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Madinah Arabic Book 1 (full book)

2.98MB. 0 audio & 430 images. Updated 2017-07-08.
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Madinah Arabic Book 1(full book) Madinah Arabic Book 1(full book) Madinah Arabic Book 1(full book) Corrections made Perfection is only for Allah

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Back Young women
Back Masculine + Feminine:I did(s)|We did(d+pl)
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JazakAllah Khairan for your efforts. Very helpful way of memorising the words.
on 1659973841
Very Very Useful thankyou باركالله فيك
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Covers all vocabularies from Book 1
on 1645957380
Jazakumullahu Khairan Katheeran thayyiban mubarakan feeh
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on 1629159794
It is really useful for learning arabic
on 1627995204
very helpful
on 1625133792
JazakAllah e Khairan Kathera wa Ihsanul Jaza fidDarein
on 1617972816
Very useful, thanks!
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on 1615623321
Very helpful
on 1613221100
Very big deck with a nice fontsize to read. Thanks.
on 1610760933
May Allah reward your effort.
on 1609067577
Barakallahu fiek
on 1608762417
Thank you
on 1600793787
Good one
on 1590932251
Very helpful and well done
on 1589301496
amazing, Jazak Allah Khair
on 1579634149
Thanks !
on 1575993884
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on 1573572722
Thank you for this work
on 1571563565
thank you very much for this deck.
on 1566478605
Very useful decks for learn arabic with Madinah Arabic Book
on 1553150290
many thanks for this, adding lesson number as tags would be helpful to create lesson wise custom study.
on 1549573313
great review and help for the subject material...keeps the memory sharp
on 1548333711
on 1538244556
May Allah reward you for this great work. And send you to Jannah. We pray for you.
on 1528502400
Detailed answer and good for Beginners
on 1517270400
Is this the Arabic Course from Madinah Islamic University by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim?
Comment from author
Yes, the vocabulary is based on that Arabic book.
on 1516752000
Good work
on 1487808000

All of the basic Arabic words you need for everyday conversation.

Dear Uploader, I strongly recommend you to use examples for the words and please, indicate if a word is masculine or feminine. Thank you.

Good luck for all Arabic learners.
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