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Core 2k/6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary

2.73MB. 5 audio & 0 images. Updated 2016-04-15.


Reuploading since previous version was deleted. This is too valuable a resource not to.

Sample (from 6000 notes)

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Vocabulary-Kanji 前年
Vocabulary-Furigana 前年[ぜんねん]
Vocabulary-Kana ぜんねん
Vocabulary-English the year before
Vocabulary-Pos Noun
Expression 前年に比べて利益が上がりました。
Reading 前年[ぜんねん]に 比[くら]べて 利益[りえき]が 上[あ]がりました。
Sentence-Kana ぜんねん に くらべて りえき が あがりました
Sentence-English Profits went up compared with the previous year.
Sentence-Clozed ( )に 比[くら]べて 利益[りえき]が 上[あ]がりました。
Notes Core 6000 Step 09 - 107
Core-Index 4106
Optimized-Voc-Index 4134
Optimized-Sent-Index 3566
Vocabulary-Kanji 道具
Vocabulary-Furigana 道具[どうぐ]
Vocabulary-Kana どうぐ
Vocabulary-English tool
Vocabulary-Pos Noun
Expression 道具は全部揃っていますか。
Reading 道具[どうぐ]は 全部揃[ぜんぶ そろ]っていますか。
Sentence-Kana どうぐ は ぜんぶ そろって います か
Sentence-English Do we have all the tools ready?
Sentence-Clozed ( )は 全部揃[ぜんぶ そろ]っていますか。
Notes Core 6000 Step 09 - 464
Core-Index 4463
Optimized-Voc-Index 4929
Optimized-Sent-Index 5413
Vocabulary-Kanji 差す
Vocabulary-Furigana 差[さ]す
Vocabulary-Kana さす
Vocabulary-English open (an umbrella)
Vocabulary-Pos Verb
Expression 雨が降ってきたので傘を差しました。
Reading 雨[あめ]が 降[ふ]ってきたので 傘[かさ]を 差[さ]しました。
Sentence-Kana あめ が ふって きた の で かさ を さしました
Sentence-English I opened my umbrella as it started to rain.
Sentence-Clozed 雨[あめ]が 降[ふ]ってきたので 傘[かさ]を( )。
Notes Core 6000 Step 06 - 200
Core-Index 3449
Optimized-Voc-Index 2463
Optimized-Sent-Index 5829

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on 1639282569
Helped me so much with learning to read, thank you!!
on 1630409429
Some of the definitions are wrong, or the translated example uses an obsolete one, so you have to check most words. For example:
派出所 means "branch office", it's also an outdated term for "police box" (which is now 交番). Guess what meaning the translation uses? That's right, police box!

There's also some weird stuff like listing 遅らす but it's so unnatural that even the speaker in the (rare!) voiced line says 遅らせた while the text says 遅らした . Because it should, indeed, be 遅らせた https://i.imgur.com/w0r6jZK.png

If you're willing to check words all the time, then this works I guess? There are probably better decks out there.
on 1624018309
on 1621667112
Like it
on 1604838328
Very well organized and thoroughly and wisely ordered cards. The progressive order for used kanji is great to soften on-yomi readings immersion.
on 1604261968
on 1600594801
Best Japanese vocab deck I've found.
on 1565834951
This is my favorite Japanese vocabulary deck. I added a reverse card so that there is both E -> J and J -> E cards and I rearranged the cards to better fit my learning style, but the deck made it easy to do both of these things. Most importantly for me, this deck has proper furigana for the kanji, which some other decks do not have. (Some other decks have furigana, but it isn't properly entered so it renders incorrectly at study time.)
on 1518220800
The photographs, audio and fill in the blanks is very helpful for the recall technique. Very good format.
on 1515628800
I don't know why it has negative votes... You can download the audio files from other webistes.
on 1505779200
Missing audio and images

on 1502236800
Not the deck you are looking for.

Go back to the guide and download from the link clearly given. Not here. Christ dude.
on 1500854400
on 1500163200
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on 1484438400
on 1483574400
on 1480377600
Great Deck

What is the best way to organize this deck? I tried going by the notes types, but the Anki Search feature doesn't filter out of all of the steps. Also, is there a tutorial of anything discussing the best ways to create sentences for this deck?
on 1475971200
on 1473120000
on 1469404800
fix audio

Pls fix audio !!!
on 1468108800
on 1466467200
on 1463270400