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Introduction ImageResizer is a simple Anki add-on used to resize images. So images that are too big or too small to be used in reviewing are not a problem anymore. Before resizing After resizing Usage Install ImageResizer, and that's it! Images will be automatically resized on pasting or drag-and-dropping. Settings You can change the shortcut and the size of the image etc. from Tools --> Image Resizer The Settings window will pop up. 1. Check Resize on pasting so that images will be resized automatically. Uncheck it if you only want images to be resized when pressing the shortcut. 2. Check Disable upscaling if you only want to make images smaller. 3. Smooth transformation may produce a higher quality image, but may also take a longer time than the fast transformation. Choose the one that suits you. 4. You can also set the shortcut to paste the resized images, it's Ctrl + Shift + v by default. 5. You can set the width or height of the resized image. If you select scale to width and keep ratio, ImageResizer will resize the image according to the width you specified, and the height value here will be ignored. The same goes to scale to height and keep ratio. Notice that it will always keep the original image's ratio, either by width or height. There's also a third option, scale to the maximum dimension and keep ratio, if this option is chosen, ImageResizer will scale to width if width > height, and will scale to height if height > width, this option is useful when the ratio of height/width of the image is extreme. Improvement or bug report If you have any issues or requests, please visit the new GitHub repo to submit a pull request or open an issue. UPDATE: the repo has a new maintainer and location on GitHub! If you don't know how to use GitHub, you can also send an email to carmodym2+mankinence AT gmail DOT com, I will try my best to help you solve the problem.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

This add-on previously supported Anki 2.0. You can download the last version supporting 2.0 here. As Anki 2.0 has been discontinued, no support is available for this version.

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on 1600007219
Works perfectly
on 1599345943
This is useful.
on 1598141088
on 1598015418
Does the job its designed for. 10/10
on 1596824704
Great add-on!
on 1594102241
Simple and effective to use!
on 1589173124
on 1588650285
on 1587775344
very helpful
on 1584882041
very useful for viewing on mobile!
on 1583340202
Works wonderfully. Thanks
on 1577104308
it works now thank you!
on 1576409645
There is this bug with high dpi screen https://imgur.com/tElF3ZD
Comment from author
Thanks for submitting this. I just took over maintenance of the add-on and I'll look into it!

What operating system is this? What version of Anki are you using? Also, what exactly is the bug you're referring to? Without knowing your settings or what you expected to see, I'm not sure how to help. If you see this and are still interested in a fix, please go to the GitHub and comment on the Issue I've opened up for this.
on 1575322589
Great job, thank you so much ! It's fast and easy !!

Would it some possibility to make the image's name "human understeable" ? For instance "word".jpg, from our field...

Thanks again !
Comment from author
I'm happy to hear it's working for you! I just took over maintenance of the add-on because the creator didn't have the time. I'll look into the image naming and see what I can do
on 1573651975
on 1570042781
Great addon.

Would it be possible though to grab the (new) filename from a field?

Right now it's just a chaotic hash.

Also, ever since Anki 2.1 (and long ago on Droid/iOS) WEBP has been supported, which offers vastly superior compression both lossy over JPEG and lossless over PNG.
Comment from author
Happy to hear you enjoy it! I just took over maintenance of the add-on because the create didn't have the time. I'll look into the naming and look into the compression. Thanks for the feedback!
on 1568592941
very useful app
on 1563475943
amazing this is just what i needed, a lot of the images i add to my cards are too large this addon makes it effortless to fix that. Thank you to the developers! Used Anki for the USMLE step1 now i'm studying for step2 keep up the good work guys!
on 1563038548
Essential to keep the backup manageable.
on 1563023981
thank you very much. Another option is you directly add a folder action ( on Macos) to the media container folder in library, which function is to resize all types of picture when a new picture is added.
on 1562870368
Unfortunately, pasting does not work anymore. In former times, it used to work like a charm.

EDIT: uninstalled and reinstalled the addon. working again.

EDIT2: issue reliably reappears after some hours.
on 1561243605
I have followed all instructions and messed with the settings and cannot get this add-on to do anything. No matter what the settings are, no matter whether I drag an image into the card, paste it in with regular paste shortcut, or with their keyboard shortcut, the images are always still the same. If I'm doing something wrong somehow I would love to change my rating, but since I've gotten this I haven't been able to use it and the images are still huge.
on 1560357925
Don't want to downvote this add-on since it might just be a problem I'm having but I can't seem to paste the resized image not matter how many times I hold down Ctrl+Shift+V. I've changed the shortcut keys multiple times and still nothing seems to work. Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: Never mind, solved the problem and it works fine now.
on 1560069031
It removes animation from gifs. Can you please develop one where gifs are resized without killing the animation
on 1559961288
It works really well. Thanks a lot!
on 1559221585
Not good for 4K displays. When I paste a picture, it becomes blurry (smooth resize setting) or pixelated (fast resize setting). However, when I changed my display settings to full HD, it was much less noticeable. But for 4K it turns images blurry at best, illegible at worst.
on 1559034244
Cannot use it !
on 1555476927
Is it possible to get this to work with GIFs?

Otherwise great add-on
on 1555228992
Works great for big pictures! Although note that you should turn this off when pasting pictures with words in it.
on 1555106848
on 1554272014
work like a charm!
on 1553443311
on 1550751901
It is very helpful
on 1548863705
works, just remember to adjust the settings if you have issues with resolution
on 1548536756
Simple and useful
on 1547827982
awesome addon - def would like a quicker way to go about changing resizing settings, or at least when I change it, make it so you can hit enter instead of having to click Ok with the mouse. My dream ask is once I paste it in, I can scale it within the answer/ extra box to I can make it work with existing images in the box.
on 1546967994
Makes pictures blurry to a point where text is unreadable. It works for pictures without text but it would be great if at least some quality could be retained.
on 1545237923
Love this addon. It would be great if you could have a shortcut macro to access the addon easier rather than having to manually click tools-> image resizer
on 1541962997
Very useful for creating cards with images! Also supports version 2.1, very nice!
on 1540026636
After I install this, when I paste words, it becomes an picture that cannot be edited.
on 1537755519
Blurs picture when resized, even if you resize it smaller than the original.
on 1533826144
Awesome! Easy to use.
on 1532539129
on 1531815529
Flawless and really useful! Would love a conversion to 2.1!
on 1531788974
Hope you add it to 2.1.
on 1530528077
awesome idea
on 1529407541
on 1526947200
Needs 2.1 :(((((.
on 1525996800
This is what i need. Thank you
on 1520553600
Could really use this as a 2.1 add-on. o:-)
on 1516147200
Very useful, saves me a lot of time. Before, I had to load the image in GIMP, resize it there and copy it back to anki.
Definitely a feature that should be included per default!

Though, not yet perfect. One improvement would be the image quality. Sometimes, the resized or even the normal pictures get quite "JPEG-y" and have compression artefacts.
on 1516060800
Do I need a reason? It's obvious why this add-on is awesome! Now I don't have to open paint, resize the imagine I wanna import into Anki, SAVE IT, and then import it.
on 1512000000
Quick and easy. Mostly replaced my old setup (Linux - Shutter - Keybindings...)
on 1501891200

Seems to be working great. I only wish that there was a simple way to resize images on old cards. Even a button that would resize all images on a current card would be helpful.
on 1497398400
Great tool, it can be better with some improvements

A guy told that he is not able to use with .jpg. Try this: Image Resizer>Grab the shortcut(choose anything, I choose Ctrl+J), then you try with .jpg images. It works here.
As suggestion: It would be nice a function to review all my cards and resize them.
The bad point that I perceive is that we can't go to our saved cards and copy then paste to take the resized image.
on 1496793600
Pretty Good

It works fine and is simple... but attention: it doesn't work with .JPG, at least for me (on my win 10)... maybe it's a case for future updating...
on 1485043200
Great idea

Have been using this for several months now without any issue whatsoever. Makes it much easier to keep your media collection size at bay when adding external images.
on 1475366400
works as expected!

nice stuff! Now my problem is:

when I paste a big picture it seems to reduce the quality. It seems like to me that it makes the picture smaller but it doesn't retain its pixel density. I want to be able to keep the image small, but upon review I can zoom in and out and still read the small text in the picture....

If you have any suggestions that can address my problem above: Fireaway, i'm open for anything... if you feel you can hardcode it. then Hope you can figure that one out on your next drop. Thanks!
on 1466467200
Good add-on but…

…it suddenly stopped working for me: Pressing Shift+Ctrl+V doesn't do anything anymore and reinstalling doesn't help. Enabling "Automatically resize when pasting" didn't do the trick either – the image is inserted at its full size when I press Ctrl+V. No idea what's going on here…

Before that it used to work well, though, except for the fact that it doesn't work with transparent images (pngs I think) and automatically sets their background to black (instead of white – which is what I'd expect).
on 1453680000
Great add-on

This add-on does exactly what it says. Anki should do this (resize/scale images) by default, like the mobile app does, but it doesn't. I use Anki to study pathology so I prefer so set it to scale to a height so then all my images show up side by side at the same height and it all fits on the screen without having to scroll.