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Answer Visual Confirmation

10.43MB. Updated 2020-06-11. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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v 0.4.0 This is a very simple Anki Addon that provides a visual confirmation for your Answer in the reviewer by displaying a different picture depending on your answer to the card. its function is similar to the visual Feedback for Reviews addon but it allows using animated gifs for more fun and it works with Anki 2.1 Configuration and Customization From the menu bar > tools > add-ons choose "Answer Visual Confirmation" then > Configuration the default configuration are: { "duration":1400, "theme":"animated", "mode" : "random" , "gradual_interval" : 100 } * duration→ How long, in ms, do you want the feedback to appear on the screen * themeanimated To display gifs. Or, still To display pngs * moderandom To display different pictures randomly. Or, gradual display a different picture every defined number of reviews (gradual_interval) * gradual_interval →The number of reviews after which the displayed images for (easy, good, hard and again will be changed). Making it your own If you don't like either of the default pics, you can (and you definitely should) add your own images :<br> The images folder Inside the addon's main folder there's an images folder <br> that contains two other sub folders gif and png each folder for each image's extension.<br> Inside each of the subfolders there're 4 folders. One for each difficulty level again , hard , good and easy More on the mode option there are two modes you can use this addon with : * Random: In this mode after each review, a random image will be selected from your images folder based in your answer. <br> For example, If you answered again and your theme is animated a random picture from the again folder (in the gif folder) will be selected. and so on. * Gradual: In this mode the pictures won't change randomly but after a number of reviews you define.<br> for example: let's say for your first 100 reviews you want funny cat gifs and for your second 100 reviews you want the Simpsons gifs. and for your third 100 reviews you want dr Cox gifs what you would do is : * set the theme to animated * set the mode to gradual * set the gradual_interval to 100 * now in the gif folder: - → in the easy folder you'll add three pictures: - 0.png an image for a happy cat - 1.png an image for a happy Homer Simpson - 2.png an image for a happy Dr Cox - → in the again folder you'll add another three pictures: - 0.png an image for an angry cat - 1.png an image for a disappointed Homer Simpson - 2.png an image for Dr Cox saying "Wrong"! and so on with the other folders, you get the idea what happens if you reached in your 400th review ? you'll start getting cat gifs again and rotate till you reach dr Cox. Unless you added a fourth picture in each folder. Rangrad: added by @Sebastian Führ This mode will display a randomly selected picture every defined number of reviews (gradual interval). Issues & Discussion please use the Github page to report issues and reddit for discussion Changelog v0.4.0 Added rangrad mode v0.3.0
  • added two different modes (random and gradual)
  • can use any image without resizing
  • v0.2.0 Different pictures for different levels of difficulty. v0.1.0 initial release License Answer Visual Confirmation is released under MIT License Copyright (c) 2020 Shorouk Abdelaziz Credits
  • Thanks to @Sebastian Führ for devloping the rangrad mode
  • Animated pictures from clipart.email
  • Still pictures from Flaticon by Freepik
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    on 1615497205
    Unfortunately, not working with v. ⁨2.1.41
    on 1593571666
    It's beautiful! but it doesn't work in version 2.1.15
    on 1591904770
    I absolutely love this add-on! My only "complaint" is that you have to fish your pictures out of your recycle bin when updates occur (or perhaps I'm doing something wrong that's causing that). At any rate, updates seem to occur somewhat infrequently, so this is not a problem for me!

    I agree with the other reviewer from 5/8/2020. Is there any way that we could get an additional addon that effectively worked like "Puppy Reinforcement", only it allows GIFs?
    on 1589175150
    on 1588973420
    Great add on!!
    I would suggest to add an option where we get the rewards after random intervals (and not after each card) which will make it even more exciting (you might do 10, or 23, or 5 cards before the rewards pops up)
    on 1588922805
    It gives me 1. dopamine and 2. some time to reflect on the answer.
    3. You chose a simple and fitting name. The add-on is easy to find.
    4. comprehensive description
    5. continues development and responds to user feedback

    Thanks for your conntribution.

    edit: Nice, now we have more gifs.
    Comment from author before post was edited
    Thank you so much for your comment I highly appreciate it and it gives me great motivation to continue development. More updates are coming soon :)
    on 1588916344
    Your are greeattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    on 1587717952
    Thanks. Always nice to see new ways to spice up your reviews.
    Comment from author
    You're welcome!
    on 1587665443
    It works, Thank you !
    Comment from author
    You're welcome
    on 1587646557
    My motivation just sky-rocketed! Thanks!
    Comment from author
    Great! you're welcome!
    on 1587611112
    Thank you very much, it's very useful !
    Comment from author
    you're welcome!!
    on 1587581499
    Cool !!
    Comment from author