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[VectorMaps] The United States of America

3.85MB. 0 audio & 50 images. Updated 2013-05-16.
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************************************************************************************ General VectorMaps info: - clean, high resolution maps. I find studying cards that have bad quality, pixelated images distracting. All the images are transparent PNGs, so they'll fit well with almost any background color. - consistency. Instead of using a separate zoomed-in image for each area, VectorMaps use a single image and highlight the area you're learning. That way you spend less time figuring out which part of the map you're looking at and more time actually learning. Since all cards are based on a single image, they're always the same size and have the same look and feel. The workflow is smoother because your interface doesn't shift around trying to adapt to images of different sizes. - color coding. Most geography decks I've seen use the same color to highlight the area you're studying, which is really bland and boring. Giving different colors to different areas makes study sessions a bit more pleasant to look at, and I find it also helps with memorization. All VectorMaps decks use large base images, so you may have trouble studying them on mobile devices. Anki will resize all images to fit your screen, making some small countries or areas difficult or impossible to see unless you zoom in, which can be a pain. There are helper objects like arrows and circles for all smaller countries to make them easier to see, but sometimes even they won't be enough. If you really need to use your mobile device for studying these, you could crop out a smaller part of the map for the area that's giving you trouble. It should be a pretty trivial task with any image editor, but you'll of course lose some consistency. ************************************************************************************ A pretty basic deck with maps for all the 50 states. I might update it with flags and other info at some point in the future. I hope you find it useful and pleasant to use, and good luck studying :) Update 16.05.2013 - Added capital cities

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Name Oklahoma
Capital Oklahoma City
Name Illinois
Capital Springfield
Name Arkansas
Capital Little Rock

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on 1671871114
really helpful and easy to learn
on 1658070512
Tip for people trying to remember where the state is, focus on the states border and the shape of it, instead of just looking at the colour.
on 1652700128
lack of detail
on 1650828878
straight to the point
on 1647505102
on 1646397222
Agree with previous comment. This color coding is a really bad idea. It doesn't help with memorization, just the opposite.
It's like a learning new language with most frequent words deck with pictures. If you change deck to other with the same words but different pictures you will find out you have learned more pictures than words. Even though it shows the same object you won't associate it because of different colours, shapes etc. It's a well known phenomenon that inhibit learning.
I used this deck some time ago and after long time I remembered that for example Ohio is blue and it's somewhere around big lakes and I often mistook positions.
There's a better version of this deck with the same state's color: [BetterVectorMaps] The United States of America
I highly recommend to use that deck instead.
on 1638660580
Color coding the states gives you extra cues that you won't have when you need to recall the information. You might wind up remembering "the one toward the middle in dark teal is Oklahoma" and be unable to name the state when presented with a map that doesn't have the colors.
on 1638347431
You can find a 💙 NEW VERSION 💙 of this deck here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/491421917 .

It has the following improvements:
🟣 EACH state's COLOR (on the map image) is THE SAME
📚 There are NEW CARD TYPES for State->Capital and Capital->State
🔉 AUDIO for the backside of the card
🛠 NEW CARD DESIGN, adapted from the Ultimate Geography deck

Sorry for shouting, I just wanted to get your attention so you can download a better deck :D.
on 1630758499
Makes it fun to learn the States! Thank you from Germany!
on 1629917449
This deck simplifies studying the states a lot easier.
on 1628830023
Easy to use, the maps look very clean
on 1628220419
Really nice map
on 1625436937
Fantastic map quality and easy to customize
on 1623713765
Adding extraneous, unique information that can be used to identify the card is bad.
on 1619916789
Very useful!
on 1613810915
Well done
on 1611088613
excellent resource for learning states. images look great. thank you!
on 1609336141
Really good, but I agree it would be even better if all the states were highlighted using the same colour.
on 1609323587
The import of this file does not work :/ I have no problems with other decks, this is the only one not functioning for me :/ It's a pity..
on 1609251064
Superbly done!
on 1608665650
The best thanks
on 1604917694
Littéralement le meilleur deck pour commencer avec Anki. Le sujet est intéressant, il y assez peu de cartes, et c'est plaisant à mémoriser
on 1603110348
It *is* a very nice deck, but I'd really prefer it without the different colours. I find it detracts from my ability to remember the states in situations where there are no such cues. That is, the deck teaches me to remember the state not just from its shape and position, but from how it's coloured as well.
on 1598458240
Simple, clear and effective
on 1594151390
Really nice deck, thanks!
on 1593244374
on 1591512796
Great job
on 1591216822
Exactly what I was looking for. Simple and clean design.
on 1589127413
Simple, clear, straightforward, well-designed, and accurate.
on 1587375012
vielen Dank!
on 1587045885
on 1580830411
This is so awesome! I was hoping there was something like this and there is! Thank you for making it and sharing it! It's also nice that when using this on your iPhone, you can zoom in on the map in case the state is hard to see with the whole map.
on 1575516127
on 1572235822
Love this so much! Highly recommended for all
on 1570309364
I like it. I am learning the states well.
on 1570287834
on 1569326339
If you want to add capital, go to 'Browse' > 'Cards..' In the Back Template section add
{{Name}} </br>
Capital - {{Capital}
on 1567300874
Well-implemented and straightforward.
on 1567110664
on 1562437265
clear, easy to use.

I had to edit to make the capital show on the answer side, too.
on 1561551537
I like it
on 1548684541
Simply good !
on 1548644971
- Does it's job well
- The map is very well done
on 1546369045
It does what it is supposed to do. Thank you for taking the time to make this.
on 1545922762
How can i add reverse Cards? I mean Capitol -> State? I tried changing the card type to basic and reverse. It didnt work.
on 1543869619
on 1543691128
Nice, clean pictures for each state. The cards will require some modification if you want to see the state capitals.
on 1541494747
Thanks! Just what I needed, easily extendable, customizable. Beautiful maps, nice job!
on 1534152990
i cant understand its use
on 1533231422
Fantastic deck!
on 1529038405
Simple. Concise. High Res.
on 1524009600
Complete, very good quality.
on 1520035200
Hi - see the review above - easy fix is to open up one card - pick edit - then select "cards". Paste their code over the code starting <div... in the bottom box for the back. Keep the existing first line. That will change all the cards.
on 1519171200
Does exactly what you want it to.
on 1516060800
Simple and useful deck! Thanks!
on 1515196800
on 1504051200
on 1502064000
on 1499040000
on 1498694400
on 1498348800
on 1495584000
on 1494633600
on 1492992000
on 1484870400
on 1482105600
on 1480636800
on 1475712000
on 1471651200
on 1464220800
on 1454889600
on 1451606400
Blank Map

Here is an image with no state highlighted: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cyounkins-random-eesheel2/_clear.png

I wanted to make cards reverse what this deck is, and so I made the clear image appear on every front of the card so I could pick the state before flipping the card.

To do this, copy _clear.png to ~/Documents/Anki/<user>/collection.media to equivalent folder. Then copy my card setup from here: https://gist.github.com/cyounkins/396aadddbf0f8d830714
on 1451088000
on 1448841600
on 1447027200
on 1446249600
Great deck, but one problem

Great deck, very useful. I would like to see the creator make more of different countries, continents and other parts of the world.

There is one problem however, which is why I give this deck 4/5 stars. The back is missing the capital. This issue can be fixed by using the code provided in one of the reviews (to edit card types, go to "add" and click "cards". Paste the provided code underneath {{FrontSide}}).

Yes, the users can fix this issue themselves, but it would be much easier for everyone if the creator of this deck fixed the problem and updated it. That way there would be no confusion arising in the first place.
on 1446163200
on 1445817600
on 1444867200
on 1443744000
on 1432944000
on 1431129600
on 1430092800
on 1427846400
on 1422576000
on 1399161600
Very well done

Beautiful graphics, states and capitals. To use capitals, edit cards and use the following for the back:
<div id="answer">
<div style='font-family: Arial; font-size:14px;'>
on 1398124800
on 1393545600
What's the simple fix?

How do I get the capitals to show up in the answer?
on 1378598400