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📗 1000 Basic English Words

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Source: 1000 Basic English Words by Compass Publishing Digital Book: http://www.classboxenglish.com 1000 Basic English Words is a four-book series, designed to introduce 1000 essential, high-frequency English words to EFL learners. DESCRIPTION The type answer box will be hidden on AnkiDroid, but to completely remove the input box from the front side of the card, check the "Type answer into the card" in the Preferences - Advanced - Workarounds. The audio buttons will be hidden on AnkiDroid too and the audio can be played by clicking on the word or example sentence. To remove this behaviour, delete <script>...</script> tags from the Back Template and .soundLink, .replaybutton { display: none; } from the Styling. FEEDBACK If you like it or found it useful, maybe upvote it 😀. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay Nonard <kelciour@gmail.com>

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Id 1000BEW_B01_U05_083
Word cheap
Transcription [tʃíːp]
Part of Speech adj.
Definition not needing a lot of money to buy
Example She buys cheap clothes.
Example Cloze She buys {{c1::cheap}} clothes.
Word Audio
Example Audio
Id 1000BEW_B01_U12_229
Word walk
Transcription [wɔ́ːk]
Part of Speech v.
Definition to use the legs to go from one place to another
Example He walks on this road to get home.
Example Cloze He {{c1::walks}} on this road to get home.
Word Audio
Example Audio
Id 1000BEW_B02_U01_251
Word hundred
Transcription [hʌ́ndrəd]
Part of Speech n.
Definition the number 100
Example Five hundred dollars is a lot of money.
Example Cloze Five {{c1::hundred}} dollars is a lot of money.
Word Audio
Example Audio

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Basic english
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english words
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Can we have the full version?
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good work!
I added just pictures and added more audio too in the intermediate, advanced levels words list, look at ones ;)


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Is there a full version as this one says it's sample? Great content nontheless
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