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JLPT N5 Vocabulary Deck - With Audio & Example Sentences

3.09MB. 641 audio & 2 images. Updated 2015-06-06.
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This is a vocabulary deck that encompasses all of the vocabulary that you are likely to need in order to pass JLPT N5. You can find out more about this deck and how to use it appropriately by checking out this article: JLPT N5 Vocabulary List - PDF, Flashcards, Excel, & Audio Formats. On that page, you can also download a PDF and/or Excel spreadsheet of this JLPT N5 Vocabulary deck. This deck was created by NihongoShark.com, where you can learn all kinds of good stuff about Japanese-language PWNing. Good luck on the test everyone!! Niko p.s. If you're feeling especially awesome today, it would mean a lot to me if you could write a positive review of this deck. If you have issues with it that you'd like me to address, please let me know by commenting on this page. p.p.s Here are some screenshots & more info:

Sample (from 654 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Target Word with Ruby じゃ(あ)[じゃ(あ)]
English Definition (Lengthy Version) 〔'では' のなまり〕 in that ⌐case [instance]; if that is ⌐so [the case]; well (then); (right) then; so. [⇒-では]
Japanese Example Sentence 「それは 困[こま]ります」「じゃあどうしろ って言[ってい]うのかね」。
English Translation of Sentence That's no good.―"So what do you want me to do (then)?".
Target Japanese Word じゃ(あ)
Target Word Furigana じゃ(あ)
Target Japanese Word 2 じゃ
Target Furigana 2 じゃ
Target Romaji ja
Simple Definition well, then
Target Word with Ruby 九つ[ここのつ]
English Definition (Lengthy Version) ① 〔数〕 nine; 〔年齢〕 nine years old. [=く1]② 〔昔の時刻〕 12 o'clock.
Japanese Example Sentence 九[ここの]つの 子供[こども]。
English Translation of Sentence A nine-year old (child); a child of nine (years old).
Target Japanese Word 九つ
Target Word Furigana ここのつ
Target Japanese Word 2 九つ
Target Furigana 2 ここのつ
Target Romaji kokonotsu
Simple Definition nine
Target Word with Ruby 漢字[かんじ]
English Definition (Lengthy Version) (a) kanji 《pl. ~(s)》; a Chinese ⌐character [ideograph] 《used in Japanese writing》.
Japanese Example Sentence 漢字[かんじ]で 書[か]く。
English Translation of Sentence Write in kanji.
Target Japanese Word 漢字
Target Word Furigana かんじ
Target Japanese Word 2 漢字
Target Furigana 2 かんじ
Target Romaji kanji
Simple Definition Kanji character

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on 1630542009
on 1626602469
The examples really help to remember the words. Just be sure not to rely too much on furiganas (I turned it off)
on 1626122586
No me deja descargar este maso
on 1608716440
on 1607390166
on 1600350644
on 1599240055
Vert complete
on 1598165664
This deck is too vague in how it asks questions. It asks for the English translation of ~はい which an N5 learner could recognize as "yes". However, the flipside of the card shows that the word it was looking for is 杯, pronounced はい and meaning "~cups". The question used the kana はい instead of the kanji 杯 so it is initially unclear which homonym it was asking for. The deck translates 日 as "…st, ..nd, ..th" which is not useful. Perhaps I am using the deck incorrectly, but as of 2020 the author's page on "how to use this deck" above is unavailable. The example sentences and subject material seems good, and I'm sure the deck could be improved, but right now I think there are better vocabulary decks out there.
on 1597579300
Thank you,
I'll try
on 1597109910
on 1596659706
Simple, and clear
on 1589750809
Good work for beginners!
on 1589576003
Great for study
on 1585812268
Good learning tool
on 1583735719
on 1582732314
Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your work.
on 1574080153
The furigana and the no-nonsense approach makes this deck ideal for cramming!
on 1574074386
on 1573675761
Good work. :)
on 1566981565
Excellent resource. Thank you for your hard work.
on 1565236558
It might not be perfect but it's pretty good and you did the work of putting this together for me so I have nothing to complain about! It's also free so I feel like you shouldn't really complain about it anyway. But thank you!!!
on 1561835574
Super helpful!!
on 1561207762
Thank you!
on 1554920706
on 1543024692
on 1540259774
on 1540063936
nice collection with some flaws.

The example sentences are often really weird and sometimes not connected to the learned word.
on 1534742261
Great prep tool for the jlpt n5
on 1528588800
Do not download this deck: around 5% of it - wrong translations; some words in kanji, some in hiragana (which should be in kanji); and this deck is missing ~50 words from JLPT N5. This is a mediocre deck, I learned it all and it doesn't cover all test. Now I have to relearn JLPT N5 somewhere else again!
on 1528416000
on 1527292800
Oh, this is rally great for the N5 prep in a short time
on 1523318400
Niko at NihongoShark.com has a virtually endless stream of terrific resources at a variety of levels. Fantastic.
on 1520380800
Nice deck thank you !
on 1514505600
i think is good
on 1513814400
I did the test,.... usefull I think, but more for day to day then for the test
on 1508284800
Vocabulary is mostly fine, example sentences not so much

I use this deck to review vocabulary that I should already know but have forgotten. For doing that, this deck is decent (a few mistakes such as 字 being translated to city).

Some negative points/things to be aware of:
- the audio is computer generated rather than a native speaker. That means it is missing the pitch accent, which is kind of necessary if you want to speak like a native.
- the example sentences are beyond bad. If you are new to Japanese please don't waste your time trying to learn them. In many cases they are flat out wrong for the vocabulary presented. Even in cases where they are not wrong, they are often not useful or not suitable for N5.

I recommend following the links to the online dictionaries to check other example sentences. The 'Japanese core 2000' decks are excellent resources for example sentences once you have a few hundred words of vocabulary and basic grammar.
on 1493769600
Lots of mistakes, low quality over all

I've had to edit something like 10-20 of the cards because they were simply factually wrong. For example, ワイシャツ doesn't mean "white shirt", it means "Y shirt", like opposed to T-shirt, i.e. dress shirt. It's 和製英語. I've forgotten the others, but there were quite a few that I had to correct for one reason or another. Good thing I know most of this vocab already or I'd be in real trouble.

Also, the example sentences are just horrific. Most of them don't contain the vocab work, and have either a homophone or just have no relationship at all to the card.
on 1487376000
Seems great

Can anyone help? What does "ruby" mean in "Target Word with Ruby"?

I'll try and keep my question to a minimum, google provided no insights this time.

I know some Hiragana and next to no Katakana but this deck seems well fleshed out.

I'll check back to see if anyone has responded


– Anton
on 1482969600
Thanks a lot. Very useful!
on 1474416000
Just About Perfect :)

I highly recommend this deck for anyone starting to learn Japanese JLPT N5 Vocabulary as it is perfect in almost every regard.

If i was to make a bad comment about it, it would be to add English voice as well as i also try to learn by listening to the Japanese pressing space and listening to the English to see if i got the word right by speech (It would be tiresome to keep opening and shutting your eyes when using this method) but considering this has 650 terms in it i understand why it wasn't added :)

Nice job :)
on 1469664000

on 1462924800

on 1459123200
Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I gave three stars and I'm here to learn and improve my hiragana and more. The audio and everything is fine, the vocabulary and all are perfect. But what bothers me is that most of the cards does not have the audio and secondly when u give an example for the Japanese statement, you should right the romaji version too because I'm sure many of us here do not want know how to read it plus, we all want to learn how to construct sentences too but if we do not know how to read the sentence how to we learn?
on 1457827200
Examples are really bad

The vocabulary is nice, and the audio is mostly fine, but the deck far from perfect. Some words don't have audio at all, the audio for all multi-syllable counter/measure-words are messed up, at least an Android (if it's the tilde character causing issues, why not use a dash instead?).

But the major issue with this deck is examples: they are simply horrible. Many use a different english word in the sentence translation and in the simple word translation above. Some use kanji in the example but kana for the simple translation (even for the same word/reading). Many use really weird and unusual/regional english expression, which could have been replaced with more literal but perfectly fine english sentences (this is especially hard for non-native english speakers that don't have the luxury to have access to Japanese learning material from their mother tongue). Most use advanced vocabulary not yet introduced, and probably too advanced to be in the N5 deck anyway.
on 1456012800
Thank you.

Thank you, this is really helpful.
on 1453766400
Thank You

For this great deck!
on 1453248000

That's one of the best voca-deck.
I do hope you'll do N3-2-1 :)
on 1445385600
Absolutely amazing!

The quality of this deck shows how much effort was put into it! Well done & thanks!
on 1433894400
Definitely SMARTer than memorizing with my books

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound - in short, manageable for my level of Japanese, so I think this will be more effective. Will update you all with my progress, but with my meager experience, this will work for me.
on 1433548800
Better than the other N5 deck I was using...

I Switched to this deck from the Ultimate N5 deck for one simple reason, this one includes example sentences which clears up a lot of confusion about what the word actually means. Thanks for this amazing deck.