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English Grammar Acrostics

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This deck is a system of acrostics for English Grammar and is used with the book Math and English grammar acrostics. Pdf: The instructions are in the deck. tag: "guide" This system was created to replace traditional forms of memorization and fill in a number of missing elements in the memory recall process. The main advantage of using acrostics is that the acrostics can be matured in memory years in advance of learning the subject. Acrostics are very powerful. A young child can create memory connections for English, math, science, foreign languages, and other subjects well in advance of learning the material. The process can be described as a sort of "preloading" of the material into memory.

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Front Prepositional verbs
Back The pathfinder's vantage point of the northern paratrooper’s victorious push on the naval port validated the commander's tough decisions in the operation. Prepositional verbs- [for pattern- noun phrase/verb/preposition/noun phrase/the verb can take a direct object]
Acrostic pvpnpvpnpvctdo
Front Modals
Back The ministry of national intelligence agency's trained covert communications agents were verified by the northern territory police as spies and were questioned on their names, purpose, and nationality. Modals- [no inflections of agreement or tense/can combine with aspect and voice but not tense/precedes the subject in questions and the negative particle in negation]
Acrostic mniatccavntpsqnpn
Front Adverbials (list)
Back The atomic nuclear power laboratory studied the overwhelmed areas of contamination in the nuclear fallout accident.Noun phrase adverbialsPrepositional phrase adverbialsLinking adverbialsStance adverbialsOptional adverbialsAdverbial complementsCircumstance adverbialsNon-finite adverbial clausesFinite adverbial clausesAdverb phrase adverbials
Acrostic anplsoacnfa
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