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Cloze Furigana Tools

0.03MB. Updated 2016-05-15. Only supports Anki 2.0.


Cloze deletion compatible furigana support & mass editing tools for Japanese. By Pyry Kontio (https://twitter.com/golddranks) You SHOULD study with clozes – and not just any random words, but whole sentences or passages of text! This tool makes it easy! Note: This is a re-uploaded version – the original got deleted because my AnkiWeb account was deleted due to inactivity. ‣ NEW! What You See Is What You Get! ‣ NEW! The cards work even on AnkiWeb and ‣ AnkiDroid! (And most likely on AnkiMobile too...?) ‣ Furigana viewing with standard Anki 2.0 clozes ‣ Automatic mass reading generation in editing window ‣ Furigana mass clozing tool ‣ "Hidden ruby/base" for massive context kanji reading or writing exercise. Clozed furigana appear only for the word that is being asked currently. This plugin intended to work well with cloze deletions, so you can easily cloze off any part of the base word or the ruby—or the whole word. To demonstrate, this code... これは {{c1::例}}[れい]で 御座[{{c2::ござ}}]います。 {{c3::今日[きょう]}}はいい {{c4::天}}気[てんき]ですね。 ...transforms to all of these cards: Following image demonstrates the "hidden ruby" feature. Note that furigana appears only when being asked! (Btw. you can peek hidden furigana—they appear as mouseover tooltips.) ふりがなは 時[!{{c5::とき}}]にはありがたいが、 見[!{{c1::み}}]えっぱなしで 目障[!{{c2::めざわ}}]りだから「 隠[!{{c3::かく}}]れルビ」という 工夫[!{{c4::くふう}}]をくわえた。 NOTE: The "code" mode won't work in the Anki Mobile, Ankidroid or Anki Online due to technical limitations. Please convert everything to WYSIWG to enjoy clozed furigana on mobile platforms! Furthermore, the "code" mode won't work if tag "furigana" isn't tagged to the card. (The editor tags automatically it for convinience.) Update history: 1.00 (2013-08-06) Initial version 1.50 (2013-08-08) A lot of work with furigana editor. 1.60 (2013-08-10) Furigana editing tools are quite stable now. 1.61 (2013-08-10) Editor adds "Furigana" tag automatically when Furigana editing tools are used. 2.00 (2013-08-13) WYSIWYG editing. AnkiWeb & AnkiDroid support. (Chrome and even Firefox after lots of hacking. IE? No way in hell.) Yet to be tested on AnkiMobile. 2.01 (2013-08-14) Fair amount of bug fixes. 2.10 (2013-08-15) Code cleanup and bug fixes. 2.13 (2013-08-15) Fixed a bug with multi-line reading generation. 2.14 (2013-08-17) A bug fix. 2.15 (2013-08-20) A bug fix. 2.16 (2013-08-20) A bug fix. 2.30 (2013-08-21) A slight change in how hidden ruby works. Now it shows hidden ruby if clozed kanji is being asked and the other way around. 2.32 (2013-08-22) Error logging did not seem to work on Windows, so it was disabled. 2.40 (2013-08-26) Some bug fixes. 2.50 (2013-08-27) More bug fixes. 2.51 (2013-10-06) A bug fix. 2.53 (2013-10-25) Small fixes. 2.60 (2013-11-18) Fixed the multi-paragraph support and made hidden rubytexts not to take vertical space. Written by Pyry Kontio, an ambitious and passionate Japanese teacher from Finland. If you happen to love this little piece of code, have bug reports, feature suggestions or whatever, drop me a line! Source code available in GitHub: https://github.com/golddranks/ClozeFuriganaTools E-mail: pyry.kontio@drasa.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/golddranks Licenced with GPL 3


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1579360470
There appears to be an updated version for 2.1 by a different creator at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1444055400
on 1574201026
Thank you :D
on 1560706640
on 1559712354
This is an amazing plugin, hoping for support for Anki 2.1
on 1544737261
I love this tool and use it daily. My main use for this tool is adding Furigana to japanese sentences with kanji in it. All you have to do is highlight the sentence and hit 'Ctrl+f' and it will automatically generate furigana on that sentence. It is very quick and is often correct though every once in a while it can be off. This tool has saved me HOURS in learning japanese.
on 1539498072
There is no more useful addon for learning readings. Used for thousands of cards. 10/10
on 1531361282
does its job! it abridges my edit time for searching furigana, which profit to its kanji, at all, thinks.
on 1504310400
on 1497139200
on 1481500800
Impressive, but isn't edit friendly.

This makes clozes a lot easier to generate and much more visually appealing, but it does not play nicely with you when you want to edit things, especially on AnkiDroid - totally garbles the field with HTML (not visible on PC). If you edit the card after generating furigana and clozes, it has a tendency of freaking out.
on 1478563200
Great Tool

This add-on is fantastic and has already helped speed my learning of reading Kanji; however, is there a way to increase the cloze for Kanji characters? For example, when I type 天気予報 I receive two clozes, one for tenki and one for yohou, but I want one cloze for the entire word . For now, the only fix I can think of is deleting the furigana for one and increasing the kana on one reading only.
on 1472515200
on 1468886400
Great overall, but could use some improvments

This add-on is very useful for studying Kanji and Japanese with clozes. I haven't seen any other add-ons that can solve the issue of furigana in clozes. That said I wish there was a way to bulk add furigana readings. Doing it one by one is very painful and error prone. Also, I never could get the hiragana on hover feature to work.
on 1467849600

A bit hard to use , if you want kana for a word or sentence , you have to click to edit button then click to this sentence , then click to furigana button .
Can you make it easier to use ? like awesome tts , i just need to Ctrl A , then click add audio , and get the resuilt that all my sentences have audio .
This addon is good , but hard to use .
on 1463270400