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US States, locations, capitals

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Yet another customizable deck with the 50 states plus DC. This is a derivative of a previous deck - I am not the original author, but I do not know the original author (otherwise I'd credit their work). Map images are high-quality from Wikipedia

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name Missouri
abbreviation MO
largest_city Kansas City
capital Jefferson City
bordering Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Olklahoma, Tennessee
state_nickname The Show Me State
nickname_reverse y
name New York
abbreviation NY
largest_city New York City
capital Albany
bordering Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
state_nickname The Empire State
nickname_reverse y
name Colorado
abbreviation CO
largest_city Denver
capital Denver
bordering Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming
state_nickname The Centennial State
nickname_reverse y

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Great deck, very comprehensive.

It has some spelling mistakes, and the entries for Illinois and Michigan are missing the Illinois-Michigan border:

California: "Los Angelas" -> "Los Angeles"
Michigan: bordering: it also borders Illinois
Missouri: bordering: "Olklahoma" -> "Oklahoma"
Montana: "Helana" -> "Helena"
Nevada: "Califorina" -> "California"
New Mexico: "Alburquerque" -> "Alburquerque", bordering: "colorado" -> "Colorado"
North Dakota: "Bismark" -> "Bismarck"
Illinois: "Illinios" -> "Illinois", bordering: it also borders Michigan
Oklahoma: "Oklahoma city" -> "Oklahoma City"
Tennessee: "Mississippe" -> "Mississippi"
Texas: "Houstin" -> "Houston"
on 1568831928
Very nice and comprehensive.
on 1451606400
Great "US states" study deck.

Thanks! Great deck. Useful for everybody who wants to study the capitals etc. of US states.