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Step 1 Quick Review: Physiology, Anatomy, Biochem, Biostats

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This is basically a quick review of first year. If you want to review first year cardiophys, search tags "cardiology" and "physiology". The biochem section should have ALL the major diseases for Step 1, and all the metabolic pathways you need to know. Let me know if there's something missing in biochem as far as metabolism goes--for physiology, it's not really memorization, so there isn't a lot to use here, and I'm not planning on updating that. Focus on your Qbank and re-read First Aid and Costanza for that. For anatomy, type the tag "anatomy." You should find the most commonly asked nerves and muscles--nowhere as in-depth as first year anatomy, but much more efficient for Step 1. There's an additional "biostats" tag to help you review biostats. When I took the class I did well because our teacher posts some awesome practice problems online--if you're at PSM, DEFINITELY do all the practice problems you can get your hands on, and then go through all the biostats questions in the Qbank. That was as close as I ever got to getting a hundred in a class. Use these to review again before Step 1. I almost forgot everything I'd learned a few weeks before the Step, and that was a huge bummer.

Sample (from 1121 notes)

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Front CD21 function
Back It's the C3d complement receptor on the B-lymphocytes
Tags histology immunology
Front where does thoracic duct drain
Back angle where jugular and subclavian veins meet at base of neck
Tags anatomy
Front Infarct location, leads 2, 3, and aVF
Back inferior RCA
Tags anatomy cardiology

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Definitely, not a Step 1 Quick Review deck. The cards are from 9/2014 to 2015. Pretty old considering the amount changes that have been made to the Step 1 exam since 2014. This deck has no images or color or ID numbers or any correlation to any Q bank out there. All the cards are front and back but they are fill in the blanks !

The liver takes up ____ bilirubin through ____ transport, but secretes ____ bilirubin into biliary system through ____ transport.

Passive (OATP, organic anion transporting polypeptide)
Active (MRP2 ATP-binding protein)

I was looking for some behavioral stuff but there are only 7 cards tagged behavioral in this deck. Nonetheless, thanks to the author of this deck for posting it on the AnkiWeb.