (upon meeting people) - it's what people will ask you in Spain, what Duolingo teaches you, and what Google Translate translates it to.

Given that it can mean "how is he?" it should also be noted that it can mean "how is he/she/it?". Otherwise you end up believing it can only be used for asking "how is he?".
on 1629058700
Well done cards, though I wish more than 500 of the cards had audio files on them!
on 1627444096
Muchas gracías!
on 1627320053
on 1626229103
I like
on 1624572532
thank you!!
on 1613154234
Thank you for the hard work and effort. I feel this will take my spanish to the next level. I didn't see any audio files, how do I find the audio files to this desk and install it to anki?
on 1610844680
Hello, your deck looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to put a thumb up, but I would like to start directly with the updated part 1 with 3000 cards that you mentioned in comments in Part 2. Please update Part 1 :-) You did amazing job and your deck may be the best one out there ! We just need the 2000 sentences missing ^^
on 1609963861
Amazing Deck, I just wish there was an explanation on how to enable the cloze cards, It sounds simple but some other users and I, who perhaps arent that technical, cant get it to work. Otherwise its a must have !
on 1606085241
easier to learn in sentences
on 1605832902
por todo el esfuerzo!
on 1604915975
The deck is very good.
on 1604691379
hola, muy bueno tu deck, mi idioma nativo es español latino, solo tengo que corregir la frase, Acaba de empezar a llover, la frase correcta es
EMPEZO A LLOVER, descargue tu deck hize 20 frases y solo frase una estaba mal hecha, hicistes un buen trabajo haciendo ese deck, tendras uno en ingles me interesa aprender frases en ese idioma, Soy nueva en anki.
on 1604411255
I only give this a thumbs-down because of some errors. I truly appreciate this deck. But, in the short time I have used it I have found several errors. I am level A1/starting A2; some people with even less familiarity with Spanish might not realize some of these errors. There are a few that I changed already and don't remember what they are anymore. In addition, these I found and fixed recently:

> "Eso es todo" does not mean "Is this all" --> it means "Is *that* all" ("Eso" means "that," not "this")

> "Son como yo" does not mean "You're like me" --> it means "*They* are like me" ("Son" means they/them/Uds)
(Edit: this could mean "You're like me" or more technically "You all are like me" if the formal plural "you" is being used--"Ustedes". I just don't think Ustedes would be the first pronoun that would come to mind when translating a plural conjugation of a word.)

> "De dónde es?" does not mean "Where are you from?" --> it means "Where is he/she from?" ("es" is the form of ser for he/she/it)
(Edit: De dónde es? could mean "Where are you from?" because it could be referring to Usted, the "formal/respectful you" in Spanish. I don't think formal you would be the first pronoun that would come to mind when translating a third person singular conjugation of a word, though.)

The errors are not with the words being tested for those flashcards but rather for other parts of the sentence; I think that's why they have slipped through.
Comment from author before post was edited
"Son como yo" -> "Ustedes son como yo" -> "You're like me"
Ustedes means 'you (in the plural)'. It is conjugated in the third person plural (conjugated like "they/them").
But it's still a bad translation, because it would be more fit for the English to be: "You guys are like me."

"Eso es todo?" -> "Is this all?" communicates the same idea of "Is that all?" (it indicates that a task is over)
But I agree it's a bad translation.

"De dónde es?" -> "De dónde es [usted]?" -> Where are you from?
Usted means 'you (in the singular)', but it is conjugated in the third person singular (like he/she/it).

My native language is Portuguese, which is just Spanish with a thick accent.
I'll recheck the cards in this deck later, to verify for loose translations.
on 1604403685
Really really useful. Amazing work. Thank you.
It would be good to see alternative high use Spanish phrases for the English, otherwise I'm not sure if my translation is wrong or just weird and also I need to be ready to understand or use alternative forms.
on 1604229341
Just an incredible amount of effort here. Well done
on 1601092394
Muy bueno!
on 1600183907
Good for sentence formation and listening skills
on 1598553941
This seems so useful, but I'm new to Anki how do I access this?
on 1598522593
Good catalog
on 1593421918
The deck is good
on 1590271700
Obrigado pelo ótimo trabalho e por disponibilizar os decks. Fique com Deus e abraços.
on 1589904660
This deck and its companion [2/2] are great, however the author has removed 2000 sentences from this one apparently to move them to the other one, but that hasn't happened. Therefore sentences 2000 - 4000 are missing and there are 8000 sentences total. I hope the author will fix this as the early sentences are important and it seems like they are ready to go, just need to be added back in.
on 1588901921
Awesome stuff!
on 1588836385
This guy is doing such a noble deed.
on 1588564822
it helped me
on 1588516113
Thanks to the reviewer who pointed out the differences to European/Castilian Spanish
on 1587207846
great content!
on 1586829891
Donde esta la mierda de las cartas "flashcart"
Comment from author
No soy yo quien ha desenvolvido el aplicativo Anki.

Si tienes dificultades tecnicas, preguntale al desenvolvedor de Anki:

Puede ser que no has entendido que necesitas descargar el programa Anki, este se puede ser descargado aqui: https://apps.ankiweb.net/
on 1585313449
on 1584231701
on 1583919856
Too far away from Castillian Spanish for me. Simple example bebé = baby, doll= muñeca however I realize children use there own names for their toys and games. so bebé could be baby to a young child BUT I am nor a young child and if I collect dolls in Spain it would be - mi pasatiempo es coleccionar muñecas. HOWEVER imho for learners of Latin American Spanish this is the best deck you are ever going to find
on 1580720793
Super useful learning vocab in context
on 1580125323
Thanks for the focused and hard work you put into this. It obviously takes dedication to put something like together.
on 1579760779
I’ve been using this deck for about two weeks and have reviewed about half the cards at least once. I’m using it to dip my toe back into Spanish after many years away. It’s been pretty good for that. I think it might be kind of confusing for true beginners, though.

As with any L1->L2 translation task deck, the arbitrariness is sometimes annoying. That is, I often think of a correct way to say something in Spanish, but what I thought of doesn’t match the back of the card at all. This is made worse by the rather loose (not wrong, but unnecessarily un-literal) translations used on many cards. Editing the English on some to be a little more literal has made this somewhat better.

There are also some places where the sorting algorithm gives somewhat odd results, such as putting “Estás entre amigos” (the preposition "entre") and “No entre usted” (an imperative form of entrar) next to each other. This is because it thinks these two "entre" are the same word, which they aren't. This is the kind of thing I think would be hard for a beginner, but it's not that big deal if you have a fair amount of knowledge of grammar going in.

And, like many other reviewers, I customized the cards to get rid of clutter on the front, but that was trivial.
on 1579074769
on 1578416259
Way too hard. I'd rather do the English translations instead.
on 1577639600
on 1577431380
Thumbs up for hard work . Thumbs down for overly complicated layout and too much English. It would be better if it simply had sentences + hints in Spanish at the back of the card

Otherwise this is just another deck putting your brain into translation mode instead of Spanish mode
Comment from author
I spent a very long time studying "Foreign language to English" ... and I found that it is way more productive to study "English to foreign language" (what this deck is right now). ^^

In any case, you can customize this deck to make it "Spanish to English" instead of "English to Spanish".
See this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnbKwHEQ1mA&yt%3Acc=on
on 1577006273
I am not sure whether to give it a thumbs up. Some of them seem like possible mistakes when you look them up on sites like Google Translate and wordreference. Is this a mistake, for example?


Es mi bebé.

That's my doll.


Es mi bebé.

It's my baby.




baby, babe, nurseling







bebé. nm

(niño muy pequeño)

baby n

El bebé gateaba por la habitación curioseando cada rincón.

The baby was crawling around all the corners of the room.

bebé. n común (recién nacido) baby n

El bebé se cogió al pecho de la madre y comenzó a mamar a las pocas horas de nacer.

The baby took the mother's breast and began to nurse within a few hours of birth.
Comment from author
In latin america many dolls are babies, so in this context the words are synonymous.

My native language is a dialect of Spanish ("Portuguese"), so you can trust me when I say that the translations of this deck are accurate. ^^
on 1576237429
This is a Great Boost!
on 1574825900
on 1571173172
I am struggling to get the cloze/answer fields to work. it seems only the front and back cards and audio show up...Any ideas to get those fields to work. They seem to be ignored by Anki...:(
Comment from author
The "cloze" field is optional. To enable it, see this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnbKwHEQ1mA&yt:cc=on

If that works, I'd appreciate if you could change your rating to a thumbs up.

My original plan was to make this a 100% Cloze Deck... But I figured it's way better, if I made the deck — as it is right now. ^^
on 1569692356
Thanks so much for this resource. How can I delete the timer?
Comment from author
Go to the computer version of Anki.
Open the deck.
Click Edit.
Click cards.
Delete everything between <script> and </script>.
on 1569582411
Very good
on 1569194931
Great stuff! Thank you for sharing this. Idk where to find the 2nd part please
Comment from author

It was made in a different way from this deck, but it's still great practice.
on 1565165239
I believe there´s a mistake with one card:
Eng: You're like me.
Span: Son como yo. >> This should be "eres como yo"/"nos parecemos"?
Comment from author
The You in the Spanish card is in the plural ("You guys/y'all"). I plan to make an update that changes the plural You to "y'all" or "you guys" to avoid ambiguity. Thanks for the feedback ^^
on 1563577981
just started seems great... i love free stuff
on 1562853346
Great resource.
Also, the layout on part 1; i.e this deck; is the best
on 1562680793
good job
on 1558591321
on 1556575686
on 1555727968
This is super useful and well put-together. I love that it takes not only word frequency but also sentence difficulty into account in its organization.
on 1555698832
Thanks a lot
on 1550230196
I just downloaded it. Having created my own lists on Anki, I know how difficult it is.
I appreciate your effort and generosity.

Btw, this says 1/2
Has the second part been uploaded yet?
on 1546641718
UPDATE: It appears this deck was updated in late 2018 and it's gone from good to indispensable. Comes with nice formatting, including a countdown clock (which I promptly deleted) and automatically dictionary look-up links for all the words in the Spanish sentence (though I wish it would look up the un-conjugated version of verbs, but alas). The fields have been re-arranged a bit so you now have a populated difficulty index, a separate field for the new word, a separate field for english/spanish/cloze sentence, etc. I love decks like this because I can keep the contents but build my own cards to study the way I want to study (either english -> spanish, spanish -> english, cloze, listening, grammar, vocab, etc). So far the introduction of new words seems to be efficient, although not in true +1 style.

This is a HUGE resource and I want to thank the author for making it and continuing to update it!

imo it would be perfect if it had pictures of the new vocab word on the card. I used the webquery add on to add tabs of a google image search, 123 example sentence look up, and verb conjugations. It automatically looks up pictures of the vocab word and I can save them to the card with just one click. Still kind of annoying, but not too bad. If you're interested in using webquery to maximize your anki Spanish, here's the URLs I plugged into webquery:
Google image search: https://www.google.es/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&q=%s
Example sentence lookup: https://www.123teachme.com/translated_sentences/sp/%s
Conjugations: https://www.123teachme.com/spanish_verb_conjugation/%s

Great resource, but bad for learning vocab

This deck is a great resource. There's lots of ways you could use it. It's set up for listening practice, but I re-arranged it into a cloze deletion deck for vocab practice. It's also a great resource for learning simple grammar.

Unfortunately, it's hard to use. This download (part 1 of 2) alone has 3,000 cards, which contain a total of 15,000 words but only 780 unique words. The excess is okay if you're using it for listening or grammar I guess, but if you want to use it for vocab like me, that's really inefficient. A +1 style deck (where each card adds 1 new vocab to the pool) could do this in 780 cards, instead of 3,000. Okay, so maybe the +1 deck would be more like 1,000, but that's still 66% less work!! Instead of taking you 10 months, it'd take you 3. That's a big difference.

I guess I just have a slightly different learning style than the author. I agree that context is essential for language-learning, and you need to see one word in multiple contexts to really learn it. But I want my anki to be quick and bare-bones, so I can learn the survival vocab I need, and then go read a book or watch TV in the target language. That's much more interesting and is much more likely to last in the long-term. At least for me.

There's a field for the frequency rank number, but it's empty. If it was filled, maybe I could sort the deck by that field and pick out the most useful cards for myself. As-is, I'm trying to figure out how I can weed out the 2,000 cards I don't want without wasting too much of my time... and I probably will just find another deck.

It's a shame.
Comment from author before post was edited
The new version of this deck has a better sorting of sentences. Try it out.
on 1544725376
Hello Neri! I'm an admirer of your lists of "sentences sorted from easiest to hardest". You've done an amazing job! They helped me a lot at studying the languages that I need. I think your decks are one of the best tools for learning languages ever! Thank you really much, I deeply appreciate your efforts! Will you be able to create such a deck for Uyghur? I am ready to pay you a reasonable sum of money for this job. You see, there are very few resources for learning Uyghur, and this is quite a big language (about 10 million speakers in China and Central Asia). Please help the community of Uyghur-learners, we really need it! I live in the Xinjang Province of China now, and I need it really "badly". Thank you beforehand! My email address is shamil153@gmail.com. Respectfully yours, Shamil Khayrutdinov.
on 1540548614
Deck is ok, but many of the translations are creative, not mechanical.

"whatever do you mean" instead of "what do you mean"
Comment from author
This review refers to the new version of the deck; the older version of the deck had no translation problems. I'll fix that this november.
on 1536880873
great collection of sentences. To make it fantastic need sentences organized/grouped by situation
on 1534873007
Very useful sentences, thank you!
on 1532977773
Very good.
on 1532122149
on 1529615599
Gustaría aprender español
on 1520726400
Perfect for listening practice.
on 1520121600
on 1519776000
This is a great deck. The sentences are challenging right from the start. The audio isn't the best, but it's a start.

For those of you who don't know, look in a card's options in the lower right, to replay audio just press "R".
<strike>but is there some mechanism for a replay button on the front of the cards? I can understand that the cards are not written out on the front but just because I miss a card's sentence doesn't mean I don't know it.</strike>
on 1519430400
This audio makes this deck unusable (for me).
on 1518825600
I love spanish and I want to learn it.
on 1513382400
horrible sounds
on 1512777600
bad audio
on 1503446400
Too big

I am afraid you will get part 2 when you download here and vice versa.
It would be a nice idea to split this great files into several parts, because now it is not handy.
on 1497657600
Great deck for listening skills

It is really a great deck for listening skills. One reviewer mentions the repeats in the sense of many similar sentences. In fact, I like this feature, because it forces me to pay attention in order to distinguish between those two similar sentences.

I also created a modified deck, where the audio part is eliminated, and the front of the card is the Spanish sentence and the back is the English translation. This helps me in solidifying the learned sentences, and especially the recall of the Spanish version, when I see the English translation.

In the spirit of further improvements, let me ask the following. The sentence ¿Qué quiere hacer él? Is translated as [ What do you want to do? ]. Shouldn’t it be [ What does he want to do? ]?

I’m assuming the formal version of [ What do you want to do? ] would be ¿Qué quiere hacer usted? Please let me know if I am correct here.
on 1476748800

on 1476489600
This is what I have always needed

I wish I found this deck sooner.. huge help thanks
on 1471651200
Deck is too large with many doubles

It would be nice if the author weeds out the sheer number of duplicate Spanish cards with only a slightly different English translation.

Although there's more than 10.000 cards, the deck it is very monotonous, and has a lot of useless sentences which you will never use.

Many often used verbs like "poner","dar", "oír" are hardly present, and the verb tense "hacéis" for instance is completely absent. How can that be in such a large deck? There must be something wrong with the Frequency Calculation method.

This deck is quite useful for training your listening speed and some grammar, but not for vocabulary.
on 1468281600
This deck is amazing.

I've been using it for just a couple weeks and it's great. It really trains the listening skills and the vocabulary is like a bonus. You've got to figure out the grammar (or learn the rules separately), but it's great practice for that as well since the same thing can be phrased in several slightly different ways.
on 1464048000
So great!