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FSI Hungarian I Vocab & Basic Sentences (with audio)

54.41MB. 2130 audio & 0 images. Updated 2014-07-21.
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I built this deck out the FSI Hungarian I course. It goes slowly alternating between new vocab and sentences, such that it can be sufficient for Hungarian study on its own without other resources. I copied most of the text from the PDF, which unfortunately had some problems with the OCR. I checked over the spelling a few times, but since I'm not a native Hungarian speaker there may still be some errors I missed. I'm planning to upload some sort of deck for FSI Hungarian II in the future, but it will probably be somewhat different format as the course is also formatted differently.

Sample (from 2129 notes)

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Expression emlékmű, -vet
Meaning monument
Tags Hungarian_FSI_1
Expression elvinni
Meaning to take
Tags Hungarian_FSI_1
Expression van
Meaning is
Tags Hungarian_FSI_1

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on 1663241837
Really good. Listen to the audio course as well, you'll know all the words.
on 1598817876
Easy to use, fairly accurate
on 1577375402
I learn Hungarian using this deck and Wiktionary (using the method described here in Hebrew: https://digitalwords.net/anki/lookup/) and it works really well. The order in which the cards are shown is perfect, ±one piece of new information every card.
on 1566034126
Excellent, thank you
on 1548355065
The work you did on this deck is so wonderfully awesome. Yes, there are some errors, both in English and in Hungarian, but that is such a tiny price to pay for all the labor you did to put a rather large deck-with-audio together of this FSI classic. I have built a number of decks similar to this and I know how many thankless hours they take. SO THANK YOU. Köszönöm köszönöm köszönöm szépen!
on 1532003259
Thank you!
on 1517788800
This is great. I haven't been using the FSI method itself, just this deck and other resources online. I think sometimes the last bit (half a second?) of the audio clips is cut off, but it isn't a big deal. There are a couple of minor OCR issues in the English translations, I can't judge the Hungarian ones, but the audio is the real advantage of this deck anyway.
on 1517270400
Thank you very much. A great deck.
on 1503878400
on 1503187200
Köszönöm !

Thank you !
This will save me and others who are learning Hungarian, hours of labour.
on 1444608000
on 1416009600
Five stars!

Thanks a lot! This was extremely helpful and saved me a lot of time with reviews. I highly recommend this deck for those who are studying Hungarian with the FSI method.